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Yunho and SHINee to take part in charity event

SM Entertainment's artists U-Know Yunho and SHINee will take part in a charity campaign for war orphans next week.

SM announced through a press release that at the Asia Publication Culture & Information Center at PajuBookCity in the Gyeonggi Province of Korea on August 31, the idol singers will participate in the campaign aimed at sharing the importance of peace and life by raising funds for famine and war orphans around the world.

Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-soo, Paju City mayor Lee In-jae, the film's festival director Cho Jae-hyun and UNICEF Korea's Secretary General Park Dong-eun will take part in the cause as well.

The event is being held in time with this year's DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival held from September 9 to 13 and the 2010 Peace Marathon Gyeonggi 4th Festival on September 12, both of which will be at PajuBookCity and the areas of the Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri.

Singer and actor U-Know Yunho, who debuted through boy band TVXQ, is currently rehearsing for musical production "Goong," set to premiere on September 8, where he will rotate the role of main lead character Lee Shin.

Five-man band SHINee topped numerous music charts earlier this month with their latest studio release "LUCIFER."


SM Entertainment seniman U-Know Yunho dan SHINee akan mengambil bagian dalam kampanye amal untuk anak yatim perang minggu depan.

SM diumumkan melalui siaran pers yang di Asia Publikasi & Pusat Informasi Budaya di PajuBookCity di Provinsi Gyeonggi Korea pada tanggal 31 Agustus, para penyanyi idola akan berpartisipasi dalam kampanye yang bertujuan untuk berbagi pentingnya perdamaian dan kehidupan dengan meningkatkan dana untuk kelaparan dan perang anak yatim di seluruh dunia.

Gubernur Propinsi Gyeonggi Kim Moon-soo, Paju City walikota Lee In-jae, festival film Cho Jae-hyun dan UNICEF Korea Sekretaris Jenderal Park Dong-eun akan mengambil bagian dalam menyebabkan juga.

Acara ini diadakan di waktu dengan tahun ini DMZ Korea International Documentary Film Festival yang diselenggarakan sejak tanggal 9 September hingga 13 dan 2010 Perdamaian Marathon Gyeonggi Festival 4 pada tanggal 12 September, kedua yang akan di PajuBookCity dan daerah dari Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri .

Penyanyi dan aktor U-Know Yunho, yang memulai karirnya melalui anak band TVXQ, saat ini sedang berlatih untuk produksi musik "Goong," set ke premiere pada 8 September, di mana ia akan merotasi peran tokoh utama utama Lee Shin.

Lima orang band SHINee topped berbagai tangga musik awal bulan ini dengan rilis studio terbaru mereka "Lucifer."

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Radio 97,4 Solagracia FM

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senin -jumat 02.00 pm - 04.00 pm

ASIAN LOVERS CHART TOP 25 for Jully 2010

spcial for the asianlovaholix


1. SHINee - LUCIFER (chukkae SHINee....)








9. SS501 - LOVE YA

















4.HAN GENG - say no












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Onew’s UFO Replies 100811

To SHINee (My life lottery Jinki)
[Onew] Can I ask what you’re thinking???it’s difficult right?? the way asking for individual replies makes my hand shake now ??
From Onew
[Onew] It’s really late ~ Don’t shake your hand and go to sleep quickly~~

To SHINee (Star Jjong?)

[Onew] Hmph..waiting for Jinki, I’ll wait a hundred, a thousand years ??but I’m missing you~hehe what are you doing now?
From Onew
[Onew] No, just wait a few days~

To SHINee (SeeingSHINee)

[Onew] Jinki~ What are you doing now not sleeping T_T I was surprised so my heart was going to throb faster ?? keke
From Onew
[Onew] Sleep to keep your heart from throbbing faster~

To SHINee (Lee Jinkku)

[Onew] Oppa!! Can’t you whisper in my ear and give only a! little! hint to only me about this concept~~~
From Onew
[Onew] Just along the lines of “SHINee” gave it all away

To SHINee (Difficult Woman)

[Onew] Jinki keke do you want to eat?
Is not something like “noona will buy you” keke
Can you buy me keke yep keke call me~ keke
will you go keke
From Onew
[Onew] Nope.. that’s okay..
go to sleep quickly~~you must be tired~

source: UFO Town/find source: Naver/credit: weareshining (WRS)/translation: Joodit@WRS

Yunhyeongbin, SHINee hair on the key, "I Am respected" head comparison photos show

왕비호’ 윤형빈이 샤이니 키의 새 헤어스타일에
“내가 다 했던 것이다”고 너스레를 떨었다.

윤형빈은 8월 22일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘개그콘서트’ 코너
‘봉숭아 학당’에서 샤이니가 방청객에 앉아있다는
이수근의 말에 “벌써 3번째다”며 시큰둥한 반응을 보였다.

윤형빈은 이어 멤버 키의 반삭발 헤어스타일을 가리켜
“이거 내가 옛날에 다 했던거다. 너, 나 존경하냐”고 되물어 모두를 폭소케 했다.

또 윤형빈은 “샤이니가 ‘개콘’ 처음 왔을 때랑 상황이 달라졌다.
샤이니 2주 연속 뮤직뱅크 1위를 차지했다”고 칭찬하더니 “그래봐야 주병선한테는 안된다” 고 빈정거리며 호응 없는 후렴구로 이를 증명했다.

또한 윤형빈은 “샤이니 ‘루시퍼’는 다 좋은데 옛날부터 내려오던 노래에 반주만 입혔다”며 김재욱과 함께 ‘루시퍼’ 가사에 맞춰 염불을 외 웃음을 선사했다.



'Wangbiho' Yoon Hyung empty the SHINee keys to a new hairstyle
"I did it would," he can rest shivered.

Aired on August 22 Yoon Hyung Bin KBS 2TV 'Gag Concert' Corner
'Diffusion of balsam from the audience sits in a shiny
Indroduce the end of "Already three beonjjaeda" said sikeundunghan responded.

Yoon Hyung Bin hairstyle after a member of the key point bansakbal
"It was all over, I'm old. You Am I admire " He was poksoke doemuleo all.

And Yoon Hyung Bin "is SHINee" gaekon' first came simulate the situation has changed.
2 weeks straight Music Bank SHINee ranked one, "he told me a compliment" I should not have to tell decanters line," he proved it with the refrain That really does not response.

In addition, Yoon Hyung Bin "SHINee 'Lucifer' which were handed down from ancient times to the song It's all good banjuman coated," said With Kim Jae Wook 'Lucifer' match words with chanting and others were for laughs.

check this link video :

source : + SHINee fan cafe daum

SHINee Key questions to ask dating experience

연애라는 게 만나서 보고 얘기 나누고 그래야 되는건데, 우리에게 주어진 건 핸드폰 밖에 없다.

그런데 폰팅을 할 수 없지 않냐"고 발언해 모두를 깜짝 놀라게 했다.
샤이니 멤버들과 MC들은 '폰팅' 발언에 당황했고
키는 "그런 의미가 아니라.."라고 황급히 수습하려 했다.

신동엽은 "소개팅 미팅 폰팅 다 좋지만 전화로
나쁜 짓은 하지 말아야 된다"고 재치있게 전해 웃음을 유발했다.
키는 끝으로 "정말 (연애) 한번도 못해봤다.
연습생 때는 하지 말라고 해서 안해봤고 데뷔하고서는 바빠서 더 못했다"고 전했다.

