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Stalking Jonghyun, Key and Taemin 120229

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SHINee to release first Japanese album in South Korea

SHINee‘s first ever full-length Japanese album, ‘The First‘, which the group debuted with in Japan in June of 2011, will be released in South Korea on the 29th KST.
‘The First’ contains 12 tracks, including “Better” and “To Your Heart“, and will be available in CD and CD+DVD sets. The DVD will have SHINee’s performance in London at the Abbey Road Studio, which was also their first showcase for Japan, as well as performances and interviews from their activities in Japan. The CD version will include the track “Stranger” from special Asian drama ‘Stranger6‘.
SHINee will start ‘The First Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2012‘ on April 25th in Fukuoka, Japan, where they’ll move onto six other cities in the country.
Source + Photo: 10Asia via Nate / Allkpop

[Fanacc] Onew spotted 120227

当时的情况。温流跟一个中年女人在角落的位置吃饭 他脸上的豆有点多 还戴着个毛线帽 一开始我没敢确定是他 所以就没去要签名 后来有个阿姨去向他要签名 他没给签 所以我也没去要了。他看起来心情不是太好。小侧脸在相机里 所以就只能先这样了。

Here goes, Onew was with a middle age lady sitting at the corner and having their meal , a little much pimple on his face and his wearing a wool beanie , at the beginning i didn’t dare to confirm it’s him so i didn’t ask for his autograph , after that there’s an ajumma(aunty) went over and asked for it and he didn’t give his autograph and i didn’t went up to ask for it. he’s mood doesn’t seem appear to be good. his small side face in the camera , that’s it .

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Eithoo Behind the Scenes brief comment 120225/26

[Information] The advertisement company revealed some behind the scenes moment. He/She mentioned that (unfortunately) Minho did not do many poses that day. Everyone was really polite, “very nice”. Jonghyun was specially mentioned - he was very friendly and cooperative, after the shoot, he would check out the shooting outcome at the display machine/computer.

Source : SHINee Bar // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

Onew Went to 8eight Lee Hyun’s Concert

Those of you who are worried about Onew, he seems to be enjoying his life. The updates I got so far about Onew include he’s now back at SHINee’s dorm; he had a trip to Jeju Island with his friends around the time he sent the wreath to MBlaq (now you get the meaning of “I go too”). I’m glad Onew is taking a rest as much as he can and will be refreshed to be ready for upcoming schedules (hopefully for their comeback).

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SHINee and Dara - Etude Kiss note

2NE1’s Sandara Park and boy group SHINee‘s special collaboration has been garnering a lot of hot reaction!
Sandara Park and SHINee, who are both endorsers of the cosmetics brand,Etude House, have come together for the romantic, fantasy web drama, “Kiss Note,” which has become a hot topic. In the web drama teaser released recently, it was revealed that each of SHINee‘s Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Minho each had four different kinds of kissing scenes with Sandara Park.
Etude House reveals that it will endeavor to step out of the box of traditional advertising formats, and have conceptualized the web drama concept starring Sandara Park and SHInee. It has especially gained response from women who say that they have dreamed of being kissed romantically, in different ways, as was shown in the teaser.
Also, since 2NE1′s Sandara Park, and SHINee’s Minho, Key, Taemin, andJonghyun, are all very popular idol stars both in the domestic and international scene, fans and netizens alike, have all gotten excited over the romantic kissing scenes.
Ever since Etude House’s YouTube channel uploaded the official teaser, there was an explosive reaction, as views and comments kept coming in from surprised, delighted, and jealous fans and netizens.
Those who saw the video commented with, “Although I’m jealous, they match each other more than I thought,” “It seems they’ve overcome their age gaps successfully,” “Minho and Sandara Park are going to be the main characters I think,” “I like the lipsticks,” “Sandara Park matches everyone,” “Sandara and Minho are kissing on the lips?!” showing their hot reaction.
Meanwhile, Sandara Park and SHINee‘s drama, “Kiss Note,” is set to be officially released on YouTube, on March 1.

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Minho mention in Drunken Tiger JK’s Twitter Update 120223

Just finished shooting… with SHINee Minho. You’ll find soon. got done wit filming somethin somethin with Minho from Shinee

Source/Credits: Drunken Tiger JK’s Twitter Translation by: mayafeby @  via   Prince Choi Minho @ SFI

SHINee’s Support Message For Gil Sunghoon (Minho’s Cousin) 120222

[Info] Chinese version of “Sons of the Sun” to be released through Kadokawa Taiwan!

