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[interview] SHINee with Pia – Part (2)

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Why SHINee shines in Japan
The hot responses they are receiving in Japan are nothing less than  their popularity in Korea. We asked EMI Japan about their plan for  SHINee.
Betraying expectations and going beyond imagination
When and through which record company will SHINee debut? There had  been rumors within the industry, but their Japanese debut was announced  in their first solo concert held on 26 Dec last year.
“It was a meaningful moment since we announced the happy news of  our Japanese debut to fans in our first solo concert. I was moved into  tears…,” Jonghyun said.
 “It was a deeply moving moment like the girl I confessed my love finally said yes…,” said Suzuki-san who is in charge of SHINee in EMI Music Japan (EMI).
“It was love at first sight,” continued Suzuki-san about his meeting with SHINee.
“I fell for their overwhelming singing ability, absolute  performance, distinct character, and stylish look itself. I thought  their fresh and transparent feel different from other Kpop artists would  appeal to Japanese people. The fact they have already captivated lots  of Japanese people before their debut proves it true. When even a man  like me thinks they are cute, how much more will they be to girls?  People want a star in any age. SHINee is the very star.”
EMI has not released any Korean artist’s albums, but they even  created an S-Project team for SHINee’s album release. What does EMI  think of the possibility of Kpop and its direction?
“The reason Kpop is loved by many fans is the high level of  performance such as music, singing, and dance which makes star quality.  When a star is born to form a boom, new trends and culture are made out  of it according to the necessity of market economy. Right now Kpop is at  the center of a boom. However, a boom always dies out. What remains  after a boom is over, I think that is something real. SHINee is now a  star in this boom, but I think they will continue to stay as artists  regardless of the boom. A star that can make it possible for Japan hand  in hand with Korea to conquer Asia and stand shoulder to shoulder with  the world, I think that is SHINee.”
One of SHINee’s charms is counted as their “Western taste” music  distinct from Kpop dance music. Why did they choose Replay, a “Western  music style” song, not their best hit song Lucifer, for their Japanese  debut?
“It’s because the theme of Replay fits well with the fresh start  of their debut (in Japan), and I think you never get tired of the unique  song.” 
They will perform live as a debut reception in Abbey Road Studios, London, the symbol of EMI and Beatles.
“There is a SHINee’s song whose music video on Youtube has more  than 20 million view counts. This means their fans are all over the  world. The SM Town Live they participate in will have a concert in  Europe this June after making a success in the U.S. as well as in Asia.  These records moved EMI headquarters and the Abbey Road staff to realize  the live reception. Since it is held in London, we are planning to  broadcast it as real time video service. With a flood of inquiries from  SHINee fans in London, we are rushing to prepare for it.”
Lastly, we asked how SHINee’s music will change after their Japanese debut.
“It is said there is no borderline in music, but I think it is  great for Kpop artists to sing songs composed by Westerners in Japanese.  For that reason, I would like to try different songs that can make the  most of their strong points. Of course, we are considering Japanese  original songs. Entertainment should present what betrays the  expectations of listeners and goes beyond imagination in a good sense. I  look forward to more advanced chemical reactions between Japan and  Korea in the future.”
[Korean trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery | English trans by jujugal]

Credit: Jujugal@wordpress, Forever_SHINee @tumblr

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