Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Years ago 1, Japan, while the K-POP Korea has prepared an article for contact information feedback to Arekore. Among them there are questions for the group into the Japanese market is expected to be Boy, SHINee is cited first and foremost. Originally debut 称Shita the boys themselves as slender plants [5] Although the phrase Kontenporaribando not understand the language translation of the outside world, as now, people are intuitive definition of the decoration know. Music and performance, seeking the best in all elements of newness and fashion is a global SHINee birth itself. Was planned two months prior to the media on the afternoon of 2 SHINee joint interview in April, was finally realized in the studio of the new sand-dong. SHINee advance ahead of Japan to meet with Japan visited Seoul, editors, Korea prepared to meet with members and 5. English, Japanese, Korean studios come and go around a moderate tension, SHINee With the advent of air flow has become more nimble. Period or an activity from non official, good condition taking the rest of our members know at a glance. Fatigue and tension from the face of shooting five people to talk about and greeted Ukagaenakatta staff.  Japan were the first in an interview with the skill of SHINee is Japanese pride and dons ever introduced themselves in a cheerful voice, as if like a rookie back in time. Still photography, they were styled with colorful items during peacetime and Pureppirukku [fashionista] out of the attitude of chic, while joking with each other, had floated an expression of seeing so far. What fun to do together with the long shot, my heart was filled with what expectations the Japanese advance, but do not know for sure, five members had been surrounded and positive energy is a strange feeling SowasowaAfter the shooting, monitoring the photo editor YUKIKO Japan and asked for feedback SHINee met. “In Japan I saw SHINee performances on YouTube, I felt very stylish. And the day-to-face look, I think that is causing a synergistic effect of five different personalities. But I’m pretty Purorashiku to, it is wonderful everyone. “ Coming June 22, SHINee Replay in Japan] [1st single serious step forward in promoting the launch. [Japanese version] Nunannomuieppo will melt the hearts of many Japanese who Nuna. Will decrease the chance to meet in Korea, but unfortunately, the new stage SHINee achieve the expected success is more radiant. As enjoyable than anything they have.Just like today! 
credit: TONGHYUN

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