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SM Entertainment announce cover contest for SHINee’s Sherlock + Plans for 3rd Korean full length album!

After releasing their 4th mini album “Sherlock” and successfully making their comeback with their title track on Korean music shows, SMTOWN revealed a video on their official Youtube for a SHINee cover contest.

The “Sherlock Cover Contest” will enable fans to take part in either a singing cover or a dance cover of SHINee’s latest song, where they can win some great prizes from the members of SHINee.

Everysing, the website that is hosting the contest, will give fans until April 13th to submit their video recordings of their performance of SHINee’s “Sherlock”. There will also be an option for participants to take part in a free style genre where you can include your own improvisations for the song or dance.

Prizes include SHINee’s stage accessories, framed signed “Sherlock” mini albums and coupons to spend on SHINee goods. To apply and take part, you can find more information and apply on the official page for the “Sherlock Cover Contest” on Everysing or by downloading the official Everysing application onto your smart phone.

At the same time, SHINee is also set to release another Korean full length album after their Arena tour in Japan. Their previous full length album “Lucifer” was released on July 19th in 2010, where they promoted the title track “Lucifer”.

SHINee will continue promoting their 4th mini album on Korean music shows for the next 4 weeks, after which they will return to Japan to start their arena tour on the 25th April starting in Fukuoka.

The promotional video for the “Sherlock Cover Contest” with English subtitles can be viewed below. 

Credit: SMTOWNEverysingStar Daily 
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Key me2day Update 120325

[Key] 뮤직비디오 촬영장에서 … ! freeze !!! 
[Trans] At the music video filming set … ! freeze!!! 

Credit: SHINee’s me2day

SHINee's MR-removed performance of "Sherlock" awes netizens

SHINee’s MR-removed performance of “Sherlock” awes netizens

SHINee‘s always been known for their complex dance moves and impeccable live skills, so it should come to no surprise that the boys are back again with another flawless round of performances!
A video of their MR-removed performance of “Sherlock” on the March 23rd episode of KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ has been making its round on the internet, attracting attention everywhere for its display of the boys’ live skills. Despite their powerful dance moves, the boys don’t waiver once, carrying on as if they were made to dance and sing.
The video is a clear indication of the amount the boys have improved with each new comeback, leading netizens to comment, “They must’ve practiced a lot,” “SHINee still stands strong even with MR removed,” and “It’s amazing that they can still sing at that level while dancing.”

Source & Image: MK Sports via Nate
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SHINee was mentioned in SM Choreographer Jaewon’s Tweet 120322

Shinee!! They did really well on their first recording! ㅇ.,ㅇ!!!!!

Credit: famous_jae
Translation Credit: shiningtweets
Screencap by Forever_SHINee

SHINee was mentioned in HaHa’s Tweet 120322

 I’m here at the MCD pre-recording…. and SHINee is performing.. I was completely surprised..!! It’s killer.. These kids… Their song is daebak and dance is daebak!! Even their style.. Tao hyung, let’s make our smokey makeup even heavier!! SHINee.. daebak!!
Credit: Quanninomarley
Translation Credit: shiningtweets
Screencap by Forever_SHINee

OIAM Fan Support for SHINee’s Comeback

Credits : OIAM via李泰民爱一古 // reup : soundtracklove@soompi

SHINee official site update Onew message 120321:

SHINee official site update Onew message 120321:
Hello~ this is Onew. ^^ It’s been a while since I’ve been on everyone’s side^^ euhaha~ This time, I’ll only stand by all of you in the future~! Everyone let’s cooperate together and fighting!~^^ㅎ

Translation and original post credit  : kariseuma  via: SHINeetown

Hello~ this is Onew. ^^ It’s been a while since I’ve been on everyone’s side^^ euhaha~ This time, I’ll only stand by all of you in the future~! Everyone let’s cooperate together and fighting!~^^

Translation and original post credit  : kariseuma  via: SHINeetown

SM Entertainment’s ‘I AM’ Movie to open in theatres in May

SM Entertainment has announced to produce a movie documenting the performances and daily lives of its artist at the previous “SMTOWN Live in New York” held at Madison Square Garden. The biographical movie, titled as “I AM”, has been announced to premiere in May 2012.

On March 21st, SM Entertainment unveiled the official poster featuring a typographic compilation of all artists under the agency including BoATVXQGirls’ GenerationSHINeef(x) and Kangta.

