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SHINee To Film Music Japan on August 1st

This is SHINee’s appearance on Music Japan for July 3rd. So another filming schedule for August 1st? Again to promote Replay one month after the first appearance?
[Source : Jujugal ] 
credit : Forever_SHINee @tumblr

SHINee’s Schedule From July -Sep 2011

2nd- [TV] Minho & Onew Music Core MCs (MBC-TV, 4:10PM KST)
[TV] SMTOWN Paris (MBC-TV, 12:20AM KST)
9th- [TV] Minho & Onew Music Core MCs (MBC-TV, 4:10PM KST)
16th- SHINee World Concert in Taiwan
18th - Taemin’s 19th Birthday
22nd- Japan Debut Reception #1 (Fukuoka, IMS Hall)
23rd- Japan Debut Reception #2 (Kansai ~Osaka~, Kobe International Hall)
27th- Japan Debut Reception #3 (Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza)
28th- Japan Debut Reception #4 (Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza)


1st- [Recording] NHK Music Japan
3rd- [Overseas TV] NHK Music Japan (NHK, 6:10PM JST/KST)
4th- Performance at “Sacheon World Percussion Festival” (Daegyo Park, 8PM KST)
8th- Japan Debut Reception #5 (Sapporo, Sapporo Factory Hall)
11th- Japan Debut Reception #6 (Nagoya, Chukyo University)
13th- Incheon Korean Music Wave (6PM JST/KST)
20th – SHINee World Concert in Nanjing


2nd - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome (5:30PM JST)
3rd - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome (5PM JST)
4th - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome (4PM JST)
23rd - Key’s 20th Birthday

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credit : Forever_SHINee @tumblr

[Eng] SHINee on Ori Suta June 24th

[The part on M/V skipped]
Q – Your favorite part in the Japanese version of Replay?
Key ’本当の気持ちは伝わらなくて[*I cannot let her know my true heart]‘
Jonghyun Oh!
Key (In Japanese) onaji? (sound same?)
Jonghyun 伝わらなく~て~♪ (tsuta wara naku~te~♪) (He sings the part himself)
Minho Overall the Japanese lyrics feel like more poetic.
Onew As for me…. I like the chorus part “何をしても(僕の心は)もう(届かないのか)(nanioshitemo, (bokuno kokorowa) mou, (dokanainoka) [*Whatever I do, can’t I let her know my heart]“.
Jonghyun The lyrics in this part have tender resonances.
Q – It is not only the resonances of words, but also the singing by you five members makes it so tender. A girl’s heart will beat ‘kyun kyun’.
Key (In Japanese) Mune kyun? (Heart beating!) [*‘kyun’ is onomatopoeia for the heart beating sound]
Taemin Barbe-que?
All ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(laugh)
Onew In fact we were very concerned if our singing in Japanese could make listeners feel it.
Q – I think so! This song is about a boy who is struggling not to be treated as a child but cannot let the girl know his feelings of love. Do you yearn for this kind of situation?
Onew I like it! I yearn for it.
All ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(laugh)
Minho In the lyrics, the boy feels sorry because he cannot express his feelings. In a real situation, I think a man would tell the girl “I like you!”.
Key I don’t like the boy in Replay either. If it were me, I wouldn’t hesitate but make a confession. If she says no, I’ll give up!
Q – You don’t drag on with a crush?
Key I mean not making a speedy confession, but keeping the feeling and preparing my heart (for the confession) . Then if she says no, I’ll try to stop there. It is discourtesy to keep thinking without thinking about the other!
All except Key Cool guy!!!! (laugh)
Onew It depends on the situation. I don’t think I must make a confession.
Taemin As for me, I’m the type that can’t make an approach (to the girl) I like so much. If I am rejected… I may not recover from it.
Q – Then you don’t need to appeal?
Taemin So I’ll devise a strategy for what to do while watching (laugh).
Q – An increasing number of girls are making a confession first in Japan.
All Oh~
Taemin There is a trend in dating too, ah~ (nodding).
All ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(bursting into laughter!)
Key Taemin is an angel. Cute (laugh).

