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Jonghyun update me2day 110430

Part 1 
[종현] 에프엑스!!!어제일등했죠!!!추카추카!!아자뵤 문제!!!누예삐오 앨범을 열장이나 샀던 샤이니의 종현군은 이번 정규앨범 피노키오를 몇장이나 구매했을까요!? 맞추면 셀카올리지롱>○<

[Jonghyun] f(x)!!! won the 1st place yesterday!!! congratulation!!!woo hoo question !!! bought 10 NUABO album’s SHINee Jonghyun this time round will buy how many  Pinocchio album !? guess it right and i will update with a selca >o< 

source : SHINee me2day

Part 2

Jonghyun’s Me2day update with selca 110430 #2

[종현] 아직 안ㅋ샀ㅋ엉ㅋ 내일 사러 가야지…팬싸추첨있는데로…아! 물론 뽑혀도 가진 않을겁니다 겨뤄보자구 에프엑스팬들 누가 더 많이 사나 투닥투닥(도발)ㅋ

[Jonghyun] I haven’t bought it yet hbahahahah , i will buy it tomorrow… autograph have to draw lots.. ah! if i got choosen i wont go to , let’s have a challenge Aff(x)tion  see who buy more (ge zi ge zi - some voice to disturb the fans ) ha

sourcet: SHINee me2day

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{NEWS} 110429 SHINee Jonghyun to Appear in Idol Singing Contest

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KBS will launch a new entertainment program in which idol singers will have singing battles

KBS Entertainment Department Chief said on April 29, “We are preparing an idol singing contest program to be launched at the end of next month as part of the Spring program change.”

Kwon Jaeyoung PD explained, “It is an idol version of “Immortal Masterpiece,” a corner of Happy Sunday, but it’s not a survival game that decides whom to drop.”

He continued, “We will focus on how the idol singers reinterpret the masterpiece in their own styles rather than on simply showing their singing ability.”

6 idol singers, including Sistar’s Hyorin, SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2AM’s Changmin, and BEAST’s Yoseop, are said to appear as contestants in the program.

Source: Yonhap News
Translation by: jujugal
Credit : @youlahaha

SHINING SHINee @ Yonsei University Kangnam Severance hospital 110428

Credit: Sunshine8, Theminho, leejinki, pucho, onewsama, Jeolsujang

Wanna take a walk in SM Entertainment Park?

Korea’s main entertainment agency SM Entertainment’s expansion in its real estate business will take place in KyungBuk. SM’s plan is to create a large scale visual and cultural tourist spot. Visitors may actually see how SM artistes’ dorms look like.
On April 27th, according to the real estate industries, SM and Fides Development had chosen MoonKyung City as the location for the development of the theme park. They will be developing around 888,186㎡ of area and the project will be completed around 2016 with investment involving 354.2 billion Won.
The development will start in the SaeJae area, which covers an area of 35,894㎡. Until 2012, Around 43 billion Won will be spent to develop the film studios , leisure complex, and visual support area.
Furthermore, a star zone for SM’s artistes will be developed where fanmeetings, fan signings and other events will be held. The facilities will also include stages for performances, water parks, spas and accommodations similar to the dormitories of stars like TVXQ and BoA.
SM Entertainment’s CEO,Kim YoungMin stated, “Korea’s cultural contents are not only accepted in Asia, but the whole world. We participate in this development because I feel the need to put Korea’s cultural advantages in one place.”
Translated by:

SM Entertainment, in a consortium along with two real estate development companies, Fides and M Studio City, have been selected as developers of a new visual-cultural-recreational complex (yeah man, seriously, that’s what they named that thing), titled “Jo Kam Do“, literally meaning, “Bird’s Eye View”.

Now here comes the wall of text about basic info of the place: City of Munkyung in Northern Kyungsang province, where the complex will be built, selected the three companies for development of its ambitious project. The complex will cost Munkyung 43 billion Won ($40 million U.S.) and the total area of 888,168㎡ will be divided up into three sectors; Sae Jae, Ga Eun, Ha Nae, with construction of Sae Jae beginning this year. The first sector, planned to be complete within the first half of 2012, will include indoor and outdoor filming studios, recreational facilities such as spa and water park, visual section with stages for performances and facilities for autograph sessions, and so on.