SM Entertainment stated, “It will be the real story behind SM Town like never seen before.”
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Fanchant for SHINee’s Comeback stages - ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Stranger’



Credit: shakizi
Source: mrsminho1992
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SHINee to perform ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Stranger’ for their comeback stages this week

Source: yuki7976
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Shinhwa’s concert will be attended by members from Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Wonder Girls and more

Legendary group Shinhwa will hold their comeback concert after the release of their album, and it turns out the concert will be attended by members of idol hoobae groups.
On March 21st, Shinhwa Company revealed, “Girls’ Generation‘s TiffanySHINee‘s KeyWonder Girls‘ Yubin, f(x)‘s AmberTeen Top, and Stellar reserved tickets to attend Shinhwa’s concert.”
Much interest is gaining as idol attendees might also be able to encounter other sunbae idol groups who worked during the same period as Shinhwa.
Meanwhile, immediately after Shinhwa opened up the pre-sale their 10th album special edition, ‘The Return‘, 30,000 albums were sold in half a day. On March 24th to the 25th, Shinhwa will open their concert, ‘The Return’, to which 20,000 tickets were all sold out within 40 minutes.
Shinhwa relayed, “We are just very grateful. We are very thankful that we kept our promise to our fans and will do our best to not disappoint them.
Shinhwa’s 10th album will be released on March 23rd.
Source: Osen via Nate
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Shim Jae Won, Yoon Hye Lim, Lee Kyung Suk Twitter Conversation mentions SHINee

Posted Image

Credits : HyunStar // Kor-Chi : 兔纸 // Image : C // Chi-Eng : Soundtracklove@soompi
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[Trans] SHINee - Ceci Magazine Interview

Constantly labelled as noona’s “National maknae”, Taemin is going to turn 20 soon. Now we cannot call them as teenagers, but instead, relate to them as “young adults” SHINee. It is fated for a fan to watch their idols grow. Being the first to unleash the inner sasaeng (S/N : obsessive crazy fans) within Korean noonas..(I am faced) with this urge. We have witnessed their absence in the past 1 year and 6 months and they have finally decided to do a comeback with their new album “Sherlock”. They are no longer the teenagers that shine like the spring sunbeams, but they have now evolved into man that can stir the seas. At the shooting set, they were filled with energy, beauty (charisma), just like same-aged young adults.


The song that made SHINee mature

“Juliette”, “Noona you’re so Pretty”, “Love Like Oxygen”. In “Juliette”, SHINee has started to reveal their characteristics. Bit by bit, their appearance have also started to change as they move on to the 20-era. (Laughs) With this song, we have found a performance that is well-suited for our age. As SHINee, we will do our very best, and we hope everyone will not have bad thoughts and view us as what we are. (S/N : It is difficult to find an appropriate translation for this - somewhere along the lines to ask everyone not to believe in rumours and believe SHINee as what they are)

20-era for SHINee

Because he was currently putting on make up so he just blabbered. His eyebrows gradually darkened. (S/N : he was applying make-up) As we have performed many stages and have gathered numerous experience as we hold concerts in the past 1 year and 6 months, the activities we will be carrying out will probably be more interesting this year.

Paris and London

In the past, I only appreciate their music. But the unimaginable is that they have started to like us - this is sort of a reversal situation. “So KPOP could actually receive so much love from such a faraway land; So we can actually present our performance at such places” and gradually became conceited (S/N : I have not changed the meaning or the connotation of the word). Actually I do not have a good personality (laughs) I am a person who enjoys serenity. I am those that will flare up when people beside me are noisy when I try to concentrate - but I will not be bothered (about the noise) on other occasions; just only sensitive when I am singing..

Dream stage

Ancient Rome Colosseum. How does it feel to sing at a place where sword fights are held?


“Sherlock“‘s Stage

(I am) Guessing that the initial reaction (from the audience) would be that it is “very powerful”. This is not solely contributed by the music, but also by the entire choreography which will fill the entire stage, hence I find it very meaningful.

Japan Debut
Not long ago, we have released our official first full album in Japan. It is really interesting to do a Japanese cover of all the songs we have sung across the span of 4 years. We hope everyone will give a listen to “Start”, “To Your Heart” etc that were only recorded in our Japanese full album. The music itself is really clear and bright, you will experience a refreshing feeling (from it).

SHINee’s News in 2011

We have a lot of overseas schedules. We went to Europe, Asia, America and even Russia. My deepest impression would be our performance in London at England’s Abbey Road Studio. I am really happy that we can perform at the sacred place of Pop music. In addition it is really interesting to promote our Japanese debut there. However it was a pity that I fell sick then.

Growing Pains
Whenever we have a new choreography, practicing for our live performance, there will be always this feeling/ thought that “Is this possible? Really?”. “Lucifer” was like this, “Juliette” was also like this. We have always “collided” (faced) with impossible tasks. We slowly grew from obstacles and conflicts. It is the same for this time - we will start out confidently (for this practice); the song also requires us to do that.


Impactful experimentation

In order to create a larger anticipation after this album, we have yet to use (props/techniques) that we are still reluctant to use (S/N : meaning that they still have many tricks up their sleeves to create more anticipation in the future). “Sherlock” indeed embodies the meaning/ feeling of an “impactful experimentation”.

