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SHINee is Invited to the Opening Ceremony of The London Korean Film Festival as the Leader of KPOP-Fever in Europe!

October 28, 2011
SHINee is Invited to the Opening Ceremony of The London Korean Film Festival as the Leader of KPOP-Fever in Europe!
To Present Opening Gala Concert ‘SHINee in London’!
SHINee is the First Korean Idol Group to Hold Solo Concert in Britain!

SHINee will visit London after they are invited to The London Korean Film Festival.

SHINee is scheduled to present opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ at ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival 2011’ which will be held in four British cities including London, Cambridge, Sheffield and Newcastle for three weeks starting from November 3rd.

Especially, in June, SHINee performed at the Abbey Road Studio (well known as Beatles’ Studio) in London as the first Asian artist and received an explosive response from local fans in London. Since the high popularity was also proven by performing at SMTOWN LIVE in Paris, it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response once again in London.

Moreover, it is unprecedented for a Korean artist to hold a solo concert in London and SHINee is the first Korean idol group to hold a solo concert, therefore it is predicted to strengthen the position of SHINee in Europe as a front-runner in spreading KPOP-fever.

The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCC) said, “Since SHINee has been gaining high popularity from local fans in London, The London Korean Film Festival will be a chance to improve the awareness of Korean pop culture among British people in wider range of age groups.

‘SHINee in London’ will be held on November 3rd at the Odeon West End Theater of the Leicester Square, in which The London Korean Film Festival’s opening movie will be shown, and SHINee will perform hit songs and have an interview session.

Also, since Odeon West End Theater of Leicester Square is the place where holds the biggest British movie event ‘BFI London Film Festival’ every year, it is expected to attract the attention of London citizen.

With ‘The 6th London Korean Film Festival’s decision to have  opening gala concert with SHINee, it is predicted to generate synergistic effects to advertise both Korean movies and pop music at the same time.

Meanwhile, SHINee ended their solo concert in Nagoya, Japan on the 27th with great success after they performed at SMTOWN LIVE in New York on the 23rd.

[Korean script]

영국은 역시 샤이니!
유럽 KPOP 열풍의 선두주자로, 런던한국영화제 개막식 특별 초청!
오프닝 갈라 콘서트 ‘SHINee in London’ 선사!
한국 아이돌 그룹의 영국 단독 공연은 샤이니가 처음!

샤이니가 런던한국영화제에 특별 초청되어 런던을 방문한다.
샤이니는 오는 11월 3일부터 24일 3주간 영국 런던을 비롯 캠브리지, 쉐필드, 뉴캐슬등 4개 도시에서 진행되는 제6회 런던한국영화제에 초청되어, 오프닝 갈라 콘서트 ‘SHINee in London’을 선사할 계획.

특 히 샤이니는 지난 6월 비틀즈의 스튜디오로 유명한 런던의 애비로드 스튜디오에서 아시아 가수 최초로 공연을 펼쳐 영국 현지 팬들의 열정적인 호응을 얻었으며, SMTOWNLIVE 파리 공연에서도 폭발적인 인기를 확인, 유럽 KPOP 열풍의 선두주자임을 인정받은 바 있어, 이번 공연 역시 현지 팬들의 뜨거운 반응이 기대된다.

더불어, 영국 런던에서 한국 가수의 단독 공연이 열리는 것은 이례적인 일인데다, 한국 아이돌 그룹의 단독 공연은 샤이니가 처음인 만큼, 샤이니는 이번 공연을 통해 영국, 더 나아가 유럽 KPOP 열풍의 선두주자로서 입지를 한층 강화할 것으로 보인다.

주영한국문화원 측은 “영국 현지 청소년들에게 샤이니가 높은 인기를 얻고 있어, 런던한국영화제를 보다 폭넓은 연령 층에 알리는 계기가 될 것으로 기대한다.”고 밝혔다.

‘SHINee in London’은 오는 11월 3일 런던한국영화제 개막작이 상영되는 런던 Leicester Square내 Odeon West End 극장에서 펼쳐지며, 샤이니의 히트 곡 무대와 토크로 구성된 갈라 콘서트 형식으로 진행될 예정이다.

또 한 공연이 열리는 Leicester Squre내 Odeon West End 극장은 영화 월드 프리미어 시사회의 메카이자 영국 최대 영화 이벤트인 ‘BFI London Film Festival’을 매년 유치하는 명소인 만큼, 런던 시민들의 눈길을 더욱 사로잡을 것으로 보인다.