한편 이날 방송에서 MC군단과 샤이니 멤버들은 다함께

병원 나이트 근무를 하고 있는 사연의 주인공을 위해 밤참을 준비해 찾아갔다.


SHINee Key questions to ask dating experience
"Given the environment is not only a mobile phone.
Is not ponting can not do, "he said nobody.
Aired on August 22 key KBS 2TV 'overnight nocturnal variety' in
SHINee members appeared as guests on various topics and played a joke.
The broadcast from the key, "not once, but honestly didn love," he
MC asked me all these legions of "not really.

Nice to see something called a love that is so going to talk, We have given out my cell phone.

Keeping yeongeureonde ponting can not do, "he was amazed at all baleonhae.
MC members and their SHINee 'ponting' remarks were embarrassing
Key, "that does not mean .." he said hurriedly, trying to rectify.

Inferiority that "blind date, but call it a meeting ponting
Do not do anything bad, "he said caused laughter tell witty.
The key conclusion, "It (love) never once looked.
When a trainee not to busy and never saw a soccer debut was better, "he said.

Meanwhile on the air corps and SHINee MC members together

Hospital, the hero of the story are working night and went to prepare for a midnight snack.


SHINee Key pertanyaan untuk meminta pengalaman kencan
"Mengingat lingkungan tidak hanya ponsel.
Apakah tidak ponting tidak bisa melakukan, "katanya tidak ada.
Ditayangkan pada 22 Agustus malam semalam kunci berbagai KBS 2TV '' di
anggota SHINee muncul sebagai tamu dalam berbagai topik dan memainkan lelucon.
Siaran dari tombol, "tidak hanya sekali, cinta tapi nggak jujur," ia
MC meminta saya semua pasukan dari "tidak benar-benar.

Senang melihat sesuatu yang disebut cinta yang begitu akan bicara, Kita telah diberikan ponsel.

Menjaga ponting yeongeureonde tidak bisa lakukan, "dia kagum pada baleonhae semua.
anggota MC dan ponting 'mereka SHINee' pernyataan yang memalukan
Key, "yang tidak berarti .." katanya cepat-cepat, berusaha untuk memperbaiki.

Rendah diri bahwa "kencan buta, tetapi panggilan itu pertemuan ponting
Jangan melakukan sesuatu yang buruk, "katanya disebabkan tawa kirim cerdas.
Kesimpulan kunci, "Itu (cinta) tidak pernah sekali terlihat.
Ketika seorang peserta pelatihan tidak sibuk dan tidak pernah melihat debut sepak bola lebih baik, "katanya.

Sementara di korps udara dan bersama-sama anggota MC SHINee

Rumah sakit, pahlawan cerita bekerja malam hari dan pergi untuk mempersiapkan snack tengah malam.

source : + SHINee fan cafe daum

SHINee Onew’s ideal type is…

On August 21st’s broadcast of KBS radio show, Lee Soo Young’s Music Show, SHINee’s Onew, revealed his his ideal type of girl.

In the past, Onew never revealed any specific girl, but on his visit to the radio show, he finally revealed his ideal girl, as he picked Jungah of After School.

After revealing his ideal type, he added, “I don’t know her age, but I do know that she’s a noona [older sister].”

Meanwhile, DJ Lee Soo Young, who has always liked Onew, expressed her jealousy which caught him off guard. Onew however, brightened her up by saying that his ideal type, voice wise, is Lee Soo Young.

SHINee’s song “Noona is so pretty (Replay)” matches Onew and Jungah’s situation perfectly, don’t you think?



Pada tanggal 21 Agustus itu acara siaran radio KBS, Lee Soo Young Music Show, SHINee's Onew, mengungkapkan nya tipe ideal gadis.

Di masa lalu, Onew pernah mengungkapkan gadis-gadis yang spesifik, namun pada kunjungannya ke acara radio, ia akhirnya mengungkapkan gadis yang ideal, karena ia memungut Jungah dari After School.

Setelah mengungkapkan tipe ideal, ia menambahkan, "Aku tidak mengetahui usia, tapi aku tahu bahwa dia noona sebuah [] kakak."

Sementara itu, DJ Lee Soo Young, yang selalu menyukai Onew, mengungkapkan rasa cemburunya yang menangkapnya lengah. Namun Onew, cerah ke atas dengan mengatakan bahwa tipe ideal, bijaksana suara, adalah Lee Soo Young.

lagu SHINee's "Noona begitu cantik (Replay)" cocok Onew dan situasi Jungah sempurna, don't you think?

source :

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asia’s most famous charts

1):Asia most influential groups :
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Wonder Girls
NO.4 S.H.E

2):Asia most talented with good looks groups:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 H.O.T
NO.5 Wonder Girls

3):Best- selling albums within these 2 years:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Super Junior-M
NO.4 SS501

4):Most popular among the well-known artists:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 ShinHwa
NO.5 Super Junior-M

5): Accomplished with good rankings in TV shows and movies:
NO.1 Farenheit
NO.2 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 Lollipop

6):Band members that are best in MC:
NO.1 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.2 Farenheit ChenYi Ru
NO.3 CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
NO.4 SJ ShinDong
NO.5 SJ HeeChul
(lohh ko onew ga ada o.Oa)

7): Band members that are best in actings:
NO.1 SJ Kim KiBum
NO.2 Farenheit all members
NO.3 SJ Choi SiWon
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

8):Band members with the best vocal:
NO.1 SJ YeSung
NO.2 DBSK Xiah JunSu
NO.3 SJ KimRyeoWook
NO.4 SJ ChoKyuHyun
NO.5 DBSK Kim JaeJoong SHINEE LeeTaeMin Kim Jonghyun

9):Band members who are best in RAP:
NO.1 SJ EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong KiBum

10):Band member who are best in dancing:
NO.2 SJEunHyuk
NO.3 SJ HanKyung
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

11):Band members who are best in DJ:
NO.1 SJ Kim HeeChul
NO.2 SJ LeeTeuk EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong

12):Most popular among the stars for imitation:
NO.1 SUPER JUNIOR (U, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana)
NO.2 Wonder Girls (Nobody)
NO.3 SHINEE (Ring Ding Dong)
NO.4 SUPER JUNIOR-M (Super Girl)

Korea/Chinese male stars ranking (Looks)
1. SJ Kim HeeChul
2. DBSK Kim Jaejoong
3. CNBLUE Jung YongHwa
4. SS501 Kim HyunJoong
5. SJ HanKyung
6. Farenheit WuZun
7. Show Luo
8. SHNEE Lee TaeMin
9. Lin Jun Jie
11.SJ LeeTeuk
13.Lee JunKi
14.SJ Lee DongHae
15.Hyun Bin
16.Wang Lee Hom
17.Lee Seung Gi
18.DBSK YunHo
19.SJ Kim RyeoWook
20.Kim JongHun

(CR: Baidubar, Trans: @13elieveSG)

SHINee’s Daily Schedule

15th August
[TV] 10:35AM KST — KBS-2TV Dream Team Season 2 – Taemin
[TV] 4PM KST — SBS-TV Inkigayo
[Performance] 7PM KST — KBS – Tong Festival Celebration Concert Performance Venue: Tong gangguan Culture Yard
[TV] 11:10PM KST — SBS-TV Republic of Korea Maritime Expedition – Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin
[TV] 11:15PM KST — KBS-2TV Night Star – All SHINee members

16th August
[TV] 4PM KST — MBC-TV Energy Day Concert (is the Event name like this? can’t seem to get the translation right)

18th August
[Recording] 6PM KST — SBS 20th Anniversary Concert

21st August
[Concert/Performance] 4PM KST — SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in Seoul Location: Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium

28th August
[Performance] 6:30PM KST — World Leisure Congress and the opening of the tournament Venue: Chuncheon Songam Sports Stadium
[Performance] 8PM KST — Y-Star Global Live Concert Venue: Jamsil Main Stadium

29th August
[Performance] 7PM KST — 2010 Wave Concert Venue: Literary World Cup Stadium, Incheon

Credit: SHINee dc gallery

BoA’s ideal types are SHINee members

On the August 14th episode of KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly, BoA was interviewed in a segment / corner called Guerilla Date.

