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[info] How to Purchase SHINee’s 4th Mini Album Sherlock

Hi guys, now pre-order has started for SHINee’s 4th mini album Sherlock. There have been different words about when is the best time to buy the album, the 1st week or the 2nd week. Someone suggested fans buy it in the 2nd week to make sure SHINee’s win. Well, the best will be to buy it in the 1st week and in the following weeks again and again -,-;; but this will be too much for international fans. So many k-shawols think i-shawols should pre-order it now, so the sales record will be reflected in the 1st week.
You all know SHINee will have their 1st comeback stage at Mnet M-Countdown. Many expected it to be through Music Bank, but according to the official homepage, SHINee will make their first performance of Shirlock at Mnet. Let’s just hope SHINee will perform 3 songs in full–Clue, Note, and Sherlock!
One bad news is Music Bank is going to be skipped Apr. 6 for a Korean Wave concert to be broadcast. SHINee is also scheduled to participate in a kpop concert to be held in Bangkok on Apr. 7.  Usually groups have the best chance to win in their second week. Music Bank has changed how to add up points for deciding the winner: album sales (5%) + digital sales (65%) + broadcasting points (20%) + viewers’ preference (10%). As you can see, the percentage of digital sales and broadcasting points is overwhelmingly high. 2 am and CN Blue are groups whose digital sales are stronger. And 2am is already recording for lots of TV programs and likely to make a record in their broadcasting points. And their fans are planning to buy albums through bulk order in the 2nd week. Yup, competition is pretty tough.
Here’s a summary of sites where you can buy the album. It is made by paprii at Soompi SHINee Thread
To see the summary, ClickHanteo is one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea; with updates on daily, weekly and monthly sales. Although a huge number of stores reflect hanteo sales, not all stores are included. Hanteo sales is what counts for the weekly music show award wins. GAON chart however gives a yearly sales number for the total number of albums sold (including those that may not have reflected on Hanteo chart. For yearly award shows like the Golden Disk awards, GAON sales numbers are very important. For more info click here).
* Sales towards Hanteo will only count if the CD/album was bought from a Korean store which provides data to Hanteo. So for instance, if you buy an album from a store in your country, this won’t count towards the real time Hanteo sales.
The following list comprises of some of the popular online stores that reflect your purchase/pre-orders on Hanteo/Gaon charts (from what they claim). The list below was assembled to help international fans.
1) Synnara e-shop (recommended) 
This is a Korean site. However they do take orders from international fans. Synnara is also a huge contributor to hanteo real time data. So basically, if you buy from here, it may be the best option since other sellers buy from synnara anyway.
HOW TO ORDER ON SYNNARA: http://img189.images…nnarahowto3.jpg
2) DVDheaven
This site says sales reflect on hanteo’s real time chart. If their claims are true, then buying from this site can help weekly sales (reference).
3) Ebay
seller –> grapemusiccd
*when you buy from Ebay, buy from sellers located in Korea, ones who buy directly from Korean stores.
This site is based in Korea and their sales reflects on Hanteo chart or so they claim.
5) YesAsia
This website will give you free shipping if your total purchase amounts to $39USD or over. YesAsia reflects on GAON charts (reference)
Other popular online sites that do not accompany international fans/English speakersyes24 and leesmusic
[compiled by : paprii @ soompi]
*k-shawols are recommending synnara as the best site cuz the sales there can be doubly reflected. If you can afford it, use this site to pre-order the album.
SHINee’s Sherlock is a mini-album, but with 7 songs it can be nominated for Golden Disk Awards at the end of the year. If you buy the album through other sites, it will be reflected on Gaon Chart, another ranking chart based on shipments, not on real time sales like Hanteo. So it is still meaningful to buy the album.
For digital version downloads, Melon is the most counted site. It was blocked to international fans before, and I’m not not sure about its current accessibility. But I still think buying Sherlock through i-tunes is a good idea. Nowadays, people notice it if a kpop album is ranked high at i-tunes. And I bet more money will go to SHINee through i-tunes than through Korean online music stores notorious for their bloodsucking ratio for artists. Anyway, if you have a better idea about this, please let me know.

Credit/via: jujugal

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