Sunday, September 18, 2011

[FANACC] Onew-Taemin-Key in Spain

omg~ I just don’t know how to start….omg… lol.A few hours ago I met SHINee…I can’t believe it. XD
Well, they were rumours that SHINee was in Barcelona, but nobody knows if was true or not. Then it was released some pics of them buying fruit in the market. That pic was theproof of them being here. *_*
Yesterday, we tried to find them. I also recive the info of thehotel they were staying. So we went there. We’re waiting like4h aprox ( until 1am early morning…?) but nothing. At that time I really lost hope to see them, because there were rumours again that they are goingto Madrid the next day in the morning. And so..I went back home because the next day I have classes.
Today, I read that they saw Key and some of their staff on D&G shop.So I called my best friend and another 2 girls …and we run over there.But…nothing. We really have bad luck!, I thought. So we give up.My best friend and the another 2 girls went back home. But then I met another friends. lol XD And I went with them…and wewalked around 4h to 5h around Barcelona. We were really exhausted andwe sat in the middle of the street…AND then..I recived a call of 1of the 2girls before. I picked up and I was like: yes?… And she was: WALK, RUN, FLY but come here, faster!. They are on “Las 3 Chimeneas”(the place). So my companions and I runned like ”no tomorrow” and took the subway.When we arrived I was like: OMG OMG OMG OMG! They are there! O_OThe first thing I saw from a far was Key&Taemin blonde hair XDDDSo I runned over there and unconsciously I was infront of Taemin. haha! XD
So I greeted him: 안녕하세요~ *bows*Taemin: 아! 안녕하세요~ *bows&smiles*
He was sooo shy and cute. >Afterwards, I looked to Onew and my jaw droped. He was REALLY handsome.Of course all of them are handsome but I personally think that Onew is more. >And well…Key…is..a..DIVA! XD haha. My best friend and I hugged of happinessand Key was staring at us and smiling XD. AND~ Key english is really GOOD!!My best friend had a conversation with him~. BD.
And yeah…we coulnd’t take pictures…like really close or in they faces..but the staffdidn’t say anything if we take picture of their backs.. so yeah.. that’s what we did. XD
To tell, the truth…the staff was in general really nice. The manager was all the time saying sorry because we couldn’t have an autograph…we were like: oh! it’s ok. nevermind.^^ But sometimes the manager was a bit…bipolar (?) lol
So.. SHINee took a taxi and they waved us saying goodbye. Key has a peculiar way so say goodbye ….with his hand…XDDD

  Key&Onew        (Taemin was behind me, so I didn’t capture him ;_;)

PS: As I know they are in Spain because: FC Barcelona football match, magazine photoshoot and “Madrid’s Fashion weekend”. ^^ Maybe they are going Madrid tomorrow or this weekend.

PS2: We were like…8 fans? XD

PS3: Sorry for my mistakes in English. ><
Credit: beforethe-forgottenseason Source- shawolindo-

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