제 6회 런던한국영화제는 샤이니의 오프닝 갈라 콘서트 결정으로, 한국의 영화와 대중음악을 동시에 알리는 시너지 효과도 가져올 것으로 기대되며, 개막작 ‘활’와 폐막작 ‘부당거래’를 비롯해 30여편의 한국 영화가 다양하게 상영될 계획이다.

한편, 샤이니는 지난 23일 SMTOWNLIVE 뉴욕 공연을 마치고 일본으로 이동, 27일 일본 나고야에서 단독 콘서트를 펼쳐 일본 관객들의 폭발적인 반응을 이끌어내며 성황리에 콘서트를 마쳤다.

credit: smtown facebook

SM family @ SMTOWN New York Press conference

Credit: allkpop source : weibo

Key will be study in Myungji University next year

Key will be study in Myungji University next year, In Music Department.Key was photograped in Myungji Universtity (cr: Baidu SHINee)

Prince Charming SHINee @ SM Staff Wedding 111029

On their way there

Credit: yourjo_jo, realbabe

Minho shoots passionate CF with Goo Eun Ae

SHinee Minho and actor Ha Jung Woo’s girlfriend Goo Eun Ae shoot a CF together.

On 27th, still shots from the CF were uploaded online for a shopping mall TV commercial. In the photos, Minho and model Eun Ae look like couple and looking passionately together with their bodies close to each other.

Minho looks so charismatic and manly in the commercial wearing smokey make up. Model Eun Ae on the other hand looks sexy despite of her wearing loose sleeves.

Netizens commented, “Jung Woo will be jealous.”, “Minho looks great!”, “She’s so sexy!” and so on.

The said TV commercial will be released on November.

Source: TVReport
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Super Cute Leader Onew on the bus @ New York 111022

Credit: CHOOSE ME 
SHINee to Perform in London Again

Just months after making history by being the first Asians to perform at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, SHINee is all set to go back to the city that welcomed them warmly. The five-member boy group is slated to open The London Korean Film Festival 2011 with a performance at the Odeon West End on November 3.
On the same day, Korean blockbuster “Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon” will also be screened, serving as the film festival’s opening film. “Sunny,” “Poongsan,” “The Front Line” and “Late Autumn” will likewise be among those screened in the three-week festival.
SHINee’s participation in the Festival program is expected to increase awareness and interest in not only the films but in Korean culture as a whole, since K-Pop provides significant influence in the growing Korean Wave.
Credit: hazelnutthursdays @ soompi

SHINee to Perform at “K-Friends Fireworx Concert” in Taipei 2011

This is J.TUNE CAMP.

This is the information about MBLAQ’s performance in “K-Friends Fireworx Concert in Taipei 2011.”

Show Date and Time: November 20, 2011 7:00pm
Show Name: K-Friends Fireworx Concert in Taipei 2011
Show Location: Ban Qiao Stadium
Performers: MBLAQ, SHINEE, Z:EA, Sistar

We ask for great interest of the fans.
Thank you.

SOURCE: MBLAQ’s Official Website

Via: dkpopnews

Etude House officially announces SHINee as their new models

A few weeks ago, it was reported that SHINee has been chosen to be the new product endorser for Etude House, as announced by one of Etude House’s Facebook updates. SHINee’s participation for Etude House’s promotional campaign has been confirmed today as it was officially announced that they will be the new model for the brand.

On the 25th of October, Etude House revealed that they have chosen SHINee to be their new product endorsers as they fit the brand’s image. Further stating that aside from being popular locally, SHINee also has a wide influence amongst international fans.

SHINee will join Etude House’s current endorser Sandara Park from 2NE1, as the brand hopes to promote the products locally and globally with their influence.

Etude House also revealed their plans to launch their new campaign “Bee Happy” as SHINee completed filming for the new adverts. They are set to promote Etude House’s new hand cream as they posed along with the “Bee Happy” concept. 

Meanwhile, check out SHINee’s first photo with Etude House. 

Source: Newsen / koreaboo

SHINee event in London November

On their facebook,, the organization stated that they will have SHINee on 2011 London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert : SHINee in London which will be held on 3rd November at the Odeon West End.
Read this :) cr :
2011 London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert: SHINee in London
To open the 2011 London Korean Film Festival, it is our very great pleasure to announce that Korean pop sensation SHINee will be performing the first Kpop concert on the afternoon of 3rd November 2011 at the Odeon West End.