During her interview, she surprisingly revealed that some of the members of SHINee were her ideal type.

BoA commented, “My ideal type’s voice is Onew, appearance wise is Minho and characteristics is Jonghyun.”

She then apologized to the rest of SHINee members, Key and Taemin who weren’t included for her ideal type.

I’m sure many girls’ ideal are SHINee members, don’t you guys agree?

* Indonesian Translate

Pada episode 14 Agustus dari KBS2's Entertainment Weekly, BoA diwawancarai dalam segmen / sudut disebut Guerilla Tanggal.

Selama wawancara, ia mengejutkan mengungkapkan bahwa beberapa anggota SHINee adalah jenis ideal-nya.

BoA berkomentar, "suara tipe ideal saya adalah Onew, penampilan yang bijaksana adalah Minho dan karakteristik adalah Jonghyun."

Dia kemudian meminta maaf kepada seluruh anggota SHINee, Key dan taemin yang tidak termasuk untuk tipe idealnya.

Aku yakin banyak gadis yang ideal adalah anggota SHINee, jangan kalian setuju?

source :

SHINee fans terrorize and attack a little known talent

A talent that goes by the name of Yoo Nina has been under the microscope lately, with all kinds of scary attacks coming from fans of SHINee.

How are SHINee fans involved, you ask?

Some fans took note of Yoo Nina when they saw her with who they thought was SHINee’s Jonghyun. However, the person she was with ended up being a lookalike that goes by the same name.

Fans suspected that Yoo Nina was trying to take advantage of ‘Jonghyun’ at dinner once, by forcing him to take pictures with her in order to increase her fame. That’s where the nightmare began for her.

Fans went on to terrorize and attack Yoo Nina using all kinds of methods, one of the most popular methods being the spreading of false rumors. It got to the point where the singer started to suffer from severe depression and insomnia, and had to be taken to the hospital to get psychiatric support.

Her agency was forced to get the police involved, and they plan to take legal action against most, if not all of the fans who spread the ridiculous rumors.

Just crazy on the part of the fans?

Or it may be the girl just milking the exposure, with SHINee as her target.

* Indonesian Translate

Sebuah bakat yang berlangsung dengan nama Yoo Nina telah di bawah mikroskop akhir-akhir ini, dengan segala macam serangan menakutkan berasal dari penggemar SHINee.

Bagaimana fans SHINee terlibat, Anda bertanya?

Beberapa fans mencatat Yoo Nina saat mereka melihat dengan siapa mereka pikir SHINee's Jonghyun. Namun, orang itu dia sedang bersama akhirnya menjadi lookalike yang berlangsung dengan nama yang sama.

Fans menduga bahwa Yoo Nina berusaha mengambil keuntungan dari 'Jonghyun' di makan malam sekali, dengan memaksa dia untuk mengambil gambar dengan menyuruhnya untuk meningkatkan ketenarannya. Di sanalah mimpi buruk mulai untuknya.

Fans melanjutkan untuk meneror dan menyerang Yoo Nina menggunakan segala macam metode, salah satu metode yang paling populer sebagai penyebaran desas-desus palsu. Itu sampai ke titik di mana penyanyi itu mulai menderita depresi berat dan insomnia, dan harus dibawa ke rumah sakit untuk mendapatkan dukungan jiwa.

agen-nya dipaksa untuk mendapatkan polisi yang terlibat, dan mereka berencana untuk mengambil tindakan hukum terhadap sebagian besar, jika tidak semua fans yang menyebarkan desas-desus konyol.

Hanya gila pada bagian dari fans?

Atau mungkin gadis saja memerah susu pemaparan, dengan SHINee sebagai target-nya.

source :

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SHINee’s Minho will start dancing for the ‘Lucifer’ performance on Music Core this week!

After three weeks of not dancing alongside the rest of the SHINee members, Minho will finally be doing so this week after completing his recovery from injury!

On August 12th, the day of recording for MBC’s Music Core, Minho will be dancing with the members for their Lucifer performance.

SM Entertainment, through a phone call with Newsen, stated, “Starting from today (12th), Minho will be dancing. You will be able to see all five members perform starting from this week’s Music Core.”

trans :

Setelah tiga minggu tidak menari bersama seluruh anggota SHINee, Minho akhirnya akan melakukannya minggu ini setelah menyelesaikan pemulihan dari cedera!

Pada 12 Agustus, hari rekaman untuk MBC Music Core, Minho akan menari dengan anggota untuk kinerja Lucifer mereka.

SM Entertainment, melalui panggilan telepon dengan Newsen, menyatakan, "Mulai hari ini (12), Minho akan menari. Anda akan dapat melihat semua lima anggota melakukan mulai dari minggu ini Musik Core. "

[NEWS] Minho is Stricken with Grief Over Andre Kim's Passing

Minho from the group SHINee was unable to hide his sadness after hearing the news of designer Andre Kim's (real name Kim Bongnam) death on the 12th. He knew Andre Kim from when he was the main male model for the 2008 public World Knowledge Forum Andre Kim Fashion Show'. Minho, who was only 16 at the time, was picked as the youngest fashion show model and was favoured by Andre Kim.

He told his company representatives this day that "I resent myself and regret not contacting him occasionally" and blamed himself. Minho was at a broadcast schedule in Kangwondo Sokcho when he heard the sad news. His company representatives said that Minho was devastated.

Andre Kim was receiving treatment at the Seoul National University Hospital for colorectal cancer and pneumonia. He then passed away on the 12th at 7:25PM at the age of 75. His wake will be arranged in the funeral hall at Seoul National University Hospital.

* Indonesian Translate

Minho dari kelompok SHINee tidak bisa menyembunyikan kesedihannya setelah mendengar kabar dari desainer (sebenarnya nama Andre Kim Kim Bongnam) meninggal pada tanggal 12. Dia tahu Andre Kim dari ketika dia model laki-laki utama untuk tahun 2008 publik Forum Pengetahuan Dunia Andre Kim Fashion Show '. Minho, yang baru berusia 16 tahun pada waktu itu, telah dipilih sebagai model fashion show termuda dan disukai oleh Andre Kim.

Dia mengatakan kepada perwakilan perusahaannya hari ini bahwa "Aku membenci diriku sendiri dan menyesal tidak menghubungi dia kadang-kadang" dan menyalahkan diri sendiri. Minho ada di jadwal siaran di Kangwondo Sokcho ketika ia mendengar berita sedih. wakil perusahaan mengatakan bahwa Minho-Nya hancur.

Andre Kim menerima perawatan di Seoul National University Hospital untuk kanker kolorektal dan pneumonia. Dia kemudian meninggal pada tanggal 12 di 19:25 pada usia 75. bangun-Nya akan diatur di aula pemakaman di Seoul National University Hospital.

