Saturday, May 21, 2011


During the interview and photoshoot session, Onew seemed to be observing the environment leisurely. He would not take the center stage but offer his support whenever there were any shortages or problems. In comparison with magnae Taemin’s flower-like smile or with statuesque Minho’s killer smile, Onew’s trademark “Ahahaha” laughter is never inferior. Is this SHINee’s leader Onew’s leading style?

“Instead of telling members to do this and that, I tend to listen (to them). They are doing well on their own path already (laugh).” 

Approaching the 3rd year of SHINee since debut, many things have changed, but he says, most of all, he himself has changed.

“Through activities as SHINee, my personality has changed a lot. I may say I’ve become more out-going. Compared to before, I’m now more willing to approach people and initiate conversations with them, so I feel good (about my change).”

Whilst SHINee establishes themselves as a talented group in the industry, the market has expanded with lots of new groups debuting. How does he feel when he watches them as a ‘sunbae’ (senior)?

“Currently I’m MC-ing for a program, I see the new groups become younger and younger, and think to myself, Were we like them too? They all look quite good these days.” 

In addition to MC-ing, Onew has challenged himself in Musicals, and has made a lot of good outcomes. But it is likely that he will concentrate on SHINee’s overseas activities for the time being. I asked if he didn’t feel stressed out with or afraid of their upcoming Japan activities?

“We’ve had several performances in Japan already. I just wish we could laugh a lot. I’d like to communicate with our fans and enjoy our activities.”

Onew is well recognized for his entertaining sense excellent to the extent he was seated not with guests but with the panelists in Happy Together. Will his entertaining sense work in Japan too?

“Actually, I’m not sure if it is going to work. If I throw a lot, then a few will hit the mark, haha. Want to prepare a unique self-introduction. Something like “I am Onew who is rarely startled watching scary movies”? (Really?) I am startled inside but don’t flinch, so people do not know.” 

Onew says he forgets immediately even when he has some trouble, sleeps when he feels down, and sings songs he likes when he feels happy. He answered calmly (questions) about his everyday life as if his life were not so different from that of others. He says he doesn’t really mind how people evaluate or see him.

“I hope they take me (as I am) comfortably rather than telling me this or that. As I do so.”

A 23 year old idol who doesn’t show vanity as a star nor look impatient at all as a man in early 20s. There seems to be something that will surprise us hiding under his calm and composed look.

Trans: vivz @ soompi | Revised by jujugal

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