Discussing about “Popular” things/ Popularity

What popular singers do, I label them as popular music. So I find the comment “Why is that Singer not popular” inappropriate. On the contrary, “rather popular” will allow everyone to be mistaken that everyone is similar. The music industry is recently aiming for the same thing, to see who does it better - like a competition. Everyone seeks to find the most popular composer, to work with the most popular stylists, to get their hair done at the most popular hair saloon. Compared to those who lack an individualistic colour to gain popularity, I feel that that we are succeeding by slowly reaching / achieving our unique qualities.

Taemin’s 20 years old

There is no longer a sense of familiarity. We always bear the feeling that we know one another just like how we met one another for the first time, however people around us kept saying that (Taemin is) 20 years old already. I met Taemin when he was in 6-grader while I was in Middle School 2nd Year - and it was not easy to watch one another growing up to an adult.

(S/N : Haha Key talks about Taemin like a mum talking about her heartache watching her child grow into a teenager )

SHINee’s 20-era

If only we could live like Peter Pan. (We want) to work hard with what we have now because we were learning when we were in the 10-era. It feels like we have done everything in the opposite order. We have started working in the society when we were in 10-era, now we have probably understood what to do and what not to do. After this, we are only left with “relaxation”!


I wish to meet (same-age) friends like those in KARA and BEAST when we attend music shows, however there are only hoobaes (Juniors) left if we appear on TV now. How?/ What to do? I am not quite used to hoobaes greeting us. (laughs)

The current Me

..Is doing very well.  I am living happily, working very hard too. It is not saying that I am going through a different experience from everyone, it is just that I am really touched that I am able to work hard to achieve what I want to do. I have never regretted my decision.



Our title track “Sherlock” is a by-product of amalgamating 2 different songs - this is an avant-garde method. Of course, the two other songs will also be recorded int he album. This album is a special one that will encompass this kind of fun experimentation.

Practice Status

It is a dance that will make (me/us *ambiguous*) go weak/exhausted after dancing once or twice. Actually, we are filming our MV tomorrow, so I am very worried because we have to dance continuously for hours. In order to film charismatically, we have to do it even though (I am /we are *ambiguous*) tired.

Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team

Oh Dalsu, Lee Byung-Joon etc Sunbae, my acting life is as long as my personal life, I have learnt many things by collaborating with them. They will also guide me. When I was filming with Oh Dalsu, if I felt that I have done badly for a particular scene, he will immediately notify the director to re-do the scene, I really thank them!

Four Years

In my impression, during my debut I was was afraid of the reactions I will get from my actions and words. Now I am gaining familiarity through shows and performances, so everything comes to me naturally recently, allowing me to showcase more of my original self.


20 Years Old

I have now reached a stage whereby I want to take care of myself well. Hoobaes (Juniors) are slowly increasing in numbers now, so I have to be a good role model for them. It feels really refereshing whenever I meet hoobaes at broadcasting stations.

For 10s singers

When I was young, I also have the thought that “Will I ever be able be prepared personally to debut?” Do not remain at what you are right now, stand out and present yourself. I hope everyone can reflect on this earnestly.

Immortal Song 2

It is pressurising yet there is a sense of nervousness. Because originally, there are have already been so many great singers performng, however, since it was a good opportunity to present the “new” me in front of a great audience I happily agreed to participate even though it was really tough/tiring. If you want me to chose my best performance, it will be Kim Gun Mo’s soonbae’s “Wrongful Meeting” performance. 

20s SHINee

Upon reaching 20-years old, I feel that the I am closer to my hyungs (other SHINee members). Even though it may only be a 3 years difference, there is still a generation gap between 10s and 20s. Since I am now in the 20s, we can exchange our thoughts more easily and freely.

20 years old fantasy

I wish to do what underage teenagers could not do. Even though there is already a plan to learn drinking from hyungs, however it has not been carried out yet. 

Taemin’s view point

Key-hyung is very methodical - his following day will always be filled up with plans/schedules. Onew-hyung always sleeps in the morning. Minho-hyung exercises frequently, very active. Jonghyun-hyung immersed himself in the gym recently. As for myself? I am still lost (laughs)

Source : Ceci Magazine // Credits : Yoyoyuan, SHINee资讯台 // Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
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[Info] SHINee’s Current Schedule March – April 2012

[TV]PM 11:05 SBS Sitcom ‘Salamander Guru and The Gank’ ep. 8 – Minho
[TV]PM 06:15 KBS- 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2′ – Taemin
[Release] SHINee – The 4th Mini Album [Sherlock] Online
[Recording]PM 7:30 KBS-2TV ‘Immortal Song 2′ – Taemin (Location: KBS Building)
[Release] SHINee – The 4th Mini Album [Sherlock] Offline / On Store
[TV]PM 06:00 M countdown – Sherlock Comeback Stage
[TV]PM 06:10 KBS-2TV Music Bank
[TV]PM 11:05 SBS Sitcom ‘Salamander Guru and The Gank’ ep. 9 – Minho
[TV]PM 04:10 MBC-TV Music Core
[TV]PM 06:15 KBS- 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2′ – Taemin
[TV]PM 03:30 SBS Inkigayo
[Show]PM 00:00 KBS Open Concert (Location: KBS Hall)
[TV]PM 06:00 M countdown
[TV]PM 06:10 KBS-2TV Music Bank
[TV]PM 11:05 SBS Sitcom ‘Salamander Guru and The Gank’ ep. 10 – Minho
[TV]PM 04:10 MBC-TV Music Core
[TV]PM 06:15 KBS- 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2′ – Taemin
[Show]PM 06:00 Jinhae Military 50th Anniversary Concert “Hallyu Star Concert”