Source: Edaily +
Translations: kimchi hana @

[TRANS] Minho’s UFO Replies

[Fan] Between Kyuhyun oppa and Changmin oppa, who will win?
Minho oppa who will win?
[Minho] Er..Me..^^ Because I’m maknae~

[Fan] Minho ah~~~~ I should like this ^^
[Minho] Mm~ I replied like this ^^

[Fan] Minho oppa~ I’m playing soccer for my sports meet. How should I kick the ball to make it fly very far?
[Minho] Look at the ball carefully, aim properly before you kick! Will fly very far~ Heh

[Fan] Minho ah~ Tell me your secret to growing tall.. Don’t secretly grow tall yourself! Let’s grow tall together with noona ^^
[Minho] Eat well and sleep well

[Fan] Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin, everyone is waiting to watch Night Star right?
[Minho] Of course! heh. Everyone too right?

* Indonesian Translate

[Fan] Antara Kyuhyun oppa dan Changmin oppa, siapa yang akan menang?
Minho Oppa siapa yang akan menang?
[Minho] Eh .. Me .. ^ ^ Karena aku maknae ~

[Fan] Minho ah ~ ~ ~ ~ aku harus seperti ini ^ ^
[Minho] Mm ~ Saya menjawab seperti ini ^ ^

[Fan] Minho oppa ~ aku bermain sepak bola untuk olahraga saya bertemu. Bagaimana saya harus menendang bola untuk membuat terbang sangat jauh?
[Minho] Lihat bola dengan hati-hati, tujuan benar sebelum Anda menendang! Akan terbang sangat jauh ~ Heh

[Fan] Minho ah ~ Katakan rahasia Anda untuk tumbuh tinggi .. Jangan diam-diam tumbuh tinggi sendiri! Mari kita tumbuh tinggi bersama dengan noona ^ ^
[Minho] Makan yang sehat dan tidur nyenyak

[Fan] Onew Jonghyun Key Minho taemin, semua orang sedang menunggu untuk menonton Star Night kanan?
[Minho] Tentu saja! heh. Semua orang juga kan?

Source: UFO
Translation: & Ximu+Kylene@WRS

Friday, August 13, 2010

[NEWS/TRANS] Mexicana with a "SHINee fans signing" in a hot ..

13:00 the last 12 days in Jayang-gu, Seoul, Konkuk University, Mexicana, and fans in the Millennium Hall with a SHINee fan autograph session was in progress.

Mexicana been in love with the events of the customers would like in return for 140,000 people through a lottery among the applicants selected by approximately 500 people were invited to arrange a meeting.

The prizes in the event a department store gift certificates and i30 cars 2 and 800,000 won, 500,000 won three, including department stores, including gift certificates ceremony started with a SHINee became a time.

SHINee day, attended the 'noona neomu yeppo', 'ring ding dong', 'Lucifer' three song mini-concert opened with dance fans attended the event. Singing contest, was conducted with paensainhoe events. Fan Meeting held in the form of impromptu interviews the signing of the SHINee members, and gyeotdeulyimyeo simsapyeong added fun.

Konkuk University, conducted the event in the Millennium Hall, 10 fans, for fans, as well as children, 2-30 workers, and also attracts foreign fans of SHINee wide popularity was proven once again. The rafters are some unusual animals, clothes and costume characters involved in the field events made enjoyable ambiance.

As well as Japan, Taiwan, China and other foreign news organizations have a total silgamke we go to the popularity of shiny.

Mexicana officials " SHINee event this year to prepare a big interest of every customer thank me," said, "We conducted a wider variety of events will achieve customer satisfaction," he said.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SHINee on SBS Inkigayo Magazine

The LUCIFER-like Spell of the 'Black SHINee' Image—The Grand Appearance on SBS Inkigayo Magazine

The boys that seem to have been saying 'noona is so pretty,' screaming oh~'Juliet' forever have transformed into men exuding an intense and chic charm! The object of 'noonas' romance,' SHINee who has returned with the undeniable spell-binding 'LUCIFER' showed the August issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine an image of 'Black SHINee' and a different look.

For this August issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine, SHINee appears on the cover as well as in a 12-page cover story, along with a sophisticated pictorial, it is the most eye-catching issue ever. The past July, we were personally able to meet those who transformed into this issue's 'Black SHINee' at a studio in Gangnam. Going along with the black and white concept for the pictorial, 'Black SHINee' expressed a more limitless freedom than when they had a combination of different colors on. The editor of SBS Inkigayo Magazine, recalling the site of the shoot, stated "In the photo their stares are like 'LUCIFER' possessing an undeniable spell, they are like five shining stars in the night sky. "

Furthermore, going with each of SHINee's members' given English names as keywords, we had a 'Name Talk' to bring out their true intentions.

Key said, "I anticipated a lot for the 2nd album hairstyle, and as I predicted the fans were surprised so it was successful!," revealing he had a lot of worry about the outcome. Taemin randomly confessed "When we travel I read a book, nowadays I've been reading 'The Alchemist.' Like the book's main character, my dream is to travel around the world too."

Jonghyun first revealed to SBS Inkigayo Magazine that "In this album the song I personally wrote, "Yok (Obsession)," was inspired from an Internet novel where a murderer handles a conversation with his dual personality." Onew expressed his exceeding love towards his mother, saying "The one thing I wake up to is my mother. She always sends me a letter every night...I respected her my entire life and love her with all my heart." Minho stated "I want to show some kind of acting on stage," revealing "from now on I will prepare a lot and if I gain experience, I want to challenge myself to do movies and dramas."

SBS Inkigayo Magazine is the country's first music program magazine, after it's first issue in January it has been receiving consistent love. August has, since the 8th, the SBS Deungchon-dong open hall and a distribution of free issues in Hyeopchan-cheo, SBS Broadcast Contents subscription membership service 'Seasonal Pass S' automatic charge product (727 automatic charge product included) is presented as the most useful of other memberships.

source SBS Entertainment Newscredit weareshiningtranslation Joodit@WRS

SHINee will Officially release Lucifer Jap Version on 15th September!

English Version ::
SHINee will Officially release Lucifer in japan on September 15th

5 member of contemporary band SHINee whose Album sales had already exceeded 100k, has decided to release a Japan Version.

The album sales in Korea, released at 2010 had broke the 100k sales record, following the footsteps of their SM Town senior, SuperJunior and SNSD.

SHINee consisting of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin, a 5 member group comtemporary band, who leads the current music, dance pop and other area.

Its been confirm that they will release their japanese version of LUCIFER for sales on 15th of September in Japan

It consists of ‘LUCIFER’ MV and some related to the member CD+DVD, and some member own photography in a small booklet

※9 September on Sales
01. UP & DOWN
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. Obsession
06. Quasimodo
07. Shout Out
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. サ.ゲ.フ(Love Still Goes On)

SHINee making of video!
01. LUCIFER Music Video
02. JK recording Sketch
03. Music Video recording Sketch
04. Member Comment

Credits: Baidu

Indonesia Version ::
SHINee resmi akan merilis Lucifer di Jepang pada 15 September

5 anggota SHINee band kontemporer yang album-album penjualan sudah melebihi 100k, telah memutuskan untuk merilis Versi Jepang.

penjualan album di Korea, yang dirilis pada 2010 telah memecahkan rekor penjualan 100k, mengikuti jejak mereka SM Town senior, SuperJunior dan SNSD.

SHINee terdiri dari Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho dan taemin, 5 anggota kelompok Band comtemporary, yang saat ini sedang memimpin permusikan, dance pop dan daerah lainnya.

