Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEWS: SHINee’s additional performance for “THE FIRST” JAPAN ARENA TOUR 2012 120213

Translations [Just the important parts]:
To answer to the overwhelming support from everyone, 6 addition concerts have been hurriedly decided at Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya!
5th May (Sat): Nagoya Gaishiho-ru
10th May (Thurs): Osaka Jo Hall
26th May (Sat): Osaka Jo Hall
27th May (Sun): Osaka Jo Hall
23rd June (Sat): Yoyogi National Gymnasium
24th June (Sun): Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Source & credits: asdayooooo , my_oct25_key
English Translations: NINGZzhi ( _almightyblings )
via : almightyblingblings
credit : @Forever_SHINee

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