Monday, March 12, 2012

Please read if you want to help SHINee win with sales!

I know this is long but please read through it! Thank you! ^^

We’re up against big names like Bigbang, Shinhwa for the comeback. If we really want SHINee to win (every week) please contribute to digital sales like Soribada, Ollehmusic, Melon, Mnet, Bugs etc or to buy the physical albums that count into the Hanteo chart. 

Not to mention we have other ‘competitors’ like 2AM, CNBLUE B1A4 who are also in the march comeback.

Please spread out the sales evenly. If you wish to buy alot of albums, please do not buy all at one ago during the first week.

We need consisent sales every week for them to win. And digital sales count more than albums sales in music shows if I didn’t remember wrongly.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ITUNES it does not count into the charts. I heard GMARKET and YESASIA’s sales count in the charts, but safest is those korean sites I mentioned above.

And if you happen to be in korea during their comeback, do not buy their albums from SM’s shop everysing, I heard it is not counted in the chart too. (Please correct me if this piece of information is wrong. Thanks)

If you are not sure about buying the songs/album online, you can stream it online instead! Streaming counts towards the charts.

For streaming wise, we can opt for soribada KOREAN site and SBS, for SBS streaming it is included in Take 7 so please create an account and stream!

For soribada, there is english version and the korea soribada site. For the english website, it only takes into account the purchasing (which means downloads of the album/song), for the streams to count into the charts, please visit the korean soribada site.

A soribada stream guide that I found online: (And pls rmb to logout before 2300 KST if not your streaming for the day will not count!!!)

If you would like to contribute to digital sales at soribada, you can visit:

For the purchase and downloads of the album or title song, it will only be counted for the first time in you download it. Subsequents downloads/purchase will not be considered in the charts.

For Mnet, it will only be counted in the charts if you download the songs/album, downloads are also only considered for the first time for every ID. Streaming at MNET does not count into the charts.

For Melons, Bugs and Dosirak, you’ll need to register for an account but I’m not too sure about the registration proccess + payment wise thus I would recommend to stream and buy from Soribada. :)

Other than contributing to online and physical sales, we can only search 샤이니 and also sherlock (or the korean characters of sherlock? idk it’ll have to depend on the title song + if sm has korean name for this album or not) at the major search engines in korea like naver, nate, daum etc to help them ‘gain points’, it will also be considered in the chart.

But please only search when it is during their comeback stages or promotion week ^^

And I know there are blogshops supplying or selling autographed sherlock albums. I’m not aware if it contributes to the charts, but let’s not be greedy for autographed albums alright? (sorry to say but you can’t be sure of the authenticity of the signatures too!)

SHINee hwaiting! Sherlock daebak! Shawols hwaiting!!!! SHINeeISBACK. ♥♥♥♥♥

P.S: I apologise for any typos in this twitlonger :p Please correct me if any of the above information is incorrect. Lastly, sorry for mentioning other bands in this twitlonger, its purely FYI.”

Credit: gcssoa source via: KPOPTEASE
source : Forever_SHINee

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