Monday, June 13, 2011

110613 SHINee “ELLE GIRL JAPAN” Name Card Game

Part 1

  The questions in the game:

    1. Which member is most competitive?
    Members ask Minho, why are you so competitive?
    Minho: Because I get irritated if I lose. Don’t you feel so? I can’t sleep at night.

    2. Which member gets sulky oftentimes?
    Minho: But I don’t get sulky!
    Taemin: Uh, hyung does. Key: Yes, you do.

    3. Which member do you want to date if you were a girl?
    Minho: Wait, what if I want to do all except for this member?
    Taemin: Uh, everyone picked his own name.
    Minho: How can you do so?
    Jonghyun, Key: I want to date with myself.
    Jonghyun: It’s not like we’re going to marry.
    Key: He thinks similar to me. I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

    4. Which member is likely to get married first?
    Taemin: Unanimous.
    Jonghyun: Those who declares they would marry early end up not getting married.
    Minho: Then, I’ll change to Jonghyun hyung.

    5. Which member loses things most?

    Key, Jonghyun: Ah, there are two.
    Taemin: Wait, wait.
    Minho: No explanation needed for these two. Losing a cell phone here, and losing a wallet over there.
    Key: Even now, they might have lost something.
    Onew: They’ll ask us in a minute.
    Minho: They might lose this in a minute.

    6. Which member is the most meticulous?
    Onew: Key-goon also picked himself.
    Key: It’s me!
    Jonghyun: He’s very meticulous. Very mindful of details. Why did Minho pick me? I’m not meticulous at all.
    Minho: He is in certain parts.
    Jonghyun: If Minho-goon picks me, I get anxious. Why did he pick me?
    Key: I even get annoyed by my meticulous side. But I can’t help it.
    Jonghyun: You were born that way.
    Key: (Speaking in Japanese)
    Taemin: So desuka? (Is it so?)
    Jonghyun: What did he say?
    Taemin: Ah, he said he’s annoyed by his meticulous side.
    Key: Wow.
    Minho: Taemin-ah!

cr: elle japan
[Rough translation by jujugal]

Part 2

    1. Who is most athletic?
Jonghyun: He likes exercising most and is good at it too. And very competitive.

    2. Who is most shy?
   Minho: One, two, three.
   Taemin: Well, I don’t know.
   Key: Why not!
   Jonghyun: Look who is blushing!
   Key: When those he met first time ask a question, he doesn’t answer.
   Jonghyun: He can’t. He just laughs.
   Key: (imitating) He does this. They ask me, Why doesn’t he speak? I don’t know.

    3. Who is most active?
    Key: If he makes a decision, he puts it int action right away without thinking.

    4. Who is most fashionable?
    Minho: I want to change.
    Taemin: No way.
    Jonghyun, Onew: me too.
    Jonghyun: The situation has reversed!
    Onew: It’s 3:2.
    Minho: Taemin-goon won!

    5. Who is most reliable?
    Minho: Oh, all different!
    Key: All four excluding me.
    Jonghyun: Then I’ll change to Key-goon…Uh, then I’m excluded! Let’s rely on each other like a circle.
    Onew: This way.

    6. Who makes most mistakes on stage?
    Key: Right, this is unexpected, but it’s right.
    Jonghyun: Taemin-goon…
    Minho: I have lots of parts on the same movement line with Taemin. Then I get to make mistakes.
    Jonghyun: Taemin is confident even when he makes a mistake. He looks like doing a solo.
    Minho: He’s smiling, so he makes me think, Ah, is that right? and then I get to make a mistake. It wasn’t my fault.
    Taemin: Sorry.
    Jonghyun: Don’t do it.

    [Rough translation by jujugal]

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