[TV]PM 03:30 SBS Inkigayo
[Musical]PM 07:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 1st Stage
[Musical]PM 04:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 2nd Stage
[TV]PM 06:00 M countdown
[Overseas]PM 05:00 MBC ‘2012 KOREAN MUSIC WAVE In BANGKOK’ (location: Rajamangala National Stadium,Thailand)
SHINee – Bling Bling Jong Hyun’s 23th Birthday ☆
[TV]PM 03:30 SBS Inkigayo
[Musical]PM 07:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 3rd Stage

[Musical]PM 04:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 4th Stage
[Musical]PM 08:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 5th Stage

[Musical]PM 04:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 6th Stage
[Musical]PM 04:00 Musical “Catch Me If You Can” – Key 7th Stage
Credit: shinee’s official site Source: Weareshining Via: wingsoff @ soompi

[info] How to Purchase SHINee’s 4th Mini Album Sherlock

Hi guys, now pre-order has started for SHINee’s 4th mini album Sherlock. There have been different words about when is the best time to buy the album, the 1st week or the 2nd week. Someone suggested fans buy it in the 2nd week to make sure SHINee’s win. Well, the best will be to buy it in the 1st week and in the following weeks again and again -,-;; but this will be too much for international fans. So many k-shawols think i-shawols should pre-order it now, so the sales record will be reflected in the 1st week.
You all know SHINee will have their 1st comeback stage at Mnet M-Countdown. Many expected it to be through Music Bank, but according to the official homepage, SHINee will make their first performance of Shirlock at Mnet. Let’s just hope SHINee will perform 3 songs in full–Clue, Note, and Sherlock!
One bad news is Music Bank is going to be skipped Apr. 6 for a Korean Wave concert to be broadcast. SHINee is also scheduled to participate in a kpop concert to be held in Bangkok on Apr. 7.  Usually groups have the best chance to win in their second week. Music Bank has changed how to add up points for deciding the winner: album sales (5%) + digital sales (65%) + broadcasting points (20%) + viewers’ preference (10%). As you can see, the percentage of digital sales and broadcasting points is overwhelmingly high. 2 am and CN Blue are groups whose digital sales are stronger. And 2am is already recording for lots of TV programs and likely to make a record in their broadcasting points. And their fans are planning to buy albums through bulk order in the 2nd week. Yup, competition is pretty tough.
Here’s a summary of sites where you can buy the album. It is made by paprii at Soompi SHINee Thread
To see the summary, ClickHanteo is one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea; with updates on daily, weekly and monthly sales. Although a huge number of stores reflect hanteo sales, not all stores are included. Hanteo sales is what counts for the weekly music show award wins. GAON chart however gives a yearly sales number for the total number of albums sold (including those that may not have reflected on Hanteo chart. For yearly award shows like the Golden Disk awards, GAON sales numbers are very important. For more info click here).
* Sales towards Hanteo will only count if the CD/album was bought from a Korean store which provides data to Hanteo. So for instance, if you buy an album from a store in your country, this won’t count towards the real time Hanteo sales.
The following list comprises of some of the popular online stores that reflect your purchase/pre-orders on Hanteo/Gaon charts (from what they claim). The list below was assembled to help international fans.
1) Synnara e-shop (recommended) 
This is a Korean site. However they do take orders from international fans. Synnara is also a huge contributor to hanteo real time data. So basically, if you buy from here, it may be the best option since other sellers buy from synnara anyway.
HOW TO ORDER ON SYNNARA: http://img189.images…nnarahowto3.jpg
2) DVDheaven
This site says sales reflect on hanteo’s real time chart. If their claims are true, then buying from this site can help weekly sales (reference).
3) Ebay
seller –> grapemusiccd
*when you buy from Ebay, buy from sellers located in Korea, ones who buy directly from Korean stores.
This site is based in Korea and their sales reflects on Hanteo chart or so they claim.
5) YesAsia
This website will give you free shipping if your total purchase amounts to $39USD or over. YesAsia reflects on GAON charts (reference)
Other popular online sites that do not accompany international fans/English speakersyes24 and leesmusic
[compiled by : paprii @ soompi]
*k-shawols are recommending synnara as the best site cuz the sales there can be doubly reflected. If you can afford it, use this site to pre-order the album.
SHINee’s Sherlock is a mini-album, but with 7 songs it can be nominated for Golden Disk Awards at the end of the year. If you buy the album through other sites, it will be reflected on Gaon Chart, another ranking chart based on shipments, not on real time sales like Hanteo. So it is still meaningful to buy the album.
For digital version downloads, Melon is the most counted site. It was blocked to international fans before, and I’m not not sure about its current accessibility. But I still think buying Sherlock through i-tunes is a good idea. Nowadays, people notice it if a kpop album is ranked high at i-tunes. And I bet more money will go to SHINee through i-tunes than through Korean online music stores notorious for their bloodsucking ratio for artists. Anyway, if you have a better idea about this, please let me know.