[Korean Trans by 도덕@ DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]
credit  : Forever_SHINee @tumblr

[Eng] SHINee on Weekly Television

Q: Favorite woman type?
Taemin: A woman who is kind, tender-hearted, and can learn good points from each other
Minho: A woman who is pure and smiles pretty
Key: A stylish and smart woman
Jonghyun: A woman who knows what to do for herself and has a charm more shining than others whatever it is.
Onew: A woman who is active but not too talkative. Because I’m hesitant in making decisions ^^ (laugh)
Q: SHINee’s charms?
Key: Each of our albums has a different color, but we have maintained our own color and made new attempts in diverse aspects as well as music.
Jonghyun: Distinct individuality. We know each member’s individuality, and our different qualities mix well to form the color of SHINee. For example, Key has changed in a good sense (laugh). Unique and full of distinct indiviuality. Minho is competitive and does his best in anything.
Minho: Onew has a beautiful voice and is a gentle healing type.
Taemin: To say my charm in a word, being positive! (laugh)

- Korean Trans by 도덕@ DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal
credit : TheTONGHYUN, Forever_SHINee @tumblr 

SM Stock Price 4% Up with SHINee’s Debut Single Selling Well

SM Entertainment’s stock price is increasing again a day after being steady.
The stock price is on the rise as the chances SHINee will follow DBSK are high as their debut single is selling well.
Currently at 1:08 p.m., 29 June, SM’s stocks are being traded at 22,450 Won, 3,94% (850 Won) up from the previous day.
Lee Sangheon, High Investment Securities researcher, analyzed, “91,000 copies of SHINee’s debut single Replay, released on 22 June, were sold in the first week, and it was placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart. This is the best record in the category of Korean groups’ debut single.”
He added SM’s sales are expected to increase thanks to the diversification of SM’s singer portpolio.
[from Newspim]
Credit translation : jujugal

SHINee peace for MBC star audition in Europe clip

source/credit: weibo

[News] SHINee and various artist to perform in INCHEON KOREAN Music Wave 2011

Date : 13th August 2011
Performance list: TOP & GD, Super Junior, 2PM, B2ST, SG Wannabe, CNBLUE, SHINee, 2AM, MBLAQ, Girls Generation, KARA, Wonder Girls, 4 Minute
cr:KhunToriaBiased source : Baidushineebar
Find source: Forever_SHINee

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[Unseen] SHINee during RDD days

Credit: tumblr/owner via: moc_moc @ soompi, Forever_SHINee @tumblr

SHINee on Tower Records Bounce

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery, Jujugal]

As a Korean Group, SHINee Records the Highest Sales of Debut Single in Japan! To be Ranked 2nd on the Oricon Chart!

SHINee recorded the highest sales of their debut single as a Korean group in Japan.
SHINee released their debut single ‘Replay - 君は僕のEverything (너는 나의 모든 것)’ on June 22nd. In the first week of its release, they sold more than 91,000 copies and ranked 2nd on the Oricon weekly single chart following the Oricon daily single chart.  

Since ranking 2nd place on the Oricon has tied with the record of Korean group’s debut single, it proved SHINee’s popularity again who has been receiving an enthusiastic response in Japan.

In addition, the first shipment of their single exceeded 120,000 prior to its release so it predicted their great success. The Oricon also reported on SHINee’s achievement under the title of “SHINee, The First-Ever to Sell over 91,000 Copies as a Korean Group.”

Meanwhile, SHINee is scheduled to get closer to their fans in Japan by holding “SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour” in 5 different cities in Japan such as Fukuoka (7/22), Kobe (7/23),Tokyo (7/27 and 7/28), Sapporo (8/8), and Nagoya (8/11).
[Korean script]
샤이니, 한국 그룹 일본 데뷔 싱글 사상 최고 판매량 기록! 오리콘 위클리 2위!

샤이니가 일본에서 역대 한국 그룹 데뷔 싱글 사상 최고 판매량을 기록하는 쾌거를 거뒀다.

지 난 22일 현지에 출시된 샤이니 일본 데뷔 싱글 ‘Replay-키미와 보쿠노 everything(너는 나의 모든 것)’은 발매 일주일 만에 약 91,000장의 판매고를 기록하며, 오리콘 데일리 싱글차트에 이어 위클리 싱글차트에서도 당당히 2위에 오르는 기염을 토했다.

이는 한국 그룹의 일본 데뷔 싱글 판매량으로써 역대 최고 기록이며, 오리콘 순위 역시 한국 그룹 데뷔 싱글 기록과 타이를 이룬 성과인 만큼 일본에서 폭발적인 관심을 얻고 있는 샤이니의 인기를 다시 한번 확인케 한다.

