Saturday, November 5, 2011

[Fanaccount] SHINee @ 6th London Korean Film Festival 111103

OMG. I don’t care if no one reads this BUT! I SAW SHINee AT ODEON WEST END!
All the members did a solo and I’m not even kidding! Onew was AMAZING. My friend who is a hardcore MVP cried :’) Bless her. x] Oh! Can’t forget about Onew Sangtae! Haha I think it was during Replay, can’t really remember >.< I was too focused on Minho lol
Jonghyun’s high notes gave me goosebumps! He is so good looking in person! *starstruck* His long note in Lucifer.. WOW! AMAZING!
Key! Oh Key, once again you are a complete DIVA. xD He sang Tik Tok and there was one lucky fan who got to see him up close as in FACE to FACE! About a few centimetres away lol I think he touched her chin as well! So lucky! >.<
My ultimate bias. MINHO! ♥ I don’t know what song he sang/rap but it was SO good! I was fangirling and screaming ‘Saranghae’ whenever I could xD I think the girls in front of me were annoyed with me. LOL
Taemin! The maknae! I was so surprised when he sang! He improved SO much! ♥.♥ But, he looked kinda pissed in the performances from my point of view. But, I guess its because of their hectic schedules.
I’m so happy! Even though it was only for one hour, I’m so happy I didn’t give up! It was so worth it! I’ll be posting pictures and videos soon!
Sorry for the quality of them in advance, I have a blackberry and the camera is so bad. -.-“
Oh and thanks to my friend for printing out the UK flag which said ‘UK ♥ 샤이니’ ALL the members kept looking at us! I had eye contact with Minho! ♥
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