Friday, November 11, 2011

[Acc] Key with Stylist and Art Director @ London

KPOP band SHINEE were in Ldn last week 4 their first public Ldn show - (more a secret pa 4 Korean Film Festival ) I got to hang out with KEY from SHINEE <3
we went shopping + 2 A Number of Names Showroom (Billionaire Boys Club / Ambush / ANYthing)
and 2 Dazed 2Oth Anniversary party

KEY has been wearing cassette play for awhile now. I <3 his style, so cute!

KEY in CP X ROCKERS tee (P L E A S E do N O T buy the :( fakes)

OMG moment last wk 4 me was a room full of teenagers chanting L_U_C_I_F_E_R at Shinee show !! <3 this track !

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