Friday, March 9, 2012

SHINee Comes Back with Mini Album Sherlock on Mar 21st

SHINee, a group that has gained hot responses in the U.S. and Europe beyond Asia to become global idols, will make a come back finally.

As SHINee has made great activities as a vanguard of global Kpop wave in New York, London, Paris, Moscow, and Sidney as well as in Asia including Japan, their new music and performances are likely to attract the attention of not only Korean music fans, but also worldwide fans.

Especially SHINee’s comeback is known to be “world-class level” with the best quality in music, performances, and style. They will maintain their own sophisticated music style but upgrade it with groundbreaking attemptts. With their unique music color completed, they are expected to rule the music scenes.

Accordingly, SHINee’s 4th mini album “Sherlock”, to be released on Mar. 21st, includes selective songs of excellent quality. As the songs are of various genres to show the upgraded singing skills and unique personalities of members, it is expected that all the other songs as well as the title song will be loved widely.

Starting with Minho’s teaser image that looks like a French boy, other members’ images will be posted on their official homepage one by one to boost fans’ curiosity about their new music and performances. Thus SHINee’s comeback will be a hot topic everyday.

SHINee is currently filming a music video.

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