Saturday, November 19, 2011

When will the SM Entertainment-produced Korean drama “Hana Kimi” be aired?

Fans will have to wait just a while longer before the SM Entertainment-produced drama “Hana Kimi” (known as “To The Beautiful You”) finally hits television screens.
The drama was originally to have been telecasted next summer, but due to several problems with the casting of the lead actors and other supporting roles, production of the drama has been delayed.
“To The Beautiful You” is based on a Japanese manga of the same name, known to fans as “Hana Kimi.” In Japan, it has been published serially from 1996 to 2004, receiving explosive reactions from the public and setting a record with over 10,700,000 copies sold.
The Japanese version of the drama is already in season two (a remake of the original), with local idol groups and actors making up the cast. Even Taiwan has successfully attempted a version of its own. Accordingly, when SM Entertainment — a company with many popular idols under it – announced that they would be helming the production, fans’ interest were greatly aroused as they scrambled to guess who would take on the lead roles.
As the lead character is a high-jump athlete, SHINee’s Minho has been named as a likely candidate for the role. This, however, has yet to be confirmed by SM Entertainment. In addition, because the groundwave lineup has already been decided upon this year, so it will be hard to find a suitable slot.
A representative from SM Entertainment had spoken to Newsen some time ago, saying, “We had planned for it to be broadcasted the coming summer, but looking at the way things are right now, that’s not going to be possible. I’ll keep you updated as things get settled.”
In August, it was revealed that the “Boys Over Flowers” director will be in charge for the Korean version of “Hana Kimi.” This is the same director who was responsible for “My Girl” and “Delightful Girl Choonhyang.”
Sources: Newsen | koreaboo
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