Thursday, June 30, 2011

SM Stock Price 4% Up with SHINee’s Debut Single Selling Well

SM Entertainment’s stock price is increasing again a day after being steady.
The stock price is on the rise as the chances SHINee will follow DBSK are high as their debut single is selling well.
Currently at 1:08 p.m., 29 June, SM’s stocks are being traded at 22,450 Won, 3,94% (850 Won) up from the previous day.
Lee Sangheon, High Investment Securities researcher, analyzed, “91,000 copies of SHINee’s debut single Replay, released on 22 June, were sold in the first week, and it was placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart. This is the best record in the category of Korean groups’ debut single.”
He added SM’s sales are expected to increase thanks to the diversification of SM’s singer portpolio.
[from Newspim]
Credit translation : jujugal

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