Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jonghyun ufo replies !

[Fans]: “Oppa you’re going to Japan and often bbyong*! Come out kkk.. Good  good.. Even you’re like that, (pls) come back home?”
[Jonghyun]: “It’s in  Korea”  *sound of appearing/dissapearing    

[Fans]: “I can’t sleep, oppa..” 
[Jonghyun]: “Sleep! This kid!*” *in a cute version

[Fans]: “Suddenly I’m thinking.. That Oppa is handsome, as expected” 
Jong: “ks ks”*  * sound of him giggling

[Fans]: “So Shinee is really real” 
[Jonghyun:] “Yup, cos we are jjaing”*  *sounds like jjang/great

[Fans]: “Oppa,I’m still studying for exam, I can do well on tomorrow’s exam,right?”
[Jonghyun]: “I say you can do it well”

[Fans]: “Ttak in the morning*! I woke up and if there’s a reply it will be  good..kk Good night night yo~<3”
[Jonghun]: “Jjyan”** *sound of eyes open  suddenly ** sound of him appearing/answering 

[Fans]: “Ooo, oppa who’s been travelling and not sleeping! what are u doing? aren’t you sleepy?”
[Jonghyun]: “Not sleepy heh”

Source: as tagged, weibo ll Kor - Eng trans by @yaoiraburu ll Shared by dondontcha @ soompi

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