Now is the more relevant part for those of you that are wondering where SM comes into all of this.
Since this park is being built in the countryside far away from Seoul, Korea’s capital that is famously holding close to half of the national population in its area, it needs to differentiate itself from other theme parks and recreational complexes in order for people from Seoul to travel down there and keep the area alive by feeding it cash. That, is where our friends in the idol business come in; as they provide the complex with the contents of their company. Different zones named after their celebrities, including, but not limited to, SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and BoA, will be offering fan meetings and autograph sessions.

There is also a plan to have the stars stay at the hotel in the complex and then name the room that they stayed in after them, so that their fans would want to stay in the same room their idol did.
Might sound a bit weird or creepy, but hey, there are people out there that are willing to spend extra just so they can sleep in the same bed that Changmin or Yuri did. In short, SM’s involvement is to spice the complex up with some flavour of its idols.
SM is not the only entertainment industry representative in the game though; movie director Kang Jae Kyu is to take part in this project as a shareholder and shoot his movies in the studios in this complex. Mr. Kang was the director of Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War, the 4th highest-grossing film in Korean history, so I guess we can say he is pretty famous… making him a strong ally.

The city of Munkyung doesn’t really have many tourist attractions, and the complex is planned around the concept that it will create itself; that is, unlike the traditional method of putting hotels/restaurants/bars where a tourist attraction already exists (like a beach or a hot spring), they’re building the tourist attraction themselves along with all those other things – like a Disney Land.
In this case, the major attraction isn’t Mickey and Snow White; it is what SM has to offer. It is really up to them to get people down there and spend money. Will Jo Kam Do become a major attraction and a centre of hallyu wave, or will we end up studying about it in business class as a case of complete failure? Whatever the result may be, I look forward to writing about this baby in future.
Can’t wait for them to finish building it. Can you?
Stay tuned to allkpop for a few years as they build that thing from scratch.
Source: AJ News via Nate
 Credit : @Forever_SHINee

Fan Account of SHINee’s Replay PV Filming

One lucky k-shawol was there at the filming
-- Minho kept saying “JINKIBUM keep dancing wrong~”

- Atmosphere full of onew sangtae, word gags

- Right after Dubu entered the studio, he bowed to everyone (every single person). He even bowed to the fan right in her face “anneyonghasaeyo~”

- The director kept smiling when Dubu smiled while filming as if he was Dubu’s dad.

- The director called each member’s name for their screen time. When it was for Key, the director made a mistake and called Dubu instead. Key frowned and Dubu danced as if it was his part because he was called. The director said sorry to Key after that, but Dubu was like “I thought it was my part when you called me so I danced better~”
Key was frowning because it was his part and the director was supposed to focus on him but he didn’t.

- When Key heard a dog crying, he said “kkya~~~ too cute~~~” and petted a cat “naviya~(typical name for cats in kr) long time no see~”

- Key immitated Christina (an Italian girl who appeared on “Chit Chat with Beauties”) speaking in Korean and laughed himself. (PS: Onew used to imitate her as well)

- Minho sat on his coordinanor’s lap and looked very close to all coordinators.

- Key starred sharply at a camera for 5 seconds. Jjong asked what he was doing then key shook his head (came back to his mind?) and smiled like a puppy “haeee” and said “noooothing~~”

- A dancer asked Taemin, Dubu and Minho what they thought about their new clothes. Taemin - traffic lights, Dubu - rainbow, Minho - chicago(??). The dancer pointed at Dubu and thought it was ‘jamaica~’. Then, Dubu lol-ed too much and spoke out loud “jamaica~~~~~~~!!!!”

- Dubu’s infamous ‘hand pose’ (using his hands a lot with all five fingers spreaded like a frog covering his face) was seen again in the filming

- After SHINee danced too much they all got exhasted, so Dubu, Jjong and Key took a nap in the waiting room while Taemin was filming and Minho was playing with his coordinators

- When Dubu woke up and came out from the room with himself staggering later, the fan said she wanted to shout out loud because Dubu looked sooo baby-like that she wanted to cuddle him all over.
Dubu then, washed his hair and came out from the washroom. She said he looked exactly like a highschool student with his black hair all down. His shoulder was just perfect…

Bonus (LOL!!!)
  - She said Dubu wore red diesel underwearsource: dc
eng translaiton: april_ontokki, vivz@soompi
——, @Forever_SHINee

SHINee Replay Single+DVD are already available for pre-order in YESASIA.

