Friday, February 3, 2012

[Twitter] Minho mentioned in Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko twitter

자체적으로 발광하는 샤이니 민호와” 좋은 추억이었어. 훗날에 내 아들이 봐도 한점 부끄럽지 않아. 하지만 본방은 차마 못볼것같아.

Translation : The self-luminous SHINee’s Minho (S/N : someone who is able to shine brightly on his own) have left beautiful memories. I won’t feel embarrassed if I show it to my kids in the future.  However I am still afraid to see the broadcast

Source : Gaekogeem Twitter via 音乐Tai-SHINee饭团 // Kor-Chi Translation : SHINee≈ // Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove @ soompi 

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