더불어 이번 싱글은 발매 전부터 첫 출하량만 12만장을 돌파해 대박 행진을 예고한 바 있으며, 오리콘 역시 28일 새벽 “SHINee, 한국 그룹 데뷔작 역대 최고 9.1만장 판매”라는 제목으로 샤이니의 활약을 전하기도 했다.

한 편, 샤이니는 오는 7월 22일 후쿠오카, 23일 고베, 27, 28일 양일간 도쿄, 8월 8일 삿포로, 11일 나고야까지 일본 전국을 순회하는 ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION TOUR’를 통해 일본 팬들과 가깝게 만나는 자리도 마련할 예정이어서, 현지 팬들의 더욱 뜨거운 반응을 얻을 전망이다.

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Key Update me2day 110627

[Key] 일본 입니다 ~~~:-) 열심히 하고 돌아가겠습니다. 태민군하고 안부 전해요 ‘_’
From Japan~~~:-) We’ll work hard and come back. Saying hi with Taemin-goon ‘_’

이거는 보너스! ㅋㅋ
This is a bonus! ㅋㅋ

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SHINee @ VMAJ Redcarpet 110625

 Credits: mdprReuploaded by veyonce @ soompi/eimanjjong

 Credits: mdprReuploaded by veyonce @ soompi/eimanjjong
 Credits: Getty Images, Forever_SHINee @tumblr

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SHINee - Anan

credit : TheTONGHYUN

SHINee “TV Guide” Today’s Issue Japanese Magazine 110622

credit : TheTONGHYUN
Find source: Forever_SHINee


Mblaq G.O : 사진첩을 뒤지다 발견ㅋ 약속한듯이 오른쪽 얼굴에 브이 ㅋㅋ 종현아 못본지 넘 오래됐다
Trans : discovered it while looking through the photo album ke We did a v sign at the right side of our face as if we have promised to do it together keke Jonghyun, it’s been a very long time since I have last seen you
credit: MBLAQGO  TWITTER  trans credit: MBLAQ Attack

source: forever_shinee

SHINee - W Korea Magazine Vol.180

credit: Baby 2MIN Source: weibo/baidu

source: baby2min | credit & reupload :Emtenanshinee @soompi

[NEWS] SHINee Jonghyun & Sekyung BROKE UP! No longer dating! [official]

{FAN ACCOUNT} SHINee Japan Debut Reception at Abbey Road Studios

Okay, so, I arrived at Abbey road at about 1pm, and before we even got around the corner we could hear all the screams, I was actually quite nervous to go around the corner haha, when we got around the corner, I actually did a double take, I didn’t expect there to be that many fans there. At this point I was still so nervous, because I was worried 1) We wouldn’t be able to get past the fans to go in 2) I didn’t know where we had to go to get to go in 3) In case the email I got was fake or something haha

So we went, and it was obvious where we were expected to enter as it was clear from fans and said something like ‘Authorized person only’ so we went to the guard and asked about people with tickets and he said we would be going in later……so we waited and nervously chatted for…oh gosh I have no idea how long it was, everything seems a bit blurry, it must have been well over an hour, then we saw Samia and her friend enter and I grabbed Jenny and went forwards, when we got to the gate we showed them our invite and they let us in and gave us special passes (It’s a shame we didn’t get to keep them) and then we had to wait for the other winners to arrive, there were 10 of us from England and then about maximum 20 Japanese fans in the end, Samia and her friend who were at the front got interviewed by loads of press, me and Jenny were second in and got interviewed by Japanese press (I think it was for fuji TV I’m not sure though) and they asked us our names, our favourite members, how we got into SHINee, I mentioned about the fact my friend Emma showed them to me and she sadly couldn’t be here today, then they asked us to give a message to SHINee xD, we also got interviewed by a friend of Rains!! Jenny got to send Rain a text from his friends phone omg haha, so after all that, we were still waiting outside (behind a van) then eventually we got to go in, we went pup the steps (and omg all the cheers from the fans waiting outside :’)) went into a room with like the reception area, along a hallway (Greenday was in a huge photo to the left) and then in the next hallway there was a huge poster for the last Harry Potter film xD, then we went down some spiral staircases and along another hallway and then we got told ‘NO PHOTO, NO PHOTO’ haha, (it was a shame though….having even one photo would have helped this stick in my memory better and make it seem less like a dream) but anyway, then we saw the room, it was studio 2, and oh my goodness, there was the stage and then the front rope was less than 2 metres from the stage, the whole room was dark apart from blue lights everywhere, and so me and Jenny got right to the front I was a bit to the left, we saw there were only 4 mic stands at the edge of the stage which we thought was odd, but we didn’t look into it too much, and so we were all waiting and had a chat to one of the camera men (who took a particular liking to Jenny haha) and that was when he said one of the members was ill, and at this point we didn’t know who, I wish none of them had been ill, I really really do, but I thought ‘Oh my goodness, I bet it’s my boy, I bet it’s my Tae’ and then one of the ladies came round the front (may have been a cordi-noona not sure) said it was Jjongie ;__; I was so disappointed, and I felt to bad for Jenny, but hey, the main thing is, I hope he has got better as fast as possible and I really really hope he is okay. Whilst all this was going on they has on loop on the speakers Hit Me, Quasimodo, Romantic, You, basically they had all the songs playing that would make us sob haha, then omg, THEN there was this TV to the right that suddenly started blasting some AWESOME Lucifer remix…omg it was awesome and it started a 3 minute forty countdown and showed all their faces and introduced them with their names, then showed clips from each other their MV’s from the original Replay and then when it got down to 0:00 they came on stage