■ DVD with (“Replay Teaser” “Replay Music Video” “Replay JK Shooting Sketch” “Replay Music Video Shooting Sketch”)
■ PHOTO BOOKLET (JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM PHOTO 44Pages ※ body panel is different from the content PHOTO BOOKLET)

01 Replay
02 Hello

01 Replay Music Video
02 Replay Teaser
03 Replay Jacket撮影Sketch
04 Replay Music Video撮影Sketch

Replay Japan Debut Premium Edition (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

■ Deluxe digipak sleeve case
■ DVD with (“Replay Teaser” “Replay Music Video” “Replay Dance Version Music Video”)
■ PHOTO BOOKLET (text and photo album 68Pages)
■ Trading Cards (one out of six total) will be filled randomly

01 Replay
02 Hello
03 Replay[Korean ver.]
04 Hello[Korean ver.]

01 Replay Music Video
02 Replay Teaser
03 Replay Dance Music Video

Additional Information may be added

credit: yesasia + english translation: HyunJoongie@soompi

SHINee Debut Single Pre-order Ranking [Various Charts]

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credit to jujugal wordpress
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cr Tower Records

Real Time Chart
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source cdjapan

Daily Chart
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source cdjapan

SHINee Upcoming Schedules

April 28 - “Replay” Japanese version is available for downloads thrue ChakuUta
May 9 - London Evenet Invitation Plan Deadline (Reko Choku and MobaEmi)
May 14 - Tokyo Densetsu at Saitama Super Arena
May 15 - The 4th K-POP SUPER LIVE at Makuhari Hall Chiba
May 25 - SHINee Debut 3nd Anniversary
June 10 - SMTOWN in PARIS at Le Zenith de Paris
June 15 - MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ at Fukuoka
June 16 - MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ at Osaka
June 22 - SHINee 1st Japanese Debut Single “Replay” on sale

July (undecided) -  JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION at Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo
July 18 - Taemin’s 19th Birthday

September 3 - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome
September 4 - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome
September 23 - Key’s 20th Birthday

MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ

I’ll just summarize it ^^”

SHINee will perform at MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ in ZEPP Fukuoka on June 15 (Wednesday) and also on June 16 (Thursday) at MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ in ZEPP OSAKA along with JAMOSA, w-inds, Aoyama Thelma and other Jpop artists. A total of 1000 lucky fans (500 fans in each event) will get to see SHINee. In order to apply at this campaign, Fans should sing in a Karaoke
at the LIVE DAM karaoke and earn entry points to use. Starting from Today, April 28 ( Thursday) until May 31 (Tuesday)
source: SHINee Japanese Official Website / credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread


Japanese artist who are going to release a single on June 22

AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko ”Flower”
AAA “No Cry, No More”
Kato Miliyah ”untitled”
Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers ”Ai wa Katsu”
MiChi “ONE”
Ooshima Mao “untitled”
Azu “★☆Tomodachi★☆
Caos Caos Caos “Far Away ~ Ao Zora Mi Agete ~
Jero “Tada ~namida~” (Enka Singer)

source: 8plala | credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread, @Forevet_SHINee

French Fans to Have Flash Mob at L’ouvre Museum

Tickets for SM Town Live in Paris were sold out one day after the ticket sale started. Even fans from Italy and England purchased the tickets for the SM Town’s first live concert in Europe.

Members of Korean Connection, a Korean pop culture fan club, are now gathering signatures through facebook for a petition to request one more round of the SM Town Concert.

Thousands signed up for the petition even in less than 24 hours since the campaign started. Korean Connection members will have a flash mob as part of the campaign in front of Le musee de L’ouvre. KBS is going to report on the demonstration.


Trans by jujugal

「MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ」appearance is decided!

Holding the live tour executed in three cities is decided in advance of the VMAJ holding that supports the stricken area through music!
and, the appearance of SHINee is decided to the performance of the Fukuoka and Osaka!!