Yang telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa mereka akan merilis versi jepang mereka Lucifer untuk penjualan pada 15 September di Jepang

Ini terdiri dari 'Lucifer' MV dan beberapa berkaitan dengan anggota CD + DVD, dan beberapa anggota fotografi sendiri dalam buku kecil

※ 9 September Penjualan
SHINee 』『 Lucifer (CD + DVD)
01. UP & DOWN
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. Obsesi
06. Quasimodo
07. Shout Out
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13.サ ゲ.. フ

SHINee pembuatan video!
01. Lucifer Music Video
02. JK rekaman Sketsa
03. Music Video rekaman Sketsa
04. Komentar Anggota

Kredit: Baidu

*[Messege] SHINee : Terima Kasih SHINee World*

Ini adalah ucapan terima kasih buat fans karena SHINee kemarin menang di SBS Inkigayo!! Berikut yang ditulis para member di web resmi mereka

[From SHINee] Thank You~♥
(2010.08.08. – SBS Inkigayo 1st! )

[Dari. Onew]

일등입니다..^^ 여러분과 함께 해낸 일등입니다.
이번에 샤이니 월드 팬미팅도 여러분 덕에 성황리에 마쳤구요,
점점 여러분과 함께라는 게 실감이 나고 있어요~
항상 즐거운 일만 가득하기로 해요…
자신의 운명을 자기가 정하는 것처럼^^
Kami memenangkan posisi pertama.. ^ ^ Di tempat utama ini kita memenangkan ini bersama2.
SHINee World ini karena bantuan kalian semua,
dan karena kalian semua ini menjadi lebih realistis~
Aku selalu sesak dengan hal-hal yang menyenangkan untuk dilakukan …
Seperti nya ini sudah ditakdirkan^ ^

[Dari. Jong Hyun]

사랑해요~ 샤이니월드!!
행복한 날이 계속되네요! 이제 시작입니다.^^
Love you ~ SHINee World!
hari akan terus menjadi lebih baik! Sekarang ayo kita mulai ^ ^.

[Dari. Key]

진심으로 감사합니다!!! :)
우리 모두 같이 만들어가요~
Saya sungguh bersyukur! :)
Mari kita semua pergi bersama-sama untuk bahagia ~

[Dari. Min Ho]

감사 합니다!
더욱더 열심히 하는 민호 되겠습니다. ^ ^

Terima kasih!
Aku akan menjadi lebih, lebih dan lebih, menjadi Minho yang bekerja keras. ^ ^

[Dari. Tae Min]

샤이니 월드 사랑해요~♥ 감사합니다!
Love you SHINee World ♥ ~ Terima kasih!

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☆ Key menolak Chae Yeon sebagai gadis idealnya !!!

Disiarkan pada 7 Agustus tentang KBS Star Golden Bell 2TV, member SHINee, Key baru-baru ini kembali bersama ratu seksi Chae Yeon, keduanya membuat penampilan sebagai tamu spesial minggu ini.
Chae Yeon telah bermitra dengan Super Junior's Shindong, sedangkan Key dibarengi dengan sesama member Shinee, Jonghyun.
Chaeyeon menggambarkan pesona Shindong dengan mengatakan, "Dia seorang pria yang baunya segar seperti pasta gigi. Ketika kita berbicara erat, aku tertarik dengan aroma pasta gigi nya. Aku tidak suka anak laki-laki yang buruk, aku suka pria dengan hati yang murni. "Setelah tuan rumah Ji Suk Jin melemparkan pertanyaan ke Key, menanyakan bagaimana ia berpikir tentang Chae Yeon sebagai wanita. Key kemudian menjawab, "Yah, Aku suka cewek yang umurnya sama dgn saya ...". Ini jelas merujuk pada usia tua Chae Yeon (yg statusnya ajuhmah), karena dia sudah hampir 13 tahun lebih tua dari Key.
Poor Chae Yeon...

Source: allkpop

coment @ wall Grup ...

Let’s visit to SHINee’s dorm together

The virgins in their thirties did a sudden interview attack at the boys’ dormitory in Seoul, Apgujeong.

