Friday, July 8, 2011

Transcription of Minho’s telephone conversation with Lee Teuk & Eunhyuk on Sukira Kiss The Radio 110706

Lee Teuk: Hello?
Minho: Is that Lee Teuk Lee Teuk Lee Teuk hyung?
Eunhyuk: Hello?
Minho: Hello, is that Eunhyuk hyung?
Lee Teuk: He called in earlier in front of a lot of people and didn’t say whom he called. Then let’s hear from him personally who he is!
Minho: Hello everyone, I’m SHINee’s Flaming Charisma Minho.
Eunhyuk: Flaming Charisma Minho!
Lee Teuk: Minho, what are you doing now?
Minho: I’m currently doing my workout.
Lee Teuk: No wonder everyone is getting more and more envious of your physique!
Eunhyuk: He already defeated me during Dream Team, now working out diligently.
Minho: Back then Eunhyuk hyung was the 1st runner up.
Lee Teuk: A lot of people are very curious about SHINee’s current progress, so we called Minho.
Minho: So that’s why.
Lee Teuk: What are the progress of the events in Japan?
Minho: We have debut in Japan, we will also spend some time to attend events in Korea when we are free from our Japan schedule, hope everyone will look forward to our comeback.
Eunhyuk: Minho has also deejayed in our Kiss The Radio program, can you tell us what unique charms does Kiss The Radio have?
Minho: It’s Kiss The Radio’s charms?
Lee Teuk: This seems to be a tough question.
Minho: Not only DJ but to be able to feel like family with the guests and listeners, I think this is a very outstanding charm.
Lee Teuk: Minho obviously learnt a lot of program terminology.
Lee Teuk: But sometimes I would feel a bit bored because it’s SHINee.
Minho: Why?
Lee Teuk: Isn’t SHINee currently promoting in Japan? Keep re-writing our records.
Minho: Ah~~~So that’s why.
Eunhyuk: Minho don’t take it to heart.
Minho: We released our first single in Japan since our debut while Super Junior has also set a sales record earlier when releasing the single in Japan……
Lee Teuk: That’s right, it is also included in the Korean album.
Minho: This time we directly broke your record.
Lee Teuk: Aiyah yah yah yah!
Minho: Heard Lee Teuk hyung is a little jealous ah.
Eunhyuk: SHINee to gather up for tonight.
Minho: What?
Eunhyuk: I say to gather SHINee.
Minho: I can’t hear you.
Eunhyuk: Are you pretending that you can’t hear?
Lee Teuk: Isn’t Minho working out? Then isn’t the “talkative teacher” beside you?
Minho: Yes, exercising now, t” is beside me.
Lee Teuk: Then let him say a few words to us.
Minho: Hold on for a second.
Eunhyuk: …… (at the other end of the line someone shouted: Talk too much!)
Lee Teuk: It’s really been a very long time since we heard this hehe.
Lee Teuk: Minho keep on working out and let us see you in tip top condition for your comeback. Or maybe we can see 6 pack abs?
Minho: 6 pack…Not possible.
Eunhyuk: Then 2 pack out of the 6 pack.
Minho: If 2 pack, yes.
Lee Teuk: The last question is if Kiss The Radio is to continue to be loved by the listeners, what do we need for self-improvement?
Minho: There isn’t any for self-improvement but it will be good if Eunhyuk hyung can be more eloquent.
Eunhyuk: I see Minho is watching over me.
Lee Teuk: He’s afraid that there will be a distance. Minho means that he’s afraid he can’t catch up with Eunhyuk in the future if there’s a greater distance.
Minho: That’s not what I meant.
Lee Teuk: Then please address the listeners again.
Minho: Kiss The Radio listeners, I am very happy to be able to meet everyone over the phone. We SHINee will be seeing everyone soon, hope everyone is expecting our comeback. Hope all of you will continue to support Kiss The Radio.
Lee Teuk: Ok, thank you Minho.
Minho: The “talkative teacher” said your schedule is at 1 haha.
Eunhyuk: These can be relayed by sending short messages haha. Eh I know, you tell him I know.
Chinese credits translation: MrMinho
English translation: eimanjjong

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