Pre-orders will be held by the Taiwanese branch of Kadokawa Group, a Japanese publishing enterprise.
The book will be published on March 16th, and pre-orders will go on from today (February 22nd) to March 15th.

The new book cover is like so:

“Barcelona’s dazzling beaches, surging waves, and feelings of freedom will be portrayed through photos and words.
Experience the feeling of actually being in Barcelona [by looking through this photobook].”

The pre-order will come with extra gifts (postcards/posters).

Source: Kadokawa Official Bulletins (12), Shakizi  via: dkpopnews

Thursday, February 23, 2012

120206 Idol Love Scandal 14th - SHINee Key & Kara Nicole

SHINee Japan mobile site update : SHINee JAPAN 1st ALBUM 「THE FIRST」 SHOWCASE LIVE vol.2 120222

Credit: SMent EMI Japan
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Key2day update on 91-liners 120222

 파리에서 사진찍다가…자기너무 어둡다고 밝혀줬더니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
At paris while taking photo…found out that i’m too dark ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

둘다 어이없어서 웃음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Both of us can’t help but laughed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: SHINee me2day
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jonghyun and Dara acting for Etude, teacher - student love story.

2NE1′s Sandara Park and SHINee’s Jonghyun‘s CF picture stills for Etude CF is becoming hot topic.
On the 20th, Sandara Park updated her me2day with, “Darong’s SNS Drama is coming soon! This advertisement is in a very special SNS drama format; also, it was taken earlier, some time ago, and I’ve already acted quite a bit before, however, this time, it was a bit hard for me!” she said, revealing pictures with her text. She also added “Bad acting Darong” in the end, inciting laughter from the fans.

In the photo, it seems that Sandara Park and Jonghyun are acting out parts as a student and professor. Sandara Park is wearing pink-rimmed eyeglasses and reading a book, while seemingly thinking about Jonghyun longingly.

On the other hand, Jonghyun looks suitable as the young professor who is lecturing at the front of the room, looking like a mature, smart, intellectual person in his beige suit outfit and glasses.
Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “I’m really excited! I’ll watch out for the drama,” “I secretly think they look good together,” “If that’s my student and I’m the teacher, I won’t be able to control myself,” “He falls in love with his student, Darong?!” “Now I am really curious about this CF,” “Jonghyun-oppa looks older than Dara-unnie,” “Cute, cute, cute!” “Jonghyun has completely transformed into a intelligent, handsome professor,” “I want to see them act right now,” “Sandara Park is the student? I want to have the same class with her,” “Sandara looks so so so young,” “I want someone who looks like Jonghyun as an assistant professor,” “I like both their outfits,” “I can’t wait for Professor Jonghyun!” “I want their eye glasses,” “What was it like filming with Professor Jjong? You two look surprisingly good together!” “Your cute appearance, even after a year with Etude, has never changed. Beautiful,” “I hope you get to act in a real drama soon,” “A student and a teacher? If it’s you two, it’s cute and romantic,” “A college student? And Darong fell in love?” “I can’t wait for this! I hope it’s a real drama,” “I want to see you act more,” showing the variety of their hot reaction and anticipation.
Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s charm, vibrant energy, and youthful appearance for Etude commercials have been receiving positive responses and praise from netizens.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTrnslator@WeLoveDara
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Key’s Concept Photo as a Pilot in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ musical

SHINee’s Key, who debuts as a musical actor with Catch Me If You Can, will make noona fans’ hearts thump with pure and lovely charms.
[from; via shakizi | trans by jujugal]

Maypole staff replying to fan’s question on Leader Onew 120220

Fan ask about Onew condition they say he is healthy , and they say Onew will be with them next time :)
-Hope that Leader Jinki will be back and recover well so that we can see 5 shining SHINee on stage soon ! <3
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Taemin feature in Dara’s me2day update 120220

키스노트에 마법을 알아차린 다라….. 장난끼가 발동하는데..! 꽈연.. 이번에두?!? +.+
Realize that Kiss note magical Dara…begin to be mischievous..!certainly…this time too?!? +.
Credit: Dara’s me2day
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English Translation : Forever_SHINee

Key shooting what show?

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Tvdaily new’s update on Jonghyun changing his twitter photo 120220

[티브이데일리 이소담 기자] 그룹 샤이니 종현이 새로운 트위터 프로필사진을 공개했다.

최근 트위터를 개설해 소통을 시작한 샤이니 종현이 20일 자신의 트위터 프로필 사진을 교체해 눈길을 끌고 있다.

