Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jonghyun @ Immortal Masterpiece 2 110523

1. The legend singer for the first contest is Shim Soobong.

2. Shim Soobong fanclub people were invited to judge the battles, but there also seemed to be people from an audience service company.

3. They changed the competition style. Originally, the legend singer was going to select the winner of the day. The production team introduced a “tournament” to give more tension to the program. The problem is the “tournament” is not really a tournament we know. The first two singers have a battle, and a winner is decided. The next contestant sings, and the audience judges will compare the first winner and this contestant to choose who wins. And it goes on. As you can see, whoever sings first is at disadvantage. He/she has to compete against the other 5 to win, while the last singer needs to win one battle to win.

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4. What’s worse is that they made the decision process more cruel with certain stage settings (I won’t go into detail).

5. Jonghyun was the first. He had to compete with Yesung. Jonghyun sang Shim Soobong’s “A Million Roses”. The song is a remake of a Russian song. Jonghyun’s version was very different from Shim’s remake. He made it his own.

6. The order was: Jonghyun – Yesung – IU – Hyorin – Yoseop – Changmin. The order wasn’t decided in advance but on the spot by lottery.

7. Jonghyun prepared well for the stage. He had several instruments set for his performance. A fans says the session team that played music for Jonghyun is BARD, a group doing Irish music.

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[from DC Shinee Gallery]

I didn’t include details about who won. I think we should be more careful in sharing spoilers.

I’m afraid the program is only using idols, but not respecting them as singers. But I understand they need to do something to get good viewer ratings. I wondered how they’d attract viewers when I heard there’d be no real competition. “I Am a Singer” has become popular through a nasty and sensational “attention grabbing” fuss over who wins or not. Let’s not forget it IS an entertainment program. Yet it seems it will open a hell gate when it’s aired.

8. OK, I didn’t want to include who won the first battle and the part Jjong cried. But it seems that people already know about it. There could be a misunderstanding about it, so I’m adding it. Jonghyun won the first battle. And the decision process made everyone very nervous, and they turned off the light on the side of the loser (cruel to the singer and his fans). We all know how sensitive Jonghyun is. Even though he was selected as a winner, he cried maybe because the process was so nervous and he felt sorry for Yesung, his sunbae. Yesung tried to console Jonghyun. Don’t misunderstand: Jonghyun didn’t cry because he lost. When he lost, he also tried to console the winner.

credit : jujugal @wordpress

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