Thursday, January 12, 2012

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120111 (Staff Blog) »

Everyone on the mobile fansite.
It’s early in the new year, and I think I want to start off the staff blog (with) hot pictures of SHINee.

So immediately, continuing from Master Artist Minho from the other day, Master Artist Key was born. This is Master Artist Key in immense concentration as he draws the staff.

But this time, the portraits of the ordinary staff aren’t included.
Hey, what’s this?
It’s the spot where goods are designed.
But, this time it seems they’re not complete„, So it seems I can’t present it to the public.
Please look forward to it next time!
And now one more (picture)

It looks like big brother is monopolizing the game, while the younger brother waits for his turn. (laugh)
Backstage, the members are always spending this time well. [1]
This year too, I’ll be reporting on sides to the members that you don’t see on stage, so yoroshiku onegaishimasu. [2]

[1] This means this get on well with each other.
[2] request for good relations

translation credit: crissan

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