Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Journey of #SHINe3years

The 5 talented, sweet, cute, romantic and perfect guys begin their journey on 25th May 2008. It is 25th May 2011 today. And today is the day when SHINee will celebrate their 3rd Year Anniversary! How amazing time had flew!

Within these 3 years, we see SHINee boys turn into men. Even our precious maknae, Taemin is growing and looking as cool as other 4 members! Definitely, we knew how much effort they had put in. Minho and Taemin can now sing really well. And the other 3 members have improved so much more! I’m really proud of them.

We have seen SHINee making appearance in all sorts of performances, variety shows and concerts. As we listen and watch the fancams of those appearances, we had definitely seen them improving in areas such as singing, sense of humour, dancing and even to acting skills. SHINee had been praised by the mass for their talent in many areas! (Really Proud of them!)

Remember how amazing SHINee World was, during SHINee World Concert in Japan and Korea? Even JongKey teared! (:

Handsome Onew, the Leader of SHINee with a sweet and gentle vocal. His vocal can just be a lullaby for fans, because it is really really really gentle and soft. Shawols also say that he looks like a maknae because of his young looking face and his silly actions (onew condition). Definitely, people will not forget his sangtae and cuteness!
Charming Jonghyun, the Main Vocal of SHINee with powerful and explosive vocal. Everyone is glad and happy that Jonghyun is back after his leg injury, together with SHINee as one on stages! His vocal just melt everyone’s heart… His passion in singing, his will to perform and his determination to sing a perfect song for all! Everyone won’t forget about his muscles too XD
Diva Key, the almighty key of SHINee, with skills such as singing, rapping, dancing, drawing, and even a fashionista. Key is indeed SHINee’s Almighty key. He is the key to everyone’s heart! Being extremely talented in so many areas, he can even speak English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese! This guy… he is just perfect.
Charismatic Minho, the Main Rapper of SHINee. His bass tone is definitely the best for rap. He compose rap and perform them… Did anyone wonder how fast his tongue can flip and turn? XD Besides being so awesome at rapping, he is also known for his sportsmanship. We have all seen his determination to win in both Dream Team and Idol Sports Day Competition. He had won 3 gold for the latest Idol Sports Day Competition! Besides that, we are also proud of him because he is the 2011 Honorary Ambassador for Youth (:
Cute Maknae Taemin, the Main Dancer of SHINee who is known as SHINee’s dancing machine. This boy change the most in SHINee. Back to his mushroom-hair days, he barely had any lines to sing but today, he has a part of it! His vocal definitely improve a lot and he sounded like Jonghyun! We can see him putting in efforts to sing well too.

Overall, SHINee World is proud of the effort SHINee has put in. They have really improved a lot in these 3 years, and still continuing to shine! SHINee always appear in their best and give a perfect performance. With such amazing and talented group on stage, who will not want to keep their eyes on them? (:

Last but not least, This coming 22nd June will be SHINee‘s first debut in JAPAN! The teaser music video and audio preview has gotten SHINee World so excited. We definitely can’t wait for SHINING SHINee’s performance on the Japan stage! 

“SHINee, do remember to always take care, drink lots of water and have plenty of rest. We’ll miss you 5 everywhere you go! SHINee World loves SHINee! SHINee fighting!”

credit : Forever_SHINee @tumblr

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