Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SHINee Minho Interview Elle Girl Korea June 2011

A slim body with long arms and legs, a small face with big eyes. Which part of his face does Minho, who is agreed to have the top visual amongst idols, like most?“My eyes. When asked (to choose a part), I always answer it is my eyes.”

Seated face to face for the interview, I found him a serious and straight young man who wasn’t as talkative as I thought. He had a low voice too gentle and quiet to be associated with a guy who won triple gold medals at the ‘Idol Track & Swimming Competition.’

“I think I’m rather serious and prudent. I’ve been like this from my childhood. But I like exercise very much. Especially playing with a ball. I’m very competitive. Desiring to win and do well whatever I do? Haha.”

I was curious what he thinks of his image fixed as an athletic idol.

“I enjoy it. That is what I am. When I filmed ‘Start Dream Team’ with grand sunbaes, they treated me like their maknae and let me win the race. I am very thankful for that.”

What else is Athletic Idol Minho doing recently?

“It’s now Champions League season, so I’m trying not to miss any game. I’m also studying Japanese hard for our upcoming Japanese activities. Oh, I find it really difficult as I learn more.”

Our conversation naturally turned to their concert when he mentioned the Japanese activities.

“We had our solo concert in Japan at the end of last year, and then in Korea. Members all had high expectations. We had lots of concerts with our SM sunbaes, so we had this longing and desire for our solo concert. It was great fun. I felt, ‘Ah, this is what a concert is like, how it tastes.’”

He made a debut as an actor before their first solo concert. He starred in ‘Pianist,’ a KBS special drama which was aired last November.

“It took two weeks to film it. My character was a piano repair man with an innate talent for piano. I had a hard time practicing because I was not familiar with piano. Although it wasn’t easy to practice in a short time, I enjoyed the experience.”

As he often revealed his desire for acting, I asked what kind of roles he wants to try in the future.

“I think I’m too much a beginner to be desirous of roles. Yet I’d like to do a character that is my age. I want to play a character I can express naturally based on what I am.”

I saw a 21 year old young man positive and enterprising during our Q&A. Minho says he tries to follow his plan two out of three times and to be leisurely the last time in his everyday schedule. I wondered what hobby he enjoys while he is busy studying Japanese and practicing for their debut in Japan.

“Please, don’t laugh, it’s soccer. And soccer game. Haha, soccer is really my life.”

- Trans by jujugal

original source: Elle Girl | translation: Jujugal | found in: Flaming Minho International

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