and oh my god

The beat from the start of Replay…it was just…like magic…..I have no idea…it was just, we saw them perform their new single for the first time….I feel so utterly privileged, and they performed so amazingly, all their vocals were fabulous, Taemin did most of Jjong’s lines, but Key and Onew also did some, seein how synchronized they are with their dancing is absolutely unbelievable, and I am sorry, but fancams/music video’s do not do Taemin’s dancing justice, the way that boy pops and locks his body….it’s beyond me, it’s like he is not even human, he just follows through all his moves so flawlessly and just…I have no words AND THE SWIMMING MOVE, THE SWIMMING MOVE I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES, I NEARLY COLLAPSED WHEN HE DID IT I WAS SO HAPPY, AND THEN WHEN KEY PASSED HIM THE MIC BACK IDK I JUST FELT TO PRIVILEGED TO SEE THAT TOO BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING WE ALL CHAT ABOUT BUT OMG I SAW IT DSKJGGJKDBGVF and they were all smiling the whole way through, especially Onew, he had the biggest grin on his face ever and was just beaming it at everyone, you can really see why he is the leader…he is just, he yer. Key…..Key baffles me, he was just….oh my, he was flawless, seriously, I know Key is an amazing dancer, but seriously, the very few times I took my eyes off Tae, I was so amazed by Key, and Minho……where do I ever start…..Minho emits this amazing aura….his face it’s so calm and so beautiful….Minho is the hardest to explain, because he is, oh I don’t even know.

So when they finished performing they all grinned with their beautiful faces, at this point Onew was sweating the most, they then introduced themselves in English, then Korean and then Japanese, it was the cutest thing ever omg, they spoke mainly in Korean but they said random sentences in English, at the start Onew was reading off the board and two girls pointed at the board as if to say ‘Yer we know what you’re doing’ and he grinned and smiled at them and laughed and pointed at the board and messed up what he was saying haha, then the translator supposedly translated what Onew said, but Onew spoke for ages and the translated only said a few words and then Key rolled his eyes, looked at all of us and said ‘Ooookkkaaaaayyyyyy’ in a really sarcastic voice, omg I was laughing so much, then Key said a few words and then Taemin looked at the screen and said (whilst being nervous and adorable and dsjghjdsbdsjk) ‘W..we are essited!!’ (i.e.: We are so excited) omg, it was the god damn cutest most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life and heard and I will never get over it ever, then Taemin said a few more words…and can I just say….his face, it’s absolutely, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, photo’s/video’s are just….they do no justice, he actually looks so much’s hard to explain…I don’t know, but he is just flawless, I never thought I could fall further than I already had for him, I thought that was impossible but….and it’s so hard…everything seems to be so….blurry…like I don’t know, I remember being in absolute awe, but in some ways I can’t remember his face…like I know I can, but I was in so much shock, and I think the fact that my eyes never left his face just added to it all I don’t know omg.

Then, THEN

They played Juliette, on the first beat, I nearly collapsed, I always said, if I ever ever saw SHINee live, the one song I would give my soul to see them perform would be Juliette, and they performed it, and it was so perfect, so utterly flawless and Taemin’s vocals just sounded absolutely wonderful, and he held on Jonghyun’s long note so well, it was just utterly magical, just…it will always be my favourite song, and I…I can’t put it into words, the dance looked odd with only 4 of them though but it was still perfect AND MINHO’S RAP, IT WAS AMAZING, I SAW MINHO RAP LIVE AT OH MY GOODNESS THERE ARE NO WORDS, HE IS JUST THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WHOLE OF KPOP I DON’T EVEN KNOW, AND ONEW’S ‘DA DA DA DA DA DA DAA DA’ THAT HE DOES OVER EVERYONE ELSES DKJBGJDKBDS IT SOUNDED SO AMAZING!!!!!