So Clean…
SHINee’s apartment that is right at the top floor of the condominium is so serene. It’s hard to imagine that the house with 7 men (including 2 managers) can be kept so clean. From the shoe rack, kitchen, living room and even the beds, it’s in a perfect state that no fault can be found with it.
Onew said with a smile, “Because there’s a ahjumma who will come and clean up everyday, and also cook for us delicious food. Us~ Other than just resting comfortably in the dorm, we don’t need to do anything, that’s why it’s not that messy.”
*Translate : Apartemen SHINee berada di lantai paling atas dengan suasana yang sangat tenang. Sangat sulit membayangkan rumah yang dihuni oleh 7 orang lelaki. (termasuk 2 manejer) dapat terjaga sangat bersih. Dari rak sepatu, dapur, ruang tamu, dan ranjang. Itu sempurna, tidak ada yang salah yang dapat ditemukan.
Onew berkata sambil tersenyum, “Karena ada seorang tante yang akan datang dan membersihkan setiap hari and juga memasak untuk kita makanan yang lezat. Kita juga hanya beristirahat dengan nyaman di dorm, kami tidak perlu melakukan sesuatu, itu sebabnya tidak berantakan. *waahhh… makin gag sabar aja nih maen ke dorm SHINee….*
What To Offer?
The gentle Minho walked quietly to the fridge. “Have a drink….” The way he holds on to the banana milk is as if he is filming a CF, before finally walking out with the milk in his hands. Full of banana milk, and many different flavors of Yakult and other such yogurt drinks. “Oh~ Not inside the fridge!” The members stopped us instantly. The fridge is full of food that is essential for the members’ growth.
*Translate : Minho berjalan menuju almari es. “Minum….” Dia menunjukkan susu rasa pisang seperti acting dia di CF, sebelum berjalan keluar dengan sebotol susu di tangannya. Penuh dengan susu rasa pisang dan banyak rasa Yakult yang berbeda-beda dan lainnya seperti yogurt. “oh, tidak di dalam almari es!” Semua member berhenti. Almari Es penuh dengan makanan yang sangat perlu untuk pertumbuhan para member. *wow… jadi pengen buka alamari es SHINee yg beneran,, bosen buka almari es di rumah… isinya cuma gitu” aja… kekekekeke*
Wow! It’s The Bedroom!
The reporter feels that the most eyecatching place is the bedroom. What will the air be like in the bedroom of 5 adorable dongsengs? From the front, it’s 2 double decker beds with Onew’s single bed in the middle. Key’s bed could be seen at a glance, the pink bedsheet along with the photo decorations and pretty accessories at just as cute as Key! The bottom bed belongs to Minho who loves sports, where the uniform of his favorite soccer team is hung. The top bed on the right is Jonghyun’s sleeping area, crisp and clean. The bottom bed is Taemin’s and there are books like textbooks on the bed. It’s easy to identify the members through the atmosphere around their beds.
*Translate : Reporter merasa ruangan yang paling menarik adalah kamar tidur. Apa udara akan bagus di kamar yang dihuni 5orang?? Dari depan, ada 2 ranjang susun dan ranjang Onew di tengah. Ranjang Key dengan seprei pink dan dekorasi berbagai foto serta aksesoris yang cantik yang cute seperti key! Di bawahnya ada ranjang Minho yang mencintai olahraga, dimana seragam dari club favoritenya di gantung. Di ranjang paling atas sebelah kanan adalah ranjang Jonghyun, segar dan bersih. Di bawahnya adalah ranjang Taemin dan ada beberapa buku seperti buku tulis di atas ranjang. Sangat mudah untuk mengidentifikasikan tiap member melalui ranjang mereka. *woww… rapi banget yah ranjangnya….*
Teens Will Always Be Teens
The home that no faults can be found. Looking at the book shelf in the corner, it’s full of Slam Dunk, One Piece, Phantay Star, KAIJI and other such interesting mangas. Jonghyun said, “These mangas are gifts from fans. When we do not have any schedule, the members will read them together. This is a place that all the members like, it’s a precious treasure.”
*Translate : Tidak ada kesalahan yang dapat ditemukan. Dilihat dari rak buku di pojok, penuh dengan Slam Dunk, One Piece, Phantay Star, KAIJI n lainnya seperti manga yang menarik. Jonghyun berkata, “Manga ini adalah pemberian dari fans. Ketika kami tidak punya banyak jadwal, kami akan membacanya bersama. Ini adalah tempat yang disukai semua member, ini harta karun yang berharga. *oouuuhhh…. Mereka benar2 menghargai dan menyimpan baik2 pemberian dari fans mereka yah…*
SHINee Playing Games!
When asked “What do you usually do to kill time?”, Minho smiled and took out their game station, “When we have time to rest, I will take out the game station to play games, I like to play games related to sports.” Members also expressed that “We used to like going out to play basketball and jogging, but because our schedule is too packed, so we can only replace that with playing sports games.”
*Translate : Ketika ditanya “apa yang biasanya kamu lakukan di waktu luang?”, Minho tersenyum dan mengambil playstation mereka, “ketika kami punya waktu untuk istirahat, aku akan bermain game, aku suka bermain tentang cerita dan olahraga.” Semua member menyetujuinya dan berkata, “kami menggunakannya seperti dengan pergi untuk bermain basket dan lari pagi, tapi karna jadwal kita terlalu padat, jad kami hanya bisa menggantinya dengan bermain game olahraga. *kalo ada waktu luang jalan2 ma akku aja oppa…. –di jitakk shawol nihh- kekekekeke*
The Room To Communicate With The World
Entering the room with many books and a computer, there are books such as The Heart Of A Shepherd, Outside World and 100 plus more bestsellers. Taemin said, “I am still reading The Heart Of A Shepherd, there are many more books that I have not read, I only read about half of them. Unknowingly, Key came to sit down in front of the computer and entered into SHINee’s homepage. Key said, “We always go in to read the messages left by fans, and we always feel strengthened when we see words of support. Now thinking about how we are going to see the fans soon through our Romeo album, I am really excited!”
*Translate : Masuk ruangan dengan banyak buku n sebuah komputer, ada beberapa buku seperti The Heart Of A Shepherd, Outside World n 100 lebih penjualan terbaik. Taemin berkata, “ aku membaca The Heart Of A Shepherd ada lebih banyak buku yang aku tidak membacanya, aku hanya membaca sekitar ½ halaman. Tiba-tiba Key datang n duduk di depan komputer n mengunjungi homepage SHINee. Key berkata, “kami selalu mengunjunginya untuk membaca pesan dari para fans, n kami selalu merasa lebih kuat ketika kami menjumpai kata-kata untuk mensupport kami. Sekarang berpikir tentang bagaimana kami pergi untuk berjumpa dengan para fans melalui album Romeo kami, aku sungguh senang!” *SHINee bener2 peduli yah ma para shawol… aiio chingudeul, kalo kalian mank shawol, always give your support for uri SHINee…*
SHINee Who’s Received All Newcomer Awards In Korea
The television is usually placed right in the middle of the living room, but SHINee is different, they packed the television into the corner of the living room, and showcased all of the trophies and awards they won last year. Just counting the trophies alone, there are 16 of them.
‘Last year, you all won all the Newcomer Awards in Korea.’ Upon hearing this, Jonghyun said “Just looking at the awards, we feel very happy, with the most confident look, we hope to receive awards this year too.” In the one year since SHINee’s debut, they have received at least one award every month.
*Translate : TV selalu terletak di bagian tengah dari ruang tamu, tapi berbeda dengan SHINee, mereka meletakkan TV di bagian pojok dari ruang tamu, n almari kaca untuk tropi n award/penghargaan yang mereka menangkan tahun lalu. Hanya menghitung tropi sendiri, ada 16 tropi. “tahun lalu, kalian memenangkan semua Penghargaan Pendatang Terbaru di Korea.” Mendengar hal itu, Jonghyun berkata “hanya melihat pwnghargaan, kami merasa sangat senang, dengan kepercayaan yang terlihat, kami harap untuk mendapatkannya juga di tahun ini.” Sejak SHINee memulai debut, mereka mendapatkan 1 penghargaan ato award tiap bulan. *wahhh… SHINee hebat yah…. SHINee,,,Shawol always support you… SHINee, Be no. 1 !!! SHINee is the best !!!!*
Nah,, eotteokhe?? Gmana dormnya SHINee?? Bagus kand ??? Ok chingu…. Sekian dulu yah maen” ke dormnya SHINee…. Mian kalo translatenya berantakan,, maklumlah, akku kan translate sendiri…. I’m so sorry if there are a mistake in translate, because I’m translate it by myself. Kekekekeke ^^ kamsahamnida….
Give your comment please….

Yoogeun Dancing Lucifer

wooww..... yougeun dancing LUCIFER....
yoogeun doesn't forget his appa... yeah SHINee

check this video

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SHINee’s Minho voted #1 target for healthy foods?

SOI. Save Our Idols.

A fan’s first priority is usually the health of his/her idol. And why not? Summer has brought all of us kpop fans true delights, from Taeyang’s album Solar to Miss A’s debut success with Bad Girl Good Girl to SHINee’s eye-catching Lucifer. But summer also means more concerns over dehydration and heat stroke for many of Korea’s hardworking celebrities that are struggling to balance health with work.

So, which idols can expect baskets of healthy (home-made and edible) food the rest of this summer?

From July 27th to August 2nd, the music portal Bugs held a poll titled “Singer you most want to make healthy foods for?” The results are in, and the verdict is thus: SHINee’s Minho, took first place with 48.2%.

A while back, Minho injured his leg on KBS2TV’s Dream Team Season 2. Netizens responded to this injury with words of care and sincere support such as:

“Minho, you have to get better soon so the five of you can stand on stage together again! If you can really do this for me, I’ll buy an eel and visit you!” (eels are deemed healthy food.)

“Please eat lots of healthy food and get better soon!”

Second place went to IU, the OST Queen. Netizens said affectionately that it was because “IU needs to eat well and study hard!” and “it must be because I am the same age as IU, but I think she is so cute. I really want to feed her good healthy food.”

Third place went to Jaebeom with his first solo album Please Believe Me, and fourth to Se7en with his new comeback Better Together.

Which idol would you save with healthy food, if you could?

* Indonesian Translate

SOI. Simpan Idols kami.

prioritas pertama A fan biasanya kesehatan / nya idolanya. Dan mengapa tidak? Musim panas telah membawa kita semua penggemar Kpop benar nikmat, dari album Taeyang Solar kesuksesan debut Miss A dengan Buruk Girl Good Girl untuk SHINee's Lucifer eye-catching. Tapi musim panas juga berarti hal yang lebih dari dehidrasi dan stroke panas bagi banyak selebritis Korea pekerja keras yang berjuang untuk menyeimbangkan kesehatan dengan pekerjaan.