Credit/via: jujugal

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Key KakaoTalk Update

Key Kakao talk update , Thank you message for the musical 120313
Credit: SMent Kakao talk   source via: Shawolindo

Credit: SMent KakaoTalk 

[news] SHINee’s Sherlock, Hybrid Remix of Two Songs

SHINee’s comeback song Sherlock is expected to be a hot issue for its unique experiment.
Sherlock, the title song of SHINee’s 4th mini album is the decisive edition of the so-called hybrid remix, which mixes two independent songs into a new song. It will present a unique charm by making one feel like watching a musical and reveal the distinctive music color of SHINee, a contemporary band recognized for its fresh and experimental music and performances.
Especially, the lyrics will tell the story of Sherlock who solves a criminal case by combining the methods of reasoning clues, ‘Clue,’ and of emotional intuition, ‘Note.’ Thus the song will have a feel of smart charm by connecting the lyrics of the two different songs exquisitely into a piece.
The album is expected to receive explosive responses from music fans by including the two songs, ‘Clue’ and ‘Note,’ and thus providing the fun of comparing Sherlock, a hybrid remix, with the original versions of the two songs, whose lyrics and melody are different from the remix.
[from Sports Chosun | trans by jujugal]
via : Forever_SHINee

Please read if you want to help SHINee win with sales!

I know this is long but please read through it! Thank you! ^^

We’re up against big names like Bigbang, Shinhwa for the comeback. If we really want SHINee to win (every week) please contribute to digital sales like Soribada, Ollehmusic, Melon, Mnet, Bugs etc or to buy the physical albums that count into the Hanteo chart. 

Not to mention we have other ‘competitors’ like 2AM, CNBLUE B1A4 who are also in the march comeback.

Please spread out the sales evenly. If you wish to buy alot of albums, please do not buy all at one ago during the first week.

We need consisent sales every week for them to win. And digital sales count more than albums sales in music shows if I didn’t remember wrongly.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ITUNES it does not count into the charts. I heard GMARKET and YESASIA’s sales count in the charts, but safest is those korean sites I mentioned above.

And if you happen to be in korea during their comeback, do not buy their albums from SM’s shop everysing, I heard it is not counted in the chart too. (Please correct me if this piece of information is wrong. Thanks)

If you are not sure about buying the songs/album online, you can stream it online instead! Streaming counts towards the charts.

For streaming wise, we can opt for soribada KOREAN site and SBS, for SBS streaming it is included in Take 7 so please create an account and stream!

For soribada, there is english version and the korea soribada site. For the english website, it only takes into account the purchasing (which means downloads of the album/song), for the streams to count into the charts, please visit the korean soribada site.

A soribada stream guide that I found online: (And pls rmb to logout before 2300 KST if not your streaming for the day will not count!!!)

If you would like to contribute to digital sales at soribada, you can visit:

For the purchase and downloads of the album or title song, it will only be counted for the first time in you download it. Subsequents downloads/purchase will not be considered in the charts.

For Mnet, it will only be counted in the charts if you download the songs/album, downloads are also only considered for the first time for every ID. Streaming at MNET does not count into the charts.

For Melons, Bugs and Dosirak, you’ll need to register for an account but I’m not too sure about the registration proccess + payment wise thus I would recommend to stream and buy from Soribada. :)

Other than contributing to online and physical sales, we can only search 샤이니 and also sherlock (or the korean characters of sherlock? idk it’ll have to depend on the title song + if sm has korean name for this album or not) at the major search engines in korea like naver, nate, daum etc to help them ‘gain points’, it will also be considered in the chart.

But please only search when it is during their comeback stages or promotion week ^^

And I know there are blogshops supplying or selling autographed sherlock albums. I’m not aware if it contributes to the charts, but let’s not be greedy for autographed albums alright? (sorry to say but you can’t be sure of the authenticity of the signatures too!)

SHINee hwaiting! Sherlock daebak! Shawols hwaiting!!!! SHINeeISBACK. ♥♥♥♥♥

P.S: I apologise for any typos in this twitlonger :p Please correct me if any of the above information is incorrect. Lastly, sorry for mentioning other bands in this twitlonger, its purely FYI.”