Then they all started grinning and smiling and dijghdjsbgk then they performed the Japanese version of Hello, and it just sounds so wonderful live, it sounds absolutely beautiful, and they didn’t dance to this one, but they all walked RIGHT to the front of the stage and put their hands up and started swaying them to the beat and we all joined in! xD and ever chorus Tae walked to the front and waved his hands again with the most stunning smile on his face, he is just so breathtaking, and the bass in Hello was just thumping through our bodies, it was just amazing. OH! and Jjon’s long note in Hello, Onew did it, Taemin nudged him and smiled at him as if to say ‘You do it hyung’ and then he did it, it was so adorable!

Now forgive me, it has all gone into a huge massive blur of one thing, they did another talk, and I can’t remember if it was now, I think it was and this was were I got eye contact with Taemin….it was so short, literally it was just tiny, but I saw those eyes look at me, his beautiful eyes looked at me even though it was for the tiniest millisecond, that millisecond will mean the world to me for the rest of my life, and I will never forget that moment, I have engraved it into my memory, my boy, I will never forget that one time you looked at me, ever. Then after that happened I was all flustered but trying not to cry, you know that feeling where your mouth has no idea what to do, so your lips start quivering because they/you have no idea if you are going to smile or cry? Haha well that happened throughout the entire thing xD Oh my, me and Minho had some sort of staring contest…I never even thought of that until I spoke to Nikki, me and Minho just locked eyes for ages whilst Key and Onew were talking and Nikki said to me ‘YOU KNOW HOW COMPETITIVE HE IS, I BET HE WAS THINKING OF IT AS A CONTEST’ and I was like OMFG I BET HE WAS OMFG…and I lost, lmfao I blushed grinned and looked away after a while and then peeked up and the corner of his mouth twitched and he looked back to the rest of the crowd omg haha, then I resumed staring at Taemin. OH I FORGOT! Me and Key got eye contact RIGHT at the beginning when he was on my side of the stage, he smiled….omg seriously, Key….he is SO much more attractive in real life, I mean obviously he is gorgeous anyway, but seriously Key…wow, and he is so smirky! He smirked so much throughout the whole thing! Onew was the only one I didn’t get eye contact with…or not that I remember, the main thing I remember about Onew was just him grinning the whole time and looking around everyone….he really is such an amazing leader.

THEN THEY PLAYED RING DING DONG 8D It was so awesome! Seeing all the moves live dskjgjdbs omfg and you know the movement just where they put their hands on their chest and like swivel round? Yer? Well you know Taemin’s top? It had like big square holes in it? He got his hand and mic caught inside ^^;;; he looked so pissed off with himself, I wanted to go help him haha, but he eventually got it out and carried on like nothing had happened but looked frustrated with himself! Oh and apparently Key’s necklace fell off, but I didn’t see that, I was concentrating on Taemin haha, and Minho and Taemin swapped round like usual for the rocka rocka rocka bit, first time round Minho was at the front doing the gear shift move, then Taemin was the second time, oh and in the bridge (my favourite part) Onew and Taemin shared the lines! AND MINHO/KEY’S RAP SOUNDED SO FUCKING AWESOME OMFG THERE WAS SO MUCH ATTITUDE!


AND IT WAS UTTERLY FABULOUS! They all really went for it, they were sweating absolute buckets, but like always they just performed flawlessly, TAEMIN’S BUTTERFLY MOVE DSJGBFKJDSBKSD IT WAS AWESOME! and in Onew’s part, the bit just after the centipede move (WHICH LOOKED SO COOL BY THE WAY DGKJBDSKJ) Onew walked to the front of the stage and sang AND THEN KEY WALKED FORWARD and put his right arm on Onew’s left shoulder and started his part and had the best expression on his face ever! Then Tae did Jjong’s long note, and he did it SO WELL!!! AND THEN MINHO’S RAP DSGKJHDSKJGBDS HIS EXPRESSION WHILST RAPPING IS SO AMAZING (I only managed to see the end of it because I was watching Taemin singing that long note and watching the concentration on his face and the way his throat moved dskjgbdskjds and the way his left arm/hand curled upwards…he is so mesmerizing to watch) OH AND ONEW’S VOICE CRACKED HAHAHAHHAA IT WAS THE FUNNIEST CUTEST THING EVER AND HE GAVE A GRIN XD, none of the other members actually reacted to it, but it wasn’t a huge crack, so that is probably why, the whole thing I was watching Taemin more or less, and his dancing…well I have already said, it is just unreal, the boy is so talented, and seriously the way they all sing so perfectly whilst dancing is just amazing, they just sounded so wonderful (and no they were definitely not miming haha I can tell the difference)