<SHINee appearance performance>
◆MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ in FUKUOKA
Date:Jun. 15, 2011(Wednesday)
Place:ZEPP FUKUOKA(2-2-1 Jigyouhana chuo-ku fukuoka-shi fukuoka-ken)
Appearance artist:JAMOSA、SHINee、w-inds.

◆MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ in OSAKA
Date:Jun. 16, 2011(Thursday)
Place:ZEPP OSAKA(1-18-31 nankoukita suminoe-ku osaka-shi osaka-fu)
Appearance artistト:teruma aoyama、SHINee、w-inds.

<application method>
■LIVE DAM sing for smile campaign(each hall 500pair 1.000people)
・application period is Apr. 28, 2011(Thursday)~May 31, 2011(Tuesday)
※It sing to a communication karaoke LIVE DAM, and the point is saved.
I apply for event with the point that I saved.
【communication karaoke LIVE DAM campaign site】
※Five yen of the points used to apply is used to revive the stricken area as a relief and condolence money through Japanese Red Cross Society.

・Acceptance schedule of MTV HP in the middle of May 2011.

Source&Cr : Soompi thread TONGHYUN / SHINee official HP

SHINee’s Superb Japan Debut Single Pre-Sale Ranking @ HMV Stores

Posted Image
* I heard AKB (Japan’s most popular idol girl group) member is releasing a single on the same day with SHINee. I’m afraid it’ll be hard for SHINee to top the chart…

credit to jujugal wordpress

Replay (Japanese + Romaji + English Translation)

皆が羨む完璧なspecial lady
Minna ga urayamu kanpeki na special lady
Perfect special lady that everyone envies
dare yori mo kitto shiawase to
is surely the happiest than anyone

sekai no doko ni mo kawari wa inai yo
It doesn’t have the change anywhere in this world.

君は僕にだけのeverything 〜
kimi wa boku ni dake no everything ~
you are my everything to me ~
yasashi sugita kara ka osanai kara ka
Is it because I’m too kind or too young

kimi no sono taidou ga subete kataru
you’re attitude talks about everything
and I think I’m gonna hate it girl

kitto nagakunai kizuiteru kedo muki aenai
though I noticed it cannot be opposite and surely long

何をしても (僕の心は)
nani wo shi te mo (boku no kokoro wa)
no matter what I do ( my heart )

もう (届かないのか)
mou (todokanai no ka)
already (does not reach it)
Replay Replay Replay

ずっと (僕の心を)
zutto (boku no kokoro wo)
for a long time (my heart is)

もっと (痛めつけるよ)
motto (itame tsukeruyo)
more (it beats up)
Replay Replay Replay

So you’re my MVP
mainichi ga mita sarete
everyday is filled

君といるとfeel so good
kimi to iru to feel so good
It feel so good when I’m with you

mou kono te wo hana sanai sou itta kedo
I told you to not separate your hand any longer

itsu kara darou
it might be from when

もう同じように (思わないんだ)
mou onaji you ni (omo wanainda)
I don’t think the same way

yasashi sugita kara ka osanai kara ka
Is it because I’m too kind or too young

sono kuuki kan de subete wakatta ~
I understand from what I felt from the air ~
and i think I’m gonna hate it girl

kitto nagaku nai
It is not surely long

demo mata kimi wo saga shi te ru ~
but I’m still searching for you ~
Replay Replay Replay 

何をしても (この心は)
nani wo shi te mo (kono kokoro wa)
no matter what I do ( this heart )

todokanai no ka
does not reach it
Replay Replay Replay
I love you girl

ima mo zutto
for a long time

replay replay replay
I love you girl

nani wo shi te mo
no matter what I do

you let me girl….
keep thinking about you, you let me girl
you don’t know what is love  

source and credit
winkme @ soompi

[AUDIO/LIST ] SHINee ‘Replay’ Japanese ver

SHINee to Become First Asian Artist to Perform Live at London’s Abbey Road Studios

SHINee will perform live at London’s Abbey Road Studios on June 19th, becoming the first Asian artist to do so at the historic recording studios made famous by the Beatles. This concert is set up to celebrate SHINee’s Japanese debut on June 22nd when the group’s first Japanese single “Replay” will be released. This concert will officially kick start SHINee’s Japanese promotions as the boy band will go on a Japan tour in the following month visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. SHINee is already quite popular in Japan as they gave a live concert to an amassed crowd of 24,000 at the Yoyogi Stadium last December. EMI Japan, the management agency for SHINee’s Japanese activities, is in charge of the group’s concert at Abbey Road Studios, where the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, and Robbie Williams have performed in the past. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Japanese debut track “Replay” will be available in ringtones starting from Apr. 28th.
hurlkie@soompi contributed to this article

