Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  1. What is the first thing that came into your mind when Concert was set?
  2. What is the deepest impression left when you are preparing the Concert?
  3. For the Solo stage, what is the thing that got you putting in effort?
  4. What is the Aspect of SHINee Concert, what is the charm of SHINee concert?
  5. Message to SHINee world, fans who attend and didn’t attend.

  1. Firstly that thing that is flowing in my mind was ‘how will the stage be like?’ and also the audience
  2. because of vocal music, went for 4 lessons. During that time I feel as though it’s a big wall
  3. to be able to produce better vocal, I choose the mic strictly! ^^
  4. ‘LIVE IS TOUCHING’ and also no matter what song it is the fun we can have with everyone on stage
  5. Wants to show more new things…till now it’s not enough. Time should be able to settle this problem. Everyone, please stay with us.

  1. Really happy. And 100% looking forward to it ‘HWAITING’ kind of mood…
  2. (leg injury) and I can’t dance it’s really a pity.
  3. the starting of SOLO STAGE was DJ. because I want all to see a different me, I learnt new things, enjoyed it
  4. despite the only ‘watching’ change it to ‘let’s play together’ stage
  5. Every stage there’s a slight different, leaving memories, happiness and regret. it’s a must to come and watch, happy.

  1. ahh, finally we can. It’s a chance to spend time with everyone.
  2. trouble over the solo stage preparation for a day leaves me deep impression.
  3. Music, Performance, Apparel. everything must be perfectly show, can’t afford to have a minute that is bored.
  4. being able to watch a different prospect from the TV, Personality fashion style and performance is the Aspect of SHINee concert
  5. Had been feeling regretful, knowing it’s not the last time so, for this regrefulness. I’m very happy. I am thinking that next time will definitely be a better stage…so don’t feel that it’s a pity hope that everyone can watch it, just watch once.

  1. Finally we can … really looking forward to it, imagine how do I look standing infront of audience on the stage.
  2. preparing the stage with members, growing up a lot, more memories, the deepest impression was while everyone is Preparing for Solo stage, member will look at each other’s SOLO stage practice and laugh, because it’s the first time having solo performance, everyone put in more effort to practice, trying to sing the song for solo stage, found out that it’s better than what I thought, very happy.
  3. Because of Solo stage there’s a part where I took off my shirt, put in more effort in exercising. Because it’s First Concert, so I would like to look more Handsome, Stage ended looking at everyone’s reaction it’s good, I’m very happy.
  4. Not even a moment that I wants’ to leave, distributing the SHINIEST SHINee member, everyone’s charm and stage. Grand, Handsome, Sadness, Touching, Happy, Happiness. There’s all in our Concert.
  5. Confident, comparing to any Concert it’s happy and touching. Fan who has attended will see how much we have grown in the next Concert, because of this Special, fans who didn’t came to watch us, we are looking forward to opening more Concert, from this point, it has always been.
  1. The applause from a lot of fans, the Gorgeous stage, The Fan chants. and the fans light sticks that cover the stage stadium
  2. Solo’s stage practice, because the Key was too high and there’s no sound coming out, keeps trying to practice loudly, now I’m able to sing the high key part that I was unable that time, and smoothly finishes every song.
  3. Actually my Solo stage compare to wanting to show everyone, I wanted more of challenging myself to perfectly singing out this song. At that point of time I thought I couldn’t, because this song duration is long and I feel that everyone will feel impatient, wanting a stage that I could experience.
  4. There’s a lot of things that could be happy, we can directly use laser and using the Wire to fly on the mid air.
  5. Everytime Concert ended there’s a feel of regret , wants to say to those who didn’t attend SHINee Concert ‘ you will really regret!’ 
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English traslation :Forever_SHINee

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