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Jonghyun UFO Replies 110707

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Fans: “Why now seems like you got the feeling to do UFO town!(replying)^^ I’m passing telepathy yap!!” 
Jonghyun: “Yaba yaba yap” 

Fans: “Hyun-a, i missed you euohoohoo ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Because this is dawn i’m missing you more ㅠㅠㅠ heukheuk* “ 
Jonghyun: “ㅠㅠㅠㅠ*” 

Fans: “Jonghyun-ah don’t go don’t go don’t goooo~~ 휴ㅅ휴” 
Jonghyun: “yes, i’m not going hhe” 

Fans: “Ohyuu i’m really shaking ㅠㅠㅠ Is this really Kim Jonghyunㅠ Not some replacement?* Not some kind of dream?ㅠ” 
Jonghyun: “This is not some kind of side-job kekeke” 
* she’s saying as if Jonghyun’s doing this as a side-job or as if someone’s replacing him replying this 

  Fans: “Hyun-ah, untill what time will you do UFO town today? want to spend all night together??keke; heukheuk this is just like a dream♥” 
Jonghyun: “kekeke i’m going to sleep, if i’m sleepy” 

Fans: “Hyun-ah Replay album (sold) pass 100.000cds, you heard it,right? ㅎㅅㅎ so glad and proud of it♥” 
Jonghyun: “You said hyun-ah i think it’s 4minutes’ Hyun-a*” 
* because the fans called him only by hyun of Jonghyun 

Fans: “Hyun-ah~~ i’m calling you that way.. only me (doing so) kekekeke; isn’t it nice to hear you being called like that??” 
Jonghyun: “yup, my older sister also call me that way~” 

Fans: “Congratulations on Replay passed 100.000 copied sold!!! In the future also jjuuu~~~kk let’s do a long run! Fight!!♥” 
Jonghyun: “Thank youi~*” 
* in a cute wayy~~ ㅋㅋ

Fans: “We have to appoint this as a memorial dayㅠㅠ The day deokhu* appearing!! as expected UFO town is timing**^^” 
Jonghyun: “As expected UFO town’s timing!! The news is a fact” 
* it’s like internet otaku/netizen, she means the day of Jonghyun the netizen appears..
** she’s like being very gratefull doing ufo town because Jonghyun’s there replying so much,and she came at the right timing

Fans: “I want to listen to Lucifer remix…”
Jonghyun: “Mic mics*”
* playing with the word, as if he remixing it/beatbox-ing

Fans: “I receive an unknown coloring(hair) as a present from my unni who’s age is 20-something.. and it was very shocking…”
Jonghyun: “What’s more shocking”

Fans: “The rain’s falling, i delayed doing laundry and getting bothersome after i’m lazy doing it”
Jonghyun: “That’s right*”
* fans & him playing words in a cute manner

Fans: “ng ng right keke but you wont reveal the picture you took 5 people together at Abbey road crosswalk? me2* keke!”
Jonghyun: “ke ke”
* referring Jjong to show it on me2day

Fans: “Then, can i wait for the me2day??? uwang o waaangg private collection n n!*”
Jonghyun: “n n?”
* the fans use an abbreviation -,-“

Fans: “Doing UFO town party at dawn is real interesting~ ke ke Oppa hang on!!!”
Jonghyun: “tt ke ke ke ke ke ke ke”
Fans: “Ah, feeling so great, u’re a chic man but you’re like a prescious friend ke ke”
Jonghyun: “ke ke ke right?”

Fans: “that’s so true ke ke will you be (my/our) prescious friend from today on? it’s the feeling of a suitable friend!^^”
Jonghyun: “Why are you like that?*”
* suddenly using formalities after cuteness

Fans: “This is Bom*? I took you as Kim Jonghyun bbb”
Jonghyun: “Aren’t UFO town made only because of me?”

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