Date and Time: 4.30pm 3rd November 2011 (Thursday)
Place: Screen 2, Odeon West End, Leicester Square
Tickets: £20, £30
Tickets will go on sale online through the ODEON website.
cr :
Source: dajeonglee @

SHINee’s “THE FIRST” Japanese Album Release Date Moved

SHINee’s “THE FIRST” Japanese album’s release date is moved. According to the five-member boy group’sofficial Japanese website, “THE FIRST” will be released on Dec. 7, two weeks later than its intended late November release date.
“THE FIRST” is a 12-track album, including previous Japan singles “LUCIFER,” “Juliette” and “Replay.” Five entirely new songs will be revealed in this release. The album will come in three versions: regular, limited and special limited edition box.
The regular version of the album will also contain the theme song to the drama “Stranger 6,” a track called“Stranger” as a bonus.
Meanwhile, SHINee has just completed the “SMTown Live in New York” with fellow artists from SM Entertainment. Their performance earned compliments from respected American broadsheet The New York Times.
Credit : hazelnutthursdays @ soompi

SHINee to be the next face of ‘Etude House’

Idol group SHINee has been chosen to be the next face of Korean makeup brand, Etude House.
On October 25th, Etude House tweeted, ”Bling bling Etude and shining SHINee have met! Please anticipate Etude, who will now be working with SHINee!
Smiling brightly in pastel-toned clothes, the boys are certainly living up to the brand’s slogan, “Want to be sweet?”.Many are wondering whether SHINee will replace or endorse alongside Etude House’s current model, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.
Fans commented, “Wow~ SHINee!!! Really bling bling~~~” “SHINee looking good! Is there a chance that they will be shooting a CF with Dara?” and “I’m going to grab their poster at the store +.+
Source: Etude House’s Twitter via: allkpop

SHINee become Etude House Models

SHINee has become models for a Make Up product yet again. After becoming models to Nanas’B in 2009, the boys will promote along with 2Ne1′s Sandara Park for Etude House. Since last month, there has been much debate about whether Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin will become Etude House’s new models.
Etude House announced this great news on Oct, 24th. “SHINee has received great love not only in Asia but also in Europe. It makes SHINee the leader in the Hallyu Wave. As the idols who have grown into men, they are very appropriae to be appointed as models of Etude House.” says Etude House’s representative.
Seventeen days ago, SHINee recorded Etude House’s new campaign in their studio. The campaign which will be promote on a global scale is called Missing You Bee Happy  (Bee Happy) and is scheduled to be launched on November, 1st.
During the shoot, SHINee dressed as the bees’ character, doing the shoot with various Etude House products. As the SHINee that we know, the commercial shoot became a fun atmosphere and the boys emerged with a warm and soft image. Even though they were doing a shoot in a studio, the scene looked like a real house because of the electromagnetic waves.
With SHINee becoming the models for Etude House, Shawols all over the world will see their faces on walls of Etude House Stores in their own countries.
Information sources : Han Kyung
Translation Korean to English by fana@
Written by: aqwdesi @
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Key & Taemin for Móóпight 90

Credit: MnetKR

SMTOWN Live Tour Photobook will be released November 3rd

SM Entertainment has recently revealed that it will reveal a  ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour‘  photobook on November 3rd.
The photobook will include photos from their performances in Seoul, LA, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Fans are already responding hotly to the photobook.
In addition, the 288 page photobook will not only contain photos from the performances of Kangta,BoATVXQSuper JuniorSNSDSHINee, and f(x), but also of their rehearsals, backstage scenes, and the various aspects of their performances. Fans who couldn’t go directly to the concerts will now be able to experience the hot performances of the SM artists through the photobook.
In addition to the performance photos, the artists’ autographs will be included, in addition to an epilogue with a written statement and a profile picture.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
via: allkpop

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SHINee [The First] Japanese Album Info ~

Regular Edition / ¥2,800 / TOCT-28052P

CD + 44P Photobook including :
★ A ticket to apply for an event (First press only)
★ Trading card (1 randomly chosen between 5 kinds) (First press only)
★ 44 pages Photobook
★ Exclusive bonus track to this version “Stranger”, theme song of the drama “Stranger6”
★ B2-Sized poster

Limited Edition / ¥3,800 / TOCT-28051

CD + DVD + 68P Photobook + Desk Calendar including :
★ A ticket to apply for an event
★ 2012 Desk Calender
★ 68 pages Photobook
★ DVD containing a digest of their “Premium Receptions” lives in Japan and in London !