Credit: gcssoa source via: KPOPTEASE
source : Forever_SHINee

SHINee to release “Sherlock” worldwide ahead of album’s offline release

Having finally released the last of their individual teaser imagesSHINee has revealed that they will be releasing every new song on their album worldwide ahead of the album’s official offline release.
On March 12th, SM Entertainment shared, “Korean music sites like Mel0n as well as international distribution sites like iTunes will be releasing the songs to fans all over the world. All seven songs including the title track will be out, so we’re looking forward to what kind of explosive response the fans will be showing.”
They continued, “SHINee’s fourth mini-album will exhibit the boys’ vocal growth and unique new style. The songs are all comprised of different genres.”
The songs will be released online on March 19th, followed by the album’s offline release on the 21st. Stay tuned for updates!
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver via: allkpop
credit : Forever_SHINee

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Kara’s Seungyeon goes on a date with SHINee’s Minho on ‘Salamander Guru’

Kara‘s Seungyeon and Jewelry‘s Eunjung will be making a cameo appearance on SBS’ sitcom, “Salamander Guru“!
Seungyeon will be playing a character whose name also happens to be Seungyeon.  On this particular episode, Seungyeon will get dumped by her boyfriend, Chan Woo, who forms another relationship with Ji Min (played by Eunjung) right after the break up.  After realizing the bitter truth, Seungyeon visits the Salamander Guru’s shop to receive aid.
Seungyeon teams up with Won Sam and Min Hyuk (played by Minho) to change Chan Woo’s mind, and reform the lost relationship.  Min Hyuk pretends to be Seungyeon’s boyfriend in order to make Chan Woo jealous, hoping that this will cause Chan Woo to pay more attention to Seungyeon.
Furthermore, Min Hyuk slowly falls in love with Seungyeon who just happens to look very similar to his first love.

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate
credit : allkpop

{NEWS} Key’s Updated Performance Schedule for “Catch Me If You Can”

Posted Image

Key has a total of 17 performances as of now. 

Choi Woori will play Key’s love interest 15 times.
Sunny and Dana will each play the role once.

Translated by kimchi hana @

[Trans] Key - Japanese Mobile Site Update 120309

I am now in the midst of preparing for concert and Musical, and putting a huge effort in SHINee’s new song. This time again, (I think) we are going to be delivering a splendid song, so everyone, please look forward to it.
Please also look forward for the beginning of SHINeeWorld 2012 very soon!
Well then ~ Until we meet again
ByeBye ~

source: minoutshine translations by: NINGZzhi
via : Forever_SHINee

SM choreographer Twitter update mentioning SHINee 120308

Comeback article about the kids is up~ The article is accurate… When I listened to it, it really is world class!~^^

You can look forward to it~ a lot~ke

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Key @ Kan Ho Seob’s Book Signing Event 120308

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Chinese Sub for Koala Kid Movie

[Chi-Subbed] “Koala Kid” The Movie (Korean Voice-over)

Addition notes by video uploader : Watch it fast before it gets removed! The password is “shinee”
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SHINee Comes Back with Mini Album Sherlock on Mar 21st

SHINee, a group that has gained hot responses in the U.S. and Europe beyond Asia to become global idols, will make a come back finally.

As SHINee has made great activities as a vanguard of global Kpop wave in New York, London, Paris, Moscow, and Sidney as well as in Asia including Japan, their new music and performances are likely to attract the attention of not only Korean music fans, but also worldwide fans.

Especially SHINee’s comeback is known to be “world-class level” with the best quality in music, performances, and style. They will maintain their own sophisticated music style but upgrade it with groundbreaking attemptts. With their unique music color completed, they are expected to rule the music scenes.

Accordingly, SHINee’s 4th mini album “Sherlock”, to be released on Mar. 21st, includes selective songs of excellent quality. As the songs are of various genres to show the upgraded singing skills and unique personalities of members, it is expected that all the other songs as well as the title song will be loved widely.

Starting with Minho’s teaser image that looks like a French boy, other members’ images will be posted on their official homepage one by one to boost fans’ curiosity about their new music and performances. Thus SHINee’s comeback will be a hot topic everyday.

SHINee is currently filming a music video.

[Source: | trans by jujugal]

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Key @ Catch Me If You Can Musical Practice Session 120307

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Soribada confirms comeback of SHINee, CN Blue, 2AM, B1A4, Shinhwa, 4minute and Nu’est?

With speculation rampant on the return of SHINee and CNBLUE while awaiting official word from SM Entertainment and FNC Music, it seems Soribada may have let the cat out of the bag.
On March 6th, Soribada’s official twitter account tweeted: “Summary of the album to release in March. Shinhwa, B1A4, Shinee, 2AM, 4minute, CNBlue and Nu’est :)
For those that don’t know, Soribada is a major music download service in Korea. In January 2008, Soribada became the second largest music service provider in Korea with more than 700,000 paying subscribers.
We’re still awaiting official word from both SM Entertainment and FNC Music but it’s looking more and more likely that both groups will be making their comebacks in March.

