Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Key feature in Dara’s me2day update 120220

어느날 갑자기…우연히 내손에 들어온 키스노트..!!! 이건 뭐지..?!? 호기심이 생긴 달옹.. 실험을 해보기로했다!!! +.+ 오… 뭔가 마법을 부리는 노트인가?!?
A random day… coincidentally got a kiss note…!!! what is this..?!?  From the curiosity Dara.. intended to give it a try!!! +.+ oh… is this another magical dairy?!?

Credit: Dara’s me2day
Chinese translation : 韩国me2dayEnglish Translation : Forever_SHINee

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