When they finished Lucifer we were all clapping and screaming TAKE A BREAK TAKE A BREAK because they all looked so tired, One smiled at us all and took a cup of water from someone behind him, so a gulp passed it to Key, who took a gulp and passed it to Tae, who took a gulp and passed it to Minho who finished it, they really should have had a bigger drink than that, but never mind. They then had a breather and kept waving at us to say 1 moment whilst they had a little laugh, then Onew started talking in Korean, then 5 mic stands suddenly appeared, and we heard Onew mention Jonghyun a couple of times, and then the translator came on the speaker and said something like ‘As you know Jonghyun has not been well, it was a real shame as he was so excited to perform, but because he is so determined to perform, he decided he wanted to sing the last song’ and then,Jjongie came on, and he had the most adorable outfit on I have ever seen, he had like this little green cape thing and this wooley hat…omg he looked so adorable and he gave the sweetest eye smile ever and introduced himself and then talked for ages in the softest voice I have ever heard, all his words were like blurring together it was so soft, so beautiful.

Once he finished talking and we all cheered and said ‘GET WELL SOON’ the curtain behind them dropped to reveal an orchestra…..they sang Replay (Japanese version) with a live orchestra…..there has never been anything more beautiful played to my ears..ever….it was the most beautiful magical piece of mucic I have ever heard….plus this is the first time I had heard Jonghyun live…and his voice…there are no words. All their voices…they all compliment each others so much, all their voices are so different, that they just come together to create the most beautiful, amazing music I have ever come across in my life, that is my second favourite SHINee song now (the orchestra version) it was just….it sang to my heart and plus, I got another brief eye contact with Taemin, this one was slightly longer and this time I smiled instead of just looking shocked…I oh guys, I wish I could have taken you all with me, it was just the best day of my life, I really hope SMENT/EMIJAPAN upload the video’s for it…because it was just phenomenal, it was…utterly breathtaking, the whole event was just….I don’t know how I got so lucky…..but whoever/however/whatever caused me to get those tickets, I am forever in dept to you, because I saw my Tae….I saw him and I saw my boys….I can never be unhappy now…even though it sort of feels worse, because I want to see them again and again and again….this day will never be beaten and I just.

Thank you SHINee, thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for inspiring me, helping me think of goals and hoping to achieve my dreams, Taemin, thank you for telling us to smile, you’re right it does help…and Taemin…thank you for everything, I will never ever ever be able to explain how much I owe you. ♥

Source/Credit:, sfi
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Saturday, June 18, 2011


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[interview] SHINee with Pia – Part (2)

