Friday, December 30, 2011

Jonghyun UFO Reply 111230

Fan : Oppa ah, remember my nickname? if you haven’t memories it now,how’s my nickname?
Jonghyun: Nothing special .
Fan: you actually replied when i’m sleeping, now i am going to sleep again,so byebye
Jonghyun: nights nights
Fan:Why doesn’t my nickname sound attractive,is it because there isn’t your name in it ? what about SHINING JJONG?
Jonghyun: this is even Nothing special 

Fan : it there any book that you can recommend it to me? I will write a reflection on it and hand it to you after reading
Jonghyun: it shall be Son of the Sun
Fan: I wants to change my handphone which model is good?
Jonghyun: Sm family don’t manufacture Handphone so I can’t recommend any to you
Fan : I like you ! really it’s that way ! no need other… baby TT.TT
Jonghyun : kekeke why cry
Fan: Now if you can’t see my UFO then that’s weird right? Right? Saw me?
Jonghyun : It’s quite weird.
Fan : In becoming Oppa’s ideal type how much assets must I have Mr ….?
Jonghyun : Money and other’s are not that important
Fans : My mind is in a mess ahh
Jonghyun: Clear it 
source: SHAZAKI
Chinese translation:tsconditional
English Translation : Forever_SHINee

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