Saturday, October 29, 2011

SHINee become Etude House Models

SHINee has become models for a Make Up product yet again. After becoming models to Nanas’B in 2009, the boys will promote along with 2Ne1′s Sandara Park for Etude House. Since last month, there has been much debate about whether Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin will become Etude House’s new models.
Etude House announced this great news on Oct, 24th. “SHINee has received great love not only in Asia but also in Europe. It makes SHINee the leader in the Hallyu Wave. As the idols who have grown into men, they are very appropriae to be appointed as models of Etude House.” says Etude House’s representative.
Seventeen days ago, SHINee recorded Etude House’s new campaign in their studio. The campaign which will be promote on a global scale is called Missing You Bee Happy  (Bee Happy) and is scheduled to be launched on November, 1st.
During the shoot, SHINee dressed as the bees’ character, doing the shoot with various Etude House products. As the SHINee that we know, the commercial shoot became a fun atmosphere and the boys emerged with a warm and soft image. Even though they were doing a shoot in a studio, the scene looked like a real house because of the electromagnetic waves.
With SHINee becoming the models for Etude House, Shawols all over the world will see their faces on walls of Etude House Stores in their own countries.
Information sources : Han Kyung
Translation Korean to English by fana@
Written by: aqwdesi @
Via: SHINeetown

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