Jadi, yang berhala dapat mengharapkan keranjang sisanya sehat (rumah-dibuat dan makan) makanan musim panas ini?

Dari 27 Juli - 2 Agustus, musik Bugs portal mengadakan polling berjudul "Singer paling Anda ingin membuat makanan sehat?" Adalah Hasil dalam, dan putusan demikian: SHINee's Minho, itu tempat pertama dengan 48,2%.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, Minho terluka kakinya di KBS2TV Dream Tim Season 2. Netizens menanggapi cedera ini dengan kata-kata dukungan perawatan dan tulus seperti:

"Minho, Anda harus cepat sembuh sehingga lima dari Anda dapat berdiri di atas panggung bersama-sama lagi! Jika Anda benar-benar bisa melakukan ini untuk saya, saya akan membeli belut dan kunjungan Anda "(! Belut dianggap makanan sehat.)

"Silakan makan banyak makanan yang sehat dan cepat sembuh!"

Tempat kedua pergi ke IU, Ratu OST. Netizens sayang mengatakan bahwa itu karena "IU perlu makan dengan baik dan belajar keras" dan "itu harus karena saya usia yang sama seperti IU, tapi saya pikir dia sangat lucu. Aku benar-benar ingin makan makanan yang baik sehat. "

Ketiga pergi ke tempat Jaebeom dengan album solo pertamanya Silakan Percayalah Aku, dan keempat untuk Se7en dengan comeback baru yang lebih baik Bersama.

Idola yang akan Anda simpan dengan makanan sehat, jika Anda bisa?

credit :
source :

SHINee sells over 100,000 copies of their album ‘Lucifer’

SHINee’s second full length album, Lucifer, has already sold over 100,000 copies.

Not many singers in Korea ever sell this many copies of one album, so this is a big accomplishment for SHINee.

The group sold 28135 copies online, and they sold 80131 copies in stores. That means they totaled 108,266 copies, which is amazing considering that the album was released on July 19th.

Their company sunbaes, Super Junior and SNSD, have already reached this point of success, so it must feel good for the boys to follow their sunbaes footsteps.

Their first full length album sold 113,690 copies, and they’re already about to pass that record with this new one.

SHINee panjang kedua album penuh, Lucifer, telah terjual lebih dari 100.000 eksemplar.

* Indonesian Translate

Tidak banyak penyanyi di Korea pernah menjual ini banyak salinan satu album, jadi ini merupakan prestasi besar bagi SHINee.

Kelompok ini terjual 28.135 eksemplar online, dan mereka menjual 80.131 kopi di toko-toko. Itu berarti mereka mencapai 108.266 eksemplar, yang menakjubkan mengingat bahwa album ini dirilis pada 19 Juli.

Perusahaan mereka sunbaes, Super Junior dan SNSD, sudah mencapai titik keberhasilan, sehingga harus merasa baik untuk anak-anak untuk mengikuti jejak sunbaes mereka.

album penuh pertama mereka terjual 113.690 eksemplar, dan mereka sudah hampir lulus mencatat bahwa dengan yang baru.

"SMTOWN LIVE" concert to be six hours long, says SM

The upcoming "SMTOWN LIVE '10 World Tour In Seoul" concert featuring numerous SM artists including BoA, Girls' Generation and Super Junior will be one of great scale and length.

Agency SM Entertainment (SM) announced in a press release on Thursday that the joint world tour, which includes stops in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and other major Asian cities, will be about six hours long and feature a total of some 80 songs by the artists.

"SMTOWN LIVE" boasts a line-up of the biggest stars in the Korean pop scene who are represented by major talenthouse SM including Kangta, U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, SHINee, f(x) and TRAX.

The concert will feature exclusive duet performances that will only be shown at "SMTOWN LIVE"; a joint performance by TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, BoA and Key (of boy band SHINEE), Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Seohyun (Girls' Generation), and sisters Jessica (Girls' Generation) and Krystal of f(x).

In addition, actors Kim Min-jong, Ara and Lee Yeon-hee will also be performing at the event.

"SMTOWN LIVE" concert kicks off in Seoul on August 21, at 4 p.m., at Olympic Stadium.

* Indonesian Translate

Para seniman SM mendatang "SMTown LIVE '10 World Tour Di Seoul" konser yang menampilkan banyak termasuk BoA, Girls 'Generation dan Super Junior akan menjadi salah satu skala besar dan panjang.

Badan SM Entertainment (SM) mengumumkan dalam siaran pers Kamis bahwa tur dunia bersama, yang mencakup berhenti di Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai dan kota-kota besar Asia lainnya, akan menjadi sekitar enam jam panjang dan fitur total sekitar 80 lagu-lagu seniman.

"SMTown LIVE" menawarkan line-up bintang terbesar di dunia pop Korea yang diwakili oleh SM talenthouse besar termasuk Kangta, U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, SHINee, f (x), dan TRAX.

konser ini akan menampilkan pertunjukan duet eksklusif yang hanya akan ditampilkan di "SMTown LIVE"; kinerja bersama oleh anggota TVXQ U-Know Yunho dan Max Changmin, BoA dan Key (dari boy band SHINee), Kyuhyun (Super Junior) dan Seohyun ( Girls 'Generation), dan sister Jessica (Girls' Generation) dan Krystal dari f (x).

Selain itu, aktor Kim Min-jong, Ara dan Lee Yeon-hee juga akan tampil di acara tersebut.

"SMTown LIVE" konser kicks off di Seoul pada tanggal 21 Agustus pukul 4 sore, di Olympic Stadium.

source :

Friday, August 6, 2010

SHINee’s Jonghyun answers his phone 2 seconds after it ringsSHINee members Jonghyun and Key recently made an appearance on the variety show Star Golde

During the program, MC Ji Suk Jin asked the two idols to both say a fault about each other. Jonghyun replied, “Key is very detailed and subtle, but he nags too much”, while Key confessed, “Jonghyun is a good friend that I can call on as he’s always by my side, but he’s also annoying because we’re always together.”

In addition, Jonghyun also revealed, “While everyone was taking a break preparing for the next album, all the other members were busy with a personal schedule except me. I was the only one who didn’t have any schedule.” MBLAQ’s Lee Joon who heard this responded, “If you call Jonghyun, he answers the phone 2 seconds after the bell tone rings,” causing great laughter.

To Lee Joon’s words, Jonghyun quickly protested as he said, “It’s not that I’m not busy, I just wasn’t busy when Lee Joon called.” Ji Suk Jin who watched this scene concluded, “I’m sure Jonghyun will become busy again once he starts promoting this album,” further teasing Jonghyun. Although the SHINee member still felt unfair towards all the teasing, Ji Suk Jin continued, “Let’s all clap for Jonghyun in hopes that he will become busy again.”

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SHINee anggota Jonghyun dan Key baru-baru ini membuat penampilan di acara Star Golden Bell berbagai untuk mempromosikan album baru mereka Lucifer kedua.

