Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SHINee updated on their official SM board

SHINee官网更新留言一则【大家好~ 我们是闪耀的SHINee! 今天是闪耀的SHINee出道三周年的日子! 因为各位Fans的喜爱而度过了愉快的时光. 非常感谢大家.^^】
Hello everyone~ We are SHINING SHINee! today is SHINee’s debut for 3 years anniversary ! Because of all SHAWOLS loving us, we have enjoy the 3 years together, sincerely thanks everyone. ^^ 
there’s still a video coming up .
Source / chinese translation : Luckkey @ weibo, Forever_SHINee @tumblr
English translation : forever_shinee 

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