SHINee will be celebrating their Japan Debut at world’s largest purpose-built recording studio, ”Studio One” in London

Studio One is the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio.  The space can easily accommodate a 110-piece orchestra and 100-piece  choir simultaneously. Studio One’s acoustic is as famous as the  location, offering a supremely warm and clear sound, perfect for  numerous types of recording, from solo piano to large orchestras and  film scores. The live area also has two spacious isolation booths. A  Steinway D concert grand and a celeste are also available.

The size of Studio One also makes it a very attractive venue for live music events.

source:: Abbey Road Studios Website

This is the Studio One, when SHINee is going to perform in London to 130 lucky fans, I heard that would be on 19 June 2011. I also heard that they have webcams and they maybe could broadcast this via Internet. But its just a rumor, maybe international shawols could see this..  but we dont know yet.

 Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Credit: vlyn  @ soompi

SM confirms “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO” for September

SM Entertainment’s “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION” has been confirmed for September 3rd and 4th!
The two-day concert was originally scheduled for April 9th and 10th at the Tokyo Dome concert hall, but due to the natural disasters affecting Japan, SM Entertainment had no option but to postpone the date.
As the Tokyo Dome can house a 50,000 member audience, representatives are expecting over a 100,000 member audience over the two days.
Aside from Tokyo, “SM TOWN LIVE” will be heading to Paris, France on June 10th as well.
Source: Newsen via Nate

[Eng] SHINee’s Japanese Introduction + Comment about their Japan Debut

 Everyone from Japan, this is SHINING SHINee *bows*
Onew: Nice to meet you, I’m Shining SHINee’s Leader “Onew”
Jonghyun: Hello, I’m SHINee’s Bling Bling “Jonghyun”
Taemin: Hello, I’m SHINee’s maknae “Taemin”
Minho: Hello, I’m SHINee’s Flaming Charisma “Minho”
Key: Hello, I’m SHINee’s Almighty Key “Key”

Onew: Finally, we will make our Japanese debut with replay.
Key: Thank you for our fans warm support and that is the reason why we decided to debut in Japan.From now on we will sing and perform as Shinee to be able to respond to your support, We will always do our best, please look forward to it.

This is Shining SHINee ~

English Translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

SHINee to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate their Japanese debut

Popular South Korean group SHINee is scheduled to make their major debut in Japan in on June 22nd with their single “Replay” and what is a better way to celebrate this achievement than performing at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London?

That’s exactly what their record label and owner of the studio, EMI Music thought and thus they invited the group to perform at the studios that once inspired legends such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

At first it might sound awkward to perform in London to celebrate  your Japanese debut, but things become more clear once you understand  that Japanese fans actually get the chance to win a ticket for that  special performance, and SHINee already has a lot of Japanese fans. Back  in December the group held two performances in Tokyo and mobilized a  total of 24,000 fans, but more than 100,000 people actually tried to get  their hands on the tickets.

Experiencing a performance of SHINee at the Abbey Road Studios is  special because they will not only be the very first Asian artists to  perform at the studios, it is also a much more intimate atmosphere with  the biggest room only giving space to a total of 130 people.

Fans who want to be among those 130 people will have to keep an eye out for special projects on the mobile download sites Recochoku and MOBAEMI  starting on April 28th. Not much details are known at the moment and so far this seems to be the only way to get an invitation for the special  performance.

The group made a statement about the upcoming performance, “Since  it is such a famous studio, we’re really going to anticipate the  performance. I hope you will look forward to it as well, because no  matter where we are, we will always work hard in order to give back your  support through great songs and great performances in typical SHINee  fashion.”

EMI also plans to film the performance and distribute the resulting DVD in many countries, not just Japan.

Source: Sanspo
Via: tokyohive
Via: allkpop

SHINee in Sankei Sports News Paper & Sanspo Kan Fun

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Posted Image
source: winkme @ soompi shinee thread /