Friday, December 9, 2011

Summary of Taemin’s voice animated Korea film “The Outback”

Summary of Taemin’s recording for Koala Kid 2012/Outback from DC:-
1. Of course ^^ There will be more recording on Monday, will then upload photo(s) and video(s) ^^ (<—- Means Taemin’s video(s) & photo(s) will be revealed)
2. Yes, will organise premiere and press conference etc. Please keep a lookout for it, there will be an announcement once the schedule has been confirmed ^^
3. The recording are almost completed, there are only some breathing parts left now (<—-Taemin is still in the midst of recording, not much are left)
4. Even though the dates and timings are not confirmed, but the movie is scheduled for screening in January ^^
5. Ah, the music was produced in USA, so Taemin won’t be participating in the OST TT TT(<—-A pity SHINee will not participate in the OST)
6. Of course it will be released ^^ (<—-Means will release DVD)
7. Did a good job ^^ A little hint is that the main character is a little shy, very suitable indeed ^^ (<—-Taemin did very well in his recording, Taemin is pretty similar to his movie character)
8. Yes, the movie will be in theatres on 12 January, the premiere is scheduled in early January ^^
9. It’s a 3D animation adventure movie^^
Credits: DC
Source: haitianyueye
English translation: eimanjjong
via shineetown

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