본인의 멋있는 사진 대신 온라인에서 떠도는 그림에 자신의 헤어스타일이 합성된 사진을 프로필에 올린 것.

사진엔 양 손으로 턱을 괴고 않아있는 그림에 종현의 헤어가 합성돼 있다. 팔자주름과 그림 아래 적힌 ‘뭐래, 내 생각해?’란 문구가 눈길을 끈다.

종현 프로필사진을 본 누리꾼들은 “대박 웃겨” “숨을 못 쉬겠다” “인터넷 진짜 많이 하나봐” “조으다 조으다” “종현이 완전 호감” 등의 반응을 보이고 있다.

[티브이데일리 이소담 기자사진출처=종현 트위터]

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Key feature in Dara’s me2day update 120220

어느날 갑자기…우연히 내손에 들어온 키스노트..!!! 이건 뭐지..?!? 호기심이 생긴 달옹.. 실험을 해보기로했다!!! +.+ 오… 뭔가 마법을 부리는 노트인가?!?
A random day… coincidentally got a kiss note…!!! what is this..?!?  From the curiosity Dara.. intended to give it a try!!! +.+ oh… is this another magical dairy?!?

Credit: Dara’s me2day
Chinese translation : 韩国me2dayEnglish Translation : Forever_SHINee

[ENG SUB] Salamander Guru and The Shadow

SHINee & Taemin mention in Immortal Song 2 Staff twitter 120219

얏호~겸댕이 태민이가 준 사인 달력!! 올해는 샤이니와 함께~ ㅋㅋ 땡큐~ ^^ 
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Jonghyun feature in Dara’s me2day update 120220-

Jonghyun feature in Dara’s me2day update 120220-  달옹의 sns 드라마가 곧 찾아옵니다…!!! +.+ 이번 광고는 좀 특별하게 sns 드라마형식으로 찍었는데요 초큼 오글거리기도 하지만..^^;;; 열심히 연기력을 선보엿지요!ㅋㅋㅋ 아 오글거려~ 아아아악!!! 휘리릭~!!! 발연기 달옹 ㅋㅋㅋ Dara’s Sns Drama is going to meet everyone…!!! +.+ This time round the advertisement has got abit interesting as it was being film into a sns series drama kind,although there’s a little pack..^^;;; but it still show the hard work of acting skills! ㅋㅋㅋ ah, a little uneasy~ ah ah ah~ (ak)!!! hwililick~!!! Dara’s bad acting skils ㅋㅋㅋCredit: Dara’s me2day
Chinese translation : 韩国me2dayEnglish Translation : Forever_SHINee 

달 옹의 sns 드라마가 곧 찾아옵니다…!!! +.+ 이번 광고는 좀 특별하게 sns 드라마형식으로 찍었는데요 초큼 오글거리기도 하지만..^^;;; 열심히 연기력을 선보엿지요!ㅋㅋㅋ 아 오글거려~ 아아아악!!! 휘리릭~!!! 발연기 달옹 ㅋㅋㅋ

Dara’s Sns Drama is going to meet everyone…!!! +.+ This time round the advertisement has got abit interesting as it was being film into a sns series drama kind,although there’s a little pack..^^;;; but it still show the hard work of acting skills! ㅋㅋㅋ ah, a little uneasy~ ah ah ah~ (ak)!!! hwililick~!!! Dara’s bad acting skils ㅋㅋㅋ

Credit: Dara’s me2day
Chinese translation : 韩国me2day
English Translation : Forever_SHINee

Key Attends Kara Concert 120219

Source : taemgyum via 闪SHINee梦 (baidu) // Reup : soundtracklove @ soompi

Credit: cr:taemgyum


응원하러온친구들 넘 고마워! 다른분들도 ! 친구언니오빡동생들! 넘고마워요 ^^

Really thankful to friend’s who came and support ! Thankful to other’s to! eonni oppa dongsaengs friends! Thank you so much ^^ 

Credit:  Kara Nicole’s twitter
Chinese translation : 
L☆K Lucky KeyEnglish translation : Forever_SHINee

[Tidbit] Key Musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Fan Support

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Source : 키앤쥬 (keyandu)  // Credit : 롤롤 (shakizi) // Image reup : soundtracklove@soompi

Jonghyun & Minho attended Kara’s Concert 120218

Credit: Newsent ,Osen,Tvreport,sportseoul ,starnews, astagged Source:weibo
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