Selama program ini, MC Ji Suk Jin meminta dua berhala untuk kedua mengatakan kesalahan tentang satu sama lain. Jonghyun menjawab, "Key sangat rinci dan halus, tapi dia merengek" terlalu banyak, sementara Key mengaku, "Jonghyun adalah teman baik yang saya dapat menghubungi pada saat ia selalu di sisiku, tapi juga mengganggu karena kita selalu bersama . "

Selain itu, Jonghyun juga mengungkapkan, "Sementara semua orang mengambil istirahat mempersiapkan untuk album berikutnya, semua anggota lainnya sibuk dengan jadwal pribadi kecuali aku. Saya adalah satu-satunya yang tidak memiliki jadwal apa pun "MBLAQ Lee Joon yang mendengar ini menjawab," Jika Anda menelepon Jonghyun, dia menjawab telepon 2 detik setelah bel berbunyi nada., "Menyebabkan tawa besar.

Untuk kata-kata Lee Joon's, Jonghyun cepat protes sambil berkata, "Bukan aku tidak sibuk, aku hanya tidak sibuk ketika Lee Joon disebut" Ji Suk Jin yang menonton adegan ini menyimpulkan, "Aku yakin. Jonghyun akan menjadi sibuk lagi setelah ia mulai mempromosikan album ini, "lanjut Jonghyun menggoda. Meskipun anggota SHINee masih merasa tidak adil terhadap semua menggoda, Ji Suk Jin melanjutkan, "Mari kita semua tepuk tangan untuk Jonghyun dengan harapan bahwa ia akan menjadi sibuk lagi."

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

SHINee, a leader should be,,, ???

Ini adalah video ketika member SHINee di tanya pas wawancara,, “Menurut kalian leader itu harus bagaimana.??”

Dan inilah jawaban dari para member,, dan apa jawaban Onew yang statusnya adalah Leader??

Check out!!!

* Key : “Aku pikir dari semua, seorang leader harus punya rasa tanggung jawab”
* Minho “Aku pikir dari semua, seorang leader harus berbicara/berkomentar dengan baik”
* Jonghyun : “Aku pikir dari semua, karisma adalah hal penting untuk seorang leader”
* Taemin : “Dari semua, seorang leader harus tahu bagaimana mengorbankan dirinya sendiri”
* SHINee : “Kemudian, apa yang hal yang sesungguhnya dipikirkan leader Onew?”
* Onew : “Dibawah semua itu, seorang leader harus tampan”


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This is a video when the member in question fits SHINee interview, "Do you think that a leader should do.??"

And this is the response from the member, and what response the status of which is Leader Onew?

Check out!

* Key: "I thought of all, a leader must have a sense of responsibility"
* Minho "I thought of all, a leader must speak / comments are good"
* Jonghyun: "I thought of all, charisma is an important thing for a leader"
* Taemin: "Of all, a leader must know how to sacrifice himself"
* SHINee: "Then, what it really thought leader Onew?"
* Onew: "Under all that, a leader must be handsome"

source : asianfansclub + FUn faN SHINee group

SHINee terus merajai chart musik !!
SHINee yang comeback dengan album ‘Lucifer’ akhirnya menempati urutan # 1 di sales chart untuk 2 minggu berturut-turut.

SHINee juga memenangkan #1 di KBS Music Bank hanya dalam waktu 1 minggu comeback mereka, dan sekarang album mereka juga ada di posisi #1 untuk 2 minggu pada sales chart. Album yang dirilis pada Juli 19 Juli, masuk ke daftar Hanteo weekly untuk album sale mulai 26 Juli ~ 1 Agustus.

Selain itu, mereka juga ada di posisi # 1 di Hot Track untuk minggu ke 3 bulan juli, dan diharapkan bisa tetap di posisi # 1 . Lagu ini juga terus naik diberbagai chart musik online dan mengambil tempat teratas.

S: Newsen
cre: KBItes

SHINee terus merajai chart musik !!

SHINee juga memenangkan #1 di KBS Music Bank hanya dalam waktu 1 minggu comeback mereka, dan sekarang album mereka juga ada di posisi #1 untuk 2 minggu pada sales chart. Album yang dirilis pada Juli 19 Juli, masuk ke daftar Hanteo weekly untuk album sale mulai 26 Juli ~ 1 Agustus.

Selain itu, mereka juga ada di posisi # 1 di Hot Track untuk minggu ke 3 bulan juli, dan diharapkan bisa tetap di posisi # 1 . Lagu ini juga terus naik diberbagai chart musik online dan mengambil tempat teratas.

chukkae SHINee....
Fighting !!!

S: Newsen
cre: KBItes


Though the fancafe ranking changes all the times and it's not really important, well, at least it's raising ^^

1) TVXQ: 770,848 ↓ 2203
2) Big Bang: 356, 081 ↓1460
3) SNSD: 304,409 ↓ 119
4) SS501: 252, 419 ↓ 1915
5) 2PM: 220,079 ↓ 5124
6) Super Junior: 196,258 ↓ 526
7)SHINee: 119,005 ↑ 4126
8) Beast: 111,922 ↑ 4930
9) Shinhwa: 109,235 ↓ 6078
10) Wonder Girls: 106,919 ↓ 464
11) F.T. Island: 100,577 ↓ 6442
12) 2NE1: 95,247 ↓ 267
13) MBLAQ: 80,809 ↑ 1819
14) f(x): 63,818 ↑ 1723
15) 2AM: 60,082 ↓ 361
16) Kara: 55,506 ↑ 4
17) Brown Eyed Girls: 44,383 ↓ 355
18) Seeya: 40,774 ↓ 2281
19) CNBLUE: 32,602 ↑ 2136
20) T-ara: 28,448 ↑ 607
21) Davichi: 25,846
22) 4minute: 24,870 ↑ 2186
23) Z:EA: 23,489 ↑ 1116
24) After School: 18,090 ↑ 660
25) Sistar: 16,104 ↓ 34
26) Supernova: 12,991 ↓ 5960
27) CSJH: 12,786 ↓ 100
28) Miss A: 12,620
29) Infinite: 10,913 ↑ 2857
30) U-Kiss: 8,300 ↓ 384

Source: [b2stbaidu]

horee.... SHAWOL akhirnya bertambah.....
walo dlu smpet trun skitar 2900,, tpi skarang dah naeg...

hidup SHAWOL...
hwaiting !!!!

SHINee reveals dance rehearsal video of LuciferSHINee reveals dance rehearsal video of Lucifer

It’s been two weeks since SHINee released their new album and wowed fans with their title song, Lucifer. And as with tradition with most of SM artists these days, SM Entertainment has now released a video of SHINee dancing to their song.

This is not the usual MV style dance video, probably because Minho is still injured and couldn’t film the dance version. So instead, SM Entertainment has released a video of the 5 SHINee members, dressed down and rehearsing, and filmed before Minho got injured.

Enjoy the full dance cheoreography in its full glory because this is just the second time that we are seeing all SHINee members dancing to Lucifer, apart from the actual MV and a bit different.

check this video :

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Sudah dua minggu sejak SHINee merilis album baru mereka dan fans memukau dengan judul lagu mereka, Lucifer. Dan seperti tradisi dengan sebagian besar seniman SM hari ini, SM Entertainment kini telah merilis sebuah video SHINee menari untuk lagu mereka.

Ini bukan gaya biasa MV video tarian, mungkin karena Minho masih terluka dan tidak bisa film versi dansa. Jadi, bukannya, SM Entertainment telah merilis sebuah video dari 5 anggota SHINee, berpakaian bawah dan berlatih, dan difilmkan sebelum Minho terluka.

Nikmati cheoreography tari penuh dalam kemuliaan penuh karena ini hanya kedua kalinya kita melihat semua anggota SHINee menari untuk Lucifer, terpisah dari MV yang sebenarnya dan sedikit berbeda.

cek video ini :