Source: Soribada’s Twitter
Tip: shineerox & keyaegi
via: allkpop
Soribada said that they heard from one of the Soribada staff who is responsible for partnering. Let’s just wait for SM Entertainment’s announcement.
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[News] SHINee featured in article and interview for Britain’s “Bliss Magazine,”!

British girls’ magazine ‘Bliss’ published an article about K-pop in their latest issue of the magazine, featuring SHINee’s performance from the opening gala of the Korean Film Festival last year! Why did it take so long Bliss?

Make sure you grab your copy of April’s issue of Bliss! Its £2.99 and comes with some cool lip gloss pens! And to make sure you don’t pick up the wrong issue, Rihanna is on the cover.

Note: The article is recent, but the interview was held a year ago.

We’re sitting in a super comfy cinema seat in the Leicester Square Odeon waiting for the lights to dim. But we’re not going to see any credits come up on the screen. We don’t even have popcorn. Instead we’re surrounded by hordes of screaming fans waiting for a band to come on stage.

Everyone is so loud and excited that you’d think Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis were about to pop their heads around the curtain. But you might not have heard of the band causing all the commotion. It’s Korean pop act SHINee who are playing their first ever London concert – and the fans are out in force.

Korean Pop, or K-pop as fans call is, is a fast growing phenomenon in the UK. Bands are put together by talent agencies – a bit like record companies holding auditions for groups in the UK. Band members are scouted when they’re 14 or 15 and trained by talent agencies for two years before they’re unleashed on the public. They’re given intense dance and vocal coaching (and some pretty intense hair treatments!) and molded into the perfect pop stars.
When the boys walk on stage, it’s like nothing we’ve heard before. The auditorium erupts in screams and fans are warned not to approach the stage or the concert will be shut down. Gulp. Well that’s our bums firmly glued to the seats – in a way that’d never happen if there was anyone called Aston, Nathan or Zayn on stage.
Language limits
We must admit that we were a teeny bit concerned about the language barrier as we don’t quite understand Korean. (Well, ok, we don’t know any!) But for K-pop fans this isn’t an issue. “It doesn’t matter that they’re singing in Korean, you don’t need to 100% understand the lyrics to know that what they’re singing is beautiful.” Lauren, 16, gushes. As the boys start belting out tunes we realise exactly what the fans meant. The music feels amazing to listen to. We’re up on our feet, clapping and dancing to hit song Juliette before we remember that we don’t really know the words!
And it’s not just girls who love the K-pop trend. Tobi, 18, has travelled all the way to London from Cornwall just to see the band perform for an hour. “K-pop is addictive,” he tells us. “It consumes my life.” Many of the other fans agree, explaining how they stumbled upon one band and then another, and then another…and then they were completely hooked.

Being at a K-pop concert feels like being a part of a crazy family at a Christmas party. A family created via Facebook, where K-pop fans share thoughts, music and their love for bands.

It seems to us that being a K-pop fan is all about having fun and enjoying the music, so back at BLISS HQ we get straight onto YouTube and fully immerse ourselves in the K-pop sensation. We didn’t think that any bunch of boys could get between us and our obsessions with One Direction, JLS, and The Wanted – but SHINee are beautiful and talented enough to give them a serious run for their money. The jury’s out…

Interview: Sparkly and SHINee!

So, what exactly does SHINee mean?
Onew: “SHINee means ‘the one in the light’. Which is what we want all our fans to be – in the SHINee spotlight regardless of their age or region.”

How do you feel when you perform to screaming fans?
Onew: “Performing on stage is addictive. I feel joy and happiness and I wouldn’t change that.”
Key: “There are times when you get tired, but once you’re on stage it’s gone…then on it’s just fun!”

Sounds ace! How do your UK fans compare to others?
Minho: “You can tell they’re having fun as they dance along to our music.”
Jonghyun: “The way they cheer, they show no limits!”

That must be why they told us to stay in our seats during the concert! You got mobbed at the airport when you arrived in the UK.Are you fans always that enthusiastic?
Key: “Our fans are extremely passionate.”
Minho: “Fans always welcome us, and it feels great so we can’t complain!”
Jonghyun: “There are some fans that follow us to the office and hotels. It’s a surprise that we manage to get around!”

What makes you different to other K-pop groups?
Onew: “The synergy and harmony between all five of us.”
Taemin: “We are unique in everything we do, from our fashion to performances.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t pop stars?
Jonghyun: “I’d be a songwriter.”
Minho: “I’d be an average university student who is into sports.”
Key & Onew: “Yeah we’d just be university students too!”
Taemin: “I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.”

Jukebox Jury

Like the sound of SHINee? You might enjoy these guys too…
Super Junior
Three of the members are the voices of the chipmunks in the Korean release of Alvin and the Chipmunks!
Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD)
The nine girls are models for Goobne chicken, the Korean equivalent of Nando’s. Yum!
They won Best Worldwide Act in the 2011 MTV EMAs. Wow!
They’ve recorded ten songs with Will.I.Am. Ooh!

