Thursday, December 22, 2011

Win a “unique” Christmas ornament from SHINee, BoA and More!

(yes, that is the one by SHINee!!)
12月18日(日)のJ-WAVE McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100で、
抽選で1名の方に当たります! 詳しくは番組HPをチェック!

J-WAVE McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100(EVERY SUNDAY 13:00-16:54)

auのサービス「LISMO WAVE」などでもお楽しみ頂けます。

This was on the website yesterday, but I don’t know if anyone posted it. Basically you can win a “one of a kind “Christmas ornament from SHINee. Listen to “J-WAVE McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100 Tomorrow (Sunday) at 13:00-16:54 (Tokyo Time)” and they’ll announce a keyword and details of what to do.
Click the following to see all of the Christmas Ornaments…xmaspresent.htm

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Translations : CrissAn
Additional information (provided by CrissAn too)
for international shawols, you can listen to the radio programme here LIVE:

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