Limited SPECIAL BOX / ¥6,000 / TOCT-28050

CD + DVD + PLAYBUTTON + 68P Photobook + Calendar including :
★ A ticket to apply for an event
★ PLAYBUTTON containing the whole album (12 tracks)
★ 2012 Calendar
★ 88 pages Photobook
★ DVD containing a digest of their “Premium Receptions” lives in Japan and the jacket shooting

- The poster and the trading cards are only for the regular edition this time ;
- The Photobooks are (normally) composed of different pictures in each version ;
- Both calendars are different, one is a desk calendar, the other one is bigger ;
- The DVD of the BOX edition contains the jacket shooting video instead of the other limited edition’s London Premium Reception video ;
- The ticket can be used only by Japanese people to attend the “SHINee JAPAN 1ST ALBUM「THE FIRST」SHOWCASE LIVE” in Tokyo or win other goodies.

Credit : LeeLeeNeko  @ soompi

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SHINee Japan mobile site update on [THE FIRST] SHINee’s first Japanese album 111018

Hello to everyone on the mobile site! Good afternoon we are SHINING SHINee! Nov 23 will be the release date of out First Japanese Album [THE FIRST] ! In the album, not only the track in the singles will be in, we also work hard in recording new Japanese track,everyone please look forward to it. Being able to release the album all thanks to everyone’s support. Everyone has been staying with us all the while and always letting us feel so relieve. In the future SHINee will work even harder, everyone please support us.
Photo Credit : Minhoutshine
Chinesetranslation : minhoney
Englishtranslation : Forever_SHINee

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SM TOWN concert to be held in Peru at the end of this year?

There’ve been several articles circulated by the media today about SM Entertainment (SM) and its stocks. Interestingly enough, the articles all referred to a ‘SM Town’ concert in Peru, supposedly scheduled to happen at the end of this year.
Goldman Sachs announced on October 13th that they’ve decided to hold off on purchasing SM stocks until further review. They stated, “We are being careful in considering whether or not SM Entertainment can bring in profits from within Japan. The stock value has increased 43% since August, and 213% since 1 year ago.”
With SM’s stock experiencing a tremendous surge in value over a short period of time, Goldman Sachs appears to be concerned about whether the stock value will plateau or not.
Goldman Sachs claimed that SNSD‘s new album, the New York ‘SM TOWN’ concert in Madison Square Garden, the purported ‘SM TOWN’ Peru at the end of this year, and the scheduled release ofBoA‘s movie next year have all been taken into account in determining the current SM Entertainment’s stock value.
The news came like an electric shock for many, as SM Entertainment has yet to officially announce an SM TOWN concert in Peru. It seems that perhaps SM Entertainment released that info to their stockholders and investors before making that info available to the general public.
Source +Photo: Star News, Yonhap News via Naver
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SHINee Japan mobile site update 111013

Hello everyone who is at the mobile site, Today is the out door recording of Fuji tv’s programme [Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke eight] , SHINee went to Yomiuriland. This photo is a photo taken as a memories with the host. Though the member’s are busy now a days, the long await amusement park play day must have finally got relaxed! Members work hard using Japanese to communicate, Recording is very happy, look forward to next week’s OA!
Credit: SHINee mobile site
Chinese translation : lovtacchon
English translation : Forever_SHINee

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SHINee @ broadway shopping 111001

Credit: h3xx @ weibo
source : Forever_SHINee

[Fan-acc] SHINee at Soho today 111011

so my friend’s sister saw SHINee shopping today in soho.
so she went up to him to get a picture with himAND IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING HIS ATTENTIONshe POKED him.


she TOUCHED choi minho. prob on his nice defined muscular bicep too. or maybe his nice sexy defined muscular back.

source : http://relapserelaps…

share on soompi by dodo


Source : Facebook/ Baidu (

Translation :

“Today we received news that from 2011 October -2012 October, Etude house spokesperson will not only be cute Dara, in addtion, 5 handsome SHINee boys will be joining! There will be a lot of freebies waiting for all. Should we invite them to Taiwan to our Pink Party? Everyone, please look forward to it!!”

Chi-Eng Translation : Soundtracklove @ soompi photo source: Jongkey_Alert

SHINee With various artist @ KBS Open Concert New York 111009

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