Source: Bliss Magazine, April 2012 Edition, Page 71
Credit: United K-Pop 
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SM choreographer ,Shim Jaewon’s FB Post on Taemin’s Performance

[trans] this boy Taebong who asked for help grabbing the hems of my pants
I don’t watch TV much, so I don’t know well about the program called Immortal Song
I wondered what Mapo Terminal is..,
Watching his performance after work, I was smiling before I knew.
I felt unsatisfied with some parts and camera work
but think it was a performance that showed to many people his growth potential only those close to him felt
I want to say he did better than I expected (he practiced only 3 days…ㅎㅎㅎ)
He was anxious and nervous when we talked on the phone
but you did well, kid~ ㅋㅋ
I hope you will watch and trust the potential of
Lee Taebong who always craves for a perfect performance
Look forward to next week~!

[Source:  Shim Jaewon choreographer’s facebook; via DC | trans by jujugal]
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[Info] 2012 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok

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Seating Plan

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MCs : Taeyeon, Tiffany, Nickhun

Guest : TVXQ, SHINee, KARA, 2PM, FTIsland, BEAST, MBLAQ, 4 Minute, Infinite, T-ara, IU, 2AM, After School, Sistar, Boyfriend, Teen Top, Miss A, GNA, Secret, Norazo


Venue : Rajamangala Stadium, Huamark
Event date : Saturday 7 April 2012, 1700hrs
Gate Open : Approx. 1 hour before show start.

Ticket Pricing : 

6,000 Baht (Includes Shirts, Bags, Fan, Posters), 
4,500 Baht (Poster included), 
2,500 Baht, 
2,000 Baht (Standing)
1,500 Baht, 
1,000 Baht, 
700 Baht

For ticket purchasing and more information, visit the ticketing website : Thaiticketmajor : 2012 Korean Music Wave

Source : ThaiTicketMajor // Credits : Soundtracklove@soompi
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[Twitter] Updates on SHINee’s Customised Earpiece 120302

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@Soundcatpro : Today was at Apgujeong SM company to help SHINee members make their customised earpiece. We rushed it for them so that they are able to use it for their Japan concert in late April. They have decided use JHAudio’s JH16pro (S/N : A Earpiece model) . Currently the ones using JH16pro are Big Bang and Kim Hyun Joong

Source : @Soundcatpro // Kor-Chi : For SHINee World // Image + Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi
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[News] SHINee Taemin’s Fresh Version of Mapo Terminal

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SHINee’s Taemin will show his performance of Mapo Terminal by Silver Bell Sisters.

Taemin received favorable reviews after performing his fresh version of Mapo Terminal in KBS Immortal Song 2′s episode of late composer Park Chunseok to be broadcast on March 3rd.

Music critic Kang Heon smiled pleased after watching Taemin’s performance and said, “He made a splendid performance of Mapo Terminal. It was the most splendid of Immortal Song 2 performances I’ve ever seen.”

Mapo Terminal is a song released in 1967. Taemin, born in 1993, revealed his ambitious goal saying, “The song released even before I was born felt unfamiliar, but it was rearranged in a swing style. I made one win last week but would like to make two wins.”

[from Osen: | trans by jujugal]
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Ha Sangbaek Scheduled for SHINee’s Album Jacket Shoot?

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[Eng] SHINee Japan mobile site update 120301

Hello everyone. The season which causes those who are allergic to pollen to feel horrible has already arrived, everyone is alright right? My nose is feeling itchy already (>_<) Last week I was in Korea but I did not feel anything (S/N : Had no reaction to the pollen), however once I set foot to Japan… ah! People say that I am too fast, but it has indeed started! These (images) are taken from SHINee World 2011 in Osaka.
We are able to see such charismatic performances soon!!!! What performances will there be this time round?! The promoted activities will start soon, so everyone please anticipate! During the country tour, there will be local specialties available. Has everyone shown their support yet? If you introduce me to your rare local specialties (food etc), those only locals will know, I will really be happy! Last year, the members toured many places - and I really love the cuisine from those places. This time round, we will create many lovely memories with everyone, please take care of us!
Source : @ minoutshine  // Kor-Chi : MR SHINEE // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove @ soompi

Daum Fan Cafe TOP 20

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Stalking Jonghyun, Key and Taemin 120229

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SHINee to release first Japanese album in South Korea

SHINee‘s first ever full-length Japanese album, ‘The First‘, which the group debuted with in Japan in June of 2011, will be released in South Korea on the 29th KST.
‘The First’ contains 12 tracks, including “Better” and “To Your Heart“, and will be available in CD and CD+DVD sets. The DVD will have SHINee’s performance in London at the Abbey Road Studio, which was also their first showcase for Japan, as well as performances and interviews from their activities in Japan. The CD version will include the track “Stranger” from special Asian drama ‘Stranger6‘.
SHINee will start ‘The First Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2012‘ on April 25th in Fukuoka, Japan, where they’ll move onto six other cities in the country.
Source + Photo: 10Asia via Nate / Allkpop