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Why SHINee shines in Japan
The hot responses they are receiving in Japan are nothing less than  their popularity in Korea. We asked EMI Japan about their plan for  SHINee.
Betraying expectations and going beyond imagination
When and through which record company will SHINee debut? There had  been rumors within the industry, but their Japanese debut was announced  in their first solo concert held on 26 Dec last year.
“It was a meaningful moment since we announced the happy news of  our Japanese debut to fans in our first solo concert. I was moved into  tears…,” Jonghyun said.
 “It was a deeply moving moment like the girl I confessed my love finally said yes…,” said Suzuki-san who is in charge of SHINee in EMI Music Japan (EMI).
“It was love at first sight,” continued Suzuki-san about his meeting with SHINee.
“I fell for their overwhelming singing ability, absolute  performance, distinct character, and stylish look itself. I thought  their fresh and transparent feel different from other Kpop artists would  appeal to Japanese people. The fact they have already captivated lots  of Japanese people before their debut proves it true. When even a man  like me thinks they are cute, how much more will they be to girls?  People want a star in any age. SHINee is the very star.”
EMI has not released any Korean artist’s albums, but they even  created an S-Project team for SHINee’s album release. What does EMI  think of the possibility of Kpop and its direction?
“The reason Kpop is loved by many fans is the high level of  performance such as music, singing, and dance which makes star quality.  When a star is born to form a boom, new trends and culture are made out  of it according to the necessity of market economy. Right now Kpop is at  the center of a boom. However, a boom always dies out. What remains  after a boom is over, I think that is something real. SHINee is now a  star in this boom, but I think they will continue to stay as artists  regardless of the boom. A star that can make it possible for Japan hand  in hand with Korea to conquer Asia and stand shoulder to shoulder with  the world, I think that is SHINee.”
One of SHINee’s charms is counted as their “Western taste” music  distinct from Kpop dance music. Why did they choose Replay, a “Western  music style” song, not their best hit song Lucifer, for their Japanese  debut?
“It’s because the theme of Replay fits well with the fresh start  of their debut (in Japan), and I think you never get tired of the unique  song.” 
They will perform live as a debut reception in Abbey Road Studios, London, the symbol of EMI and Beatles.
“There is a SHINee’s song whose music video on Youtube has more  than 20 million view counts. This means their fans are all over the  world. The SM Town Live they participate in will have a concert in  Europe this June after making a success in the U.S. as well as in Asia.  These records moved EMI headquarters and the Abbey Road staff to realize  the live reception. Since it is held in London, we are planning to  broadcast it as real time video service. With a flood of inquiries from  SHINee fans in London, we are rushing to prepare for it.”
Lastly, we asked how SHINee’s music will change after their Japanese debut.
“It is said there is no borderline in music, but I think it is  great for Kpop artists to sing songs composed by Westerners in Japanese.  For that reason, I would like to try different songs that can make the  most of their strong points. Of course, we are considering Japanese  original songs. Entertainment should present what betrays the  expectations of listeners and goes beyond imagination in a good sense. I  look forward to more advanced chemical reactions between Japan and  Korea in the future.”
[Korean trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery | English trans by jujugal]

Credit: Jujugal@wordpress, Forever_SHINee @tumblr

[interview] SHINee with Pia – Part (1)

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What is the new generation group SHINee?
SHINee, who continued to twinkle during the photo and interview  sessions, is a boy group of miracle born out of the times. They shine  more on stage to captivate women in Japan as well as in Korea with their  unique aura. We want to find the source of the light in what they show  frankly.
World-level “blowout new artists” to debut
“Blowout new artists” are to debut. Their first solo live concert in  Yoyogi Stadium before their debut received about 100,000 applications.  Examples for the view counts of their music videos on Youtube are 19  million for Lucifer and 22 million for Ring Ding Dong (June 1st).  They will have a Japan debut premium reception in Abbey Road Studios, a  sacred place for Beatles in London. This is a “blowout” for new  artists. These new artists with world-level potential are SHINee,  Korea’s contemporary band of five members—Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho,  and Key.
Contemporary is not a familiar word, but Onew explains, “It means a  group that always presents newest trends, future-oriented in pursuit of  the newest in everything from music and dance to fashion and culture.”
SHINee is a new-generation group from SM Entertainment, a company  that manages BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD. They debuted with Noona  Is So Pretty (Replay), a song that expresses love for an older woman, in  May, 2008, and swept all the new artist awards of the year with  absolute support for “the cute younger men.” They are also expanding  their fanbase as “DBSK’s younger brothers” with their upcoming debut.
“We received advice from DBSK sunbaes after our debut was set.” (Minho)
In the Korean pop world where most groups are “carnivorous” with  strong dance beat and manly performances, it is understandable that  people are attracted to their fresh “herbivorous” cuteness. However,  with their singing ability and powerful performance, they are in  complete control of songs of “Western music taste” based on dance music.  The gap is the point of their attraction. Now, their popularity goes  beyond Asia to reach the U.S., South America, and Europe, to the extent  even Le Monde made a report on them.
“We have fans all over the world, but fans in different countries  have different characters. Japanese fans are rather pure… they are like  girls whose hearts are pounding at the sight of us?” (Jonghyun)
“Right, right. The beating heart, we can feel it.” (Key)
Debuting with the same song Replay in Korea and Japan
They are in the third year since their debut. Their album Lucifer  released last year made a big hit. Their album sales show their growth  into top artists to follow Super Junior and SNSD. They grabbed the K-pop  fans’ hearts with this hit, and their popularity soared up. And this  June they are finally debuting in Japan. Their Japanese debut song is  the same one for their Korean debut: Replay – You Are My Everything.
“When we debuted 3 years ago in Korea, maknae Taemin was 14 years  old, and I was 18. Noona Is So Pretty was a song a boy gets  broken-hearted by an older girl. It expresses a teenage boy’s frank and  pure feelings and weakness, dilemma and sadness over his inability to  show his feelings. The Japanese version Replay-You Are My Everything  after 4 years have passed expresses love for a girl the same age or  younger as well as an older woman. It has expanded to include more  generations from the longing for an older woman 3 years ago. We have  also grown up more (laugh).” (Onew)
“Don’t you think we have quite grown up from 3 years ago when we  looked very young? The choreography is the same with Noona Is So Pretty,  but you will see our moves are more confident.” (Taemin)
“I think it’s meaningful to debut in both Korea and Japan with  the same song. But I feel like it’s a new song, not the same song. This  song is a turning point for us SHINee.” (Key)
“People ask us what our goal is. I think it is more important to  make our own stage with the audience than to acquire titles. So our goal  is to show our performances on as many stages in Japan. Because our  duty is singing!” (Jonghyun)
“We have visited Japan several times before, but after our debut  was set, I feel differently about Japan. We will make a new start. And I  want to continue to make new challenges.” (Minho)
Now the industry is paying attention to Korean boy groups and fans  are enthusiastic about them more than any time, all Japanese women are  wondering how much shiny shining SHINee will be!
Minho – Exotic looks and athletic physique
“His face is so small! His style is good!,” all the staff said with  one voice. He looks like a prince when he poses before a camera with his  perfect well-proportioned body and big twinkling eyes. He says he likes  “simple basic monotone and jeans with a t-shirt” for his private  fashion. He is not talkative, but speaks what he thinks clearly when he  talks. During a break, he showed his good relationship with members. The  handsome store clerk in the Japanese music video for SNSD’s hit song  Gee was him. He starred in Pianist, a Korean drama, last year.
Key – Sharp sense in fashion and music
“Hello, nice to meet you!” He greeted us in Japanese as he entered  the studio. His Japanese is the best in the group. His composed Japanese  is cute. He is very interested in fashion, and was wearing pretty  street style clothes for the day as SHINee’s fashionista. He said  thoughtfully “I know Pia” to make us happy. When the photo and interview  sessions started, he twinkled more and captivated people. His favorite  food is tonkatsu ramen and jaru soba.
Taemin – excellent dance skill and beautiful looks
He was a 14 year old middle schooler when SHINee debuted. He was  called the maknae of idol world at that time, but three years having  passed (but still a high school student!), he is on the stair from a boy  to an adult. He looks gentle, but doesn’t like losing. In charge of  dance in SHINee. His recent growth as a vocalist is so splendid many  noonas wept deeply moved when he sang Romeo+Juliette for his solo part  in the concert. “DBSK’s Changmin hyung told me, ‘old gags work well in a  variety program.’ I should memorize something!”
Jonghyun – a wide range of vocal and smart thinking
It’s not an exaggeration to say his husky voice unique to an Asian  colors  SHINee’s music. His excellent singing is exceptional among  Korean young singers. During the interview session, he actively answered  questions and showed a positive attitude to brighten up the mood.  Because he had a surgery for his ankle injury last year, he couldn’t  dance in the first solo concert in Tokyo and Seoul. Many fans nearly  died with their heart pounding at his pure aspect when he cried  apologizing for it. “I cried, but Key-goon cried in every round (laugh).  I want to be frank on stage.”
Onew – Leader with gentle looks and sweet voice
He is an ultimate healer with his gentle voice and smiling face. A  blood type O leader leading the free men with blood types AB and B.  “It’s our new challenge. We will enjoy it! This is what expresses my  feeling best,” he says regarding their Japanese debut. He cuddled  Japanese senbei from the gift set the Pia editors brought, and liked it  very much saying “It’s delicious!” Asked “What do you want to eat?”, he  answers “Chicken!” right away. His favorite Japanese food is  “Unagi-dong, hitsumabushi, and katsu-don.”

* You know this may not be 100% accurate as translated from the Korean translation.
[Korean trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery | Korean trans by jujugal]
 credit : Forever_SHINee @tumblr


the youngest shawol :) She is a Lockets !!! >.<
her name is Alya...
Happy 3rd Anniversary SHINee !!!!
Keep SHINING for us...
